Written by nice_N_thick

3 Oct 2010

It was friday night and a couple of co workers decided to head out to the pub for a few drinks. Now I had no plans so off I went with them planning to stay for a few years then off home. Now we have a couple of single ladies at work, but they are off limits. By the time we got there it was just after 5 and the bar was filling quick. This was one of those old pubs that had been remade all trendy, lots of business men and women still in their work clothes just like our little group. Time drifted on and before I knew it it was 8 o'clock and time to eat some tucker. We decided to head up the road and find some good Asian food. The girls seems to know more good eateries than I did so they chose a small but very busy Thai resturant down one of those allyways. The food was great and we drank more of those overpriced imported beers than my bladder could hold. Now I must say I have a soft spot for asian girls and found plenty to catch my eye and attention. On one of my many visits to the mens I became chatty with a young asian woman (Lina) who worked nearby. Now most of my workmates had gone home or planned to go to a club I decided it was time to go home. One last visit to the mens and I decided to try my luck with Lina. Now this resturants mens was outside and the ally a bit so we moved away from the crowd and had a small pash with me feeling her nice tight little bum at the same time. We walked back to the resturant and she collected her bag and we headed to catch a taxi back to her place. Now I'm sure taxi drivers see plenty however this night Lina gave them a nice flash of her tits while I sucked on those hard dark nipples. Lina had wandering hands to and had me unzipped and stroking my cock before we had truned the first corner. After a 20 min cab ride we arrived at Lina's unit, nice and modern overlooking the river. Someone earns good money to afford this I figured. A quick ride up the elevator and we fell into her unit tearing off each others clothes. Now Lina was taking charge here and remained topless yet still in those tight black leather pants and heels, me I had lost all my gear and found Lina kneeling before me, sucking on my hard cock. This was not the first cock she had ever sucked I could tell you. I was ready to explode before Lina stood up and lead me to the leather couch and seated me. She sat on my lap face to face and we began to kiss and explore tongues, mouths, neck and I just loved sucking on those big brown nipples. I tell you they were as thick as my pinky finger and stuck out nearly an inch. Lina was rubbing her crouch up and down my cock with those leather pants getting me all ready to explode. Now all I wanted to do was pull off those pants and fuck her like crazy. Yet Lina was teasing me and not letting me anywere near her pussy. She whispered in my ear and off we went to the bedroom, one of those modern bedrooms with a king sized bed in the middle all in whitesheets and covers. I picked up Lina and through her on the bed then jumped on top and began to teast her, tugging at those nipples with my fingers and pulling them between my teeth, now this set Lina off and my hands began pulling at the belt holding the treasures I sort out. She struggled to stop me and pushed my hands back promising she would take them off for me. I released her and laid back on the bed while she slowly removed that belt. Then she got all kinky and took my hands and tied them together with that belt and strapped my arms over my head to the bedhead. Now this was getting very interesting and I wanted more games and next thing she slips her top over my head covering my eyes and them proceeds to lick my lips with her tongue working her way down to my nipples and slowly down to my cock. Lifting my cock and licking my balls and taking each one into her mouth and sucking them before moving back to my now very sensitive knob. All I wanted was to feel her pussy sliding over my cock, yet for some reason Lina was holding out. Then I heard the sound I was desperate to acknowledge, the zipper in her pants was going downand that followed with and lot of grunts and groans as Lina struggled to pull of those leather pants. When they were off Lina shoved them in my face and I could smell her body on them mixed with that smell of leather we all know. Lina flicked off the lights and whispered she wanted to feel my cock onside her, then asked what I thought about anal sex and if I liked that. Now not many girls go for anal let alone suggest it, so I was all keen to fuck her nice tight arse. Next thing I was being licked and lubed up by those tiny hands and suddenly Lina slipped a finger in my arse while she sucked me, causing me to nearly explode in her mouth. I could smell the lube she was using, sort of a candy flavoured smell and she seemed to love the taste of the lube licking my cock, balls and anus as she hardened me ready to fuck. Lina seemed to be focused on my anus and lifted my legs up and was sucking and rubbing me up making me all the more excited. Next thing I can feel something different, a cock was pushing at my arse trying to penetrate my anus, now something was not as I expected. Lina spoke now and laughed as the cock began to push deep inside me, slowly fucking me, gathering pace while the little fingers stroked my cock. I struggled to move however Lina had strength beyond her size and held me just where she wanted me. Lina laughed and said something about me wanting anal and so she was delivering and contined to pound my arse and wank on my cock. Before long I knew I was going to cum and so did Lina and she directed my cock towards her and I cum over her tits and belly. After some time Lina stopped fucking my arse and pulled out and laid on top of me. Later we fell asleep and I awoke to find my hands still bound above my head and no Lina to be seen..................