Written by ChrisNTrevor

6 Apr 2012

Tiffany’s Wild Ride.

My name is Tiffany and I’m a final year Business Student at our main State University. Although my photo doesn’t show it, I was wearing myself down to a nervous wreck studying too hard for my finals.

One of my Student friends, Gloria, noticed the state I was getting myself in and suggested we go out for a few drinks after Lectures on Friday.

Gloria and I had been friends since sign-on day and, by now, were confiding in each other about almost everything.

After a few shots of Jack Daniels, we both were in a state to work out my problems.

No, this isn’t going to be one of those two hot College Girl Lesbian encounters that some of you will by now expecting. Well, not this time.

‘Tiff’ said Gloria ‘have you been getting your quota lately?’. I said “Quota?’

Gloria took a pull on her drink than made a short sharp laugh. ‘You know. Your Co-Ed quota.’ I looked at her. ‘Have you been getting enough Cock lately?’ She replied.

‘Tiff ! I don’t believe this. How long been.’

‘Too long. Not since last semester break. Haven’t had time.’ I said, sheepishly. Gloria took out her notebook and went through the pages. She came to what she was looking for and smiled.

‘You need a good lay, girl.’ She said with a smile. ‘Your brain is clogged with piled up hormones. No wonder you are all stressed and jumpy. A good dose of testosterone should sort you out.

’I started to protest, saying that finals were in a week and I had to cram as much as I can. Gloria waived my protests off. ‘No, Tiff, it’s time you crammed something else into you other than bloody books. You need a good fuck, or several good fucks to unscramble your nerves.’

She looked at her notebook and muttered. ‘Wayne’ then ‘ Michael’ then, ‘Maybe both.’ She took out her mobile and dialled a number.

‘Hi Wayne …….’

The phone call took a couple of minutes. Apparently Mike and Wayne are a pair of Engineering Students, and know Gloria quite well. Very, very well. A couple of minutes later, she had arranged for here two horny male friends to meet us later. ‘Not us, sweetie, it’s not gonna be a foursome. Just Tiffany, Wayne and Michael. Treat them well.’ said Gloria, with a wicked smile on her lips.

An hour later, after we had a couple of more drinks, the Guys arrived. I liked what I saw. Both were buffed and fit. This evening was showing promise. ‘This is the Lady in need of relief.’ Gloria said to them. 'Gentlemen, meet my good friend, Tiffany.’ She leant forwards, kissed me on the cheek and whispered ‘Go get them, tiger.’

Gloria saw that we didn’t hang around too long. I took them back to my Unit. Soon had Gloria’s gift to myself. I had had enough drinks that evening to loose my inhibitions and soon was in a clinch with both of them.

Gloria was right, I was overcharged with hormones and was acting a right little minx. I tore off both their shirts and let them remove my top and bra. It was so good to feel hands other than mine caressing my breasts once again.

Mike knelt before me and started to suck on my nipples. I moaned in pleasure and stretched my arms behind me to give him free access to both my throbbing mounds and quickly hardening points. Wayne helped our by cupping them from behind, and nibbling on my earlobes.

I was writhing in their grasp, and getting hornier by the minute. Soon they were both working my breasts, and Mike had deftly removed my panties. Wayne’s fingers started probing my now exposed Pussy. He spread them and expertly started to stroke my swelling Lips. He found my Clitoris with a finger and started to stroke. Soon I was losing control and needed to lie back on the bed.

The guys obliged, and let me down gently on to the mattress. I lifted my knees to give them easy access to my now hot and wet Pussy. Mike took the dive and lifted up the hem of my skirt. Where his fingers had been working just a minute previously, his long and slippery tongue was now working.

Wayne continued to work my Breasts, alternately licking, sucking and nibbling at my now firmly erect Nipples. I was plunged into sensory overload. All I could do was shut my eyes and breath in long deep breaths through my open mouth.

‘Oh, God, Uhhhhh’ was all I could say. The Guys said nothing, their two tongues were too busy. Get the picture. Soon my cheeks were flushed with the signs of sexual arousal and I found myself wanting to take it to the next level.

Raising myself up to my a crouch, I pulled down their boxers and started to stroke their partially erect Cocks. Both were long and luxuriously thick, and I had had a new respect for Gloria if she had been screwing both these guys like I was planning to do.

It was then I noticed that Mike had a piercing. A Prince Albert, with a large ring through his head. I always wondered about these, and lowered my hungry Mouth onto it to see how it tasted. Not to leave Wayne out of it all I grabbed his Penis in my other hand, and started to stroke him while I fellated Mike. It was great to have two hard and hot Cocks at my beck and call and I tarted it up as much as I could.

Both guys loved it, and soon I was getting my Mouth pumped by Mike. I clamped my Mouth around his Shaft and flicked my Tongue over his Cock Ring in time with his thrusts.

Suddenly, Mike pulled his organ out of my mouth and laid me back on the bed. Wayne took no time in spreading my legs and diving back into my Pussy Lips. He must love to suck and lick Pussy. I wasn’t complaining. I just lay there and let him suck on my wet Snatch and enjoyed the feeling of his Tongue and Fingers.

All too soon Wayne stopped eating me and moved up to put his Cock in my mouth. I noticed Mike kneeling between my open Legs, holding his ring enhanced Cock in his hands.

I opened both sets of Lips up and got ready for my first fuck of the night. Mike pushed his manhood into me with a firm thrust. I gasped. His Cock Ring was dragging across my G spot with every thrust, turning me on more and more with each stroke.

Wayne was getting a benefit from this fucking as well. My gasps were making me open my Mouth more and more, letting his swollen Head slip deeper and deeper into my Mouth. I closed my Lips as hard as I could around his Shaft, and let him fuck my Throat.

It was wonderful getting filled from both ends. The Guys were giving me a real good spit roasting. This continued for what seemed hours, but was probably about 15 minutes.

Then, the Guys decided I needed a change of scenery. They got me into the kneeling position, and inserted their Cocks back into the holes that they were filling before. I’d done it doggie style with boyfriends before, but never had 2 sets of Cocks and Balls banging at me in this position before.

Now I knew why Girls go on about being Spit Roasted. Getting 2 sets rammed into you at once is awesome. It makes your whole body shake, and your tits bounce in time with their thrusts.

Soon I had Wayne at the point of no return and felt his Penis's Head swelling for his climax. He grabbed my hair in a grip of passion, and I took as much of him in my mouth as I could.

He burst into my Mouth in a gush of thick sweet cream. To his delight, I had had just enough to drink to loosen me up, and I greedily swallowed his load straight into my willing Mouth. That took all the hardness out of him and he soon softened and slipped out of me.

Some of his come trickled out of my Mouth and down along my chin. It felt warm and good.

Mike pulled his ringed Pole out of my Pussy and pushed me on to the bed, on my back. He then changed places with Wayne and shoved his Cock into my face. Fixated on that magic Ring, I opened my freshly creamed Lips again, and took him into my Mouth, where Wayne had been just a short time ago.

During the turn over, some of Wayne’s come had dripped in between my Breasts. Wayne didn’t waste it, but straddled me and rubbed the head of his Cock along the slippery spot and massaged his cream into me. They now had me drifting back into that other horny world again.

Mike working his Cock into my mouth and Wayne Tit Fucking me. My Thighs started to shake and I found myself in the throes of a Climax. Waves of heat pulsed down my Vagina and my muscles contracted, sending a small gush of Pussy Juice onto the sheets.

I couldn’t believe it. These two beautiful Guys had just given me my first Squirt. I moaned in pleasure.

The moan must have sent a vibration up Mike’s hard Cock, because he started to moan also. And swell. And ooze. I tilted my head back as far as I could and let him push deep into my Throat. He came in a great gush which almost made me gag. But, nice tipsy Tiffany controlled her reflexes and let him empty deep into her open hungry Mouth.

Mike also soon went soft and pulled out of my mouth. His Cock dripped with his come, and some of had oozed around the ring. I slowly sat up and grabbed that magnificent plaything in my hands.

Wayne’s Come was on my Cheek and Breasts. Both their Come was in my Mouth. I licked the last few delicious drops off Mike’s Ring and made a big deal of swallowing. Well, after all, these two Guys were delicious and had made me do things I normally wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Wayne watched me cleaning off Mike, and I caught the longing in his eyes. I finished Mike off and then gave his Wayne's Cock a little bit more oral of attention, just to keep the tensions up. I wasn't intending to let these 2 go just yet. Tiffany still had needs.

That wasn’t the end of the evening. We had a clean up and a bit of a rest, and another drink or two. Then things started to stir once again. Having blown both them, I was eager to have them come inside me. And they both obliged.

Well until the early hours of the morning. They let themselves out just before dawn, and left me sleeping with a satisfied full feeling deep in my body. Mmmmm. I slept the sleep of the exhausted until late into the morning.

I woke with a spring in my step, but feeling slightly sore, a good sore and walking slightly bow legged. Gloria was right. I needed that session to fix me up.

She came over Saturday Afternoon to see how I had fared with the Guys. All I could do was smile. Then I gave her all the gory details.

They turned her on, and, well, I was still hot from the night before. But that is another story……………..

Tiffany XOX