29 Nov 2015

Everything changed, dramatically, the night Shona discovered that I was fascinated by voyeurism and exhibitionism. Shona was fascinated by my idea of allowing complete strangers to see her in a way that only I should see her.

Shona asked if I would like the idea of having her try it. "Are you joking," I asked. "I would so go nuts for you to show yourself off, it would be the hottest thing."

"Ok," she said, "but you must not get cranky later, because you are jealous, ok?"

"Have no fear my sexy girl, I am so hot for it"

I could not believe it. My sexy Shona was going to expose herself to complete strangers.

I asked what Shona had in mind and she said asked me if I had some ideas. I told her one thing we could start with rather safely was to drive down the freeway and let her flash her luscious breasts to passing semi's. Shona thought that was a great start and we found ourselves, a few days later, one Saturday afternoon on the Hume freeway, heading south. Shona wore a pair of very short shorts and a tiny exposing top. I had passed two or three semi's before Shona worked up a routine. Finally I backed off a little, while passing one particular truck with a driver who, had stared down intently, as we passed. I told her we could hold here, no one was behind. Shona was still ready. She looked up directly and smiled at the semi driver and then smiled back at me. She said he was motioning her to show him more. I said, "Well, why wouldn't he, you look amazing in that sexy outfit!"

Then in just a split second, looking up at the lusting driver, smiled wide, grabbed her top and ripped it down, exposing her sweet succulent breasts. They are so perfect, with small, pink areolas and excitable nipples. Wow! were her nipples ever sticking out. I guess that answered any question as to wether Shona was enjoying what she was now doing. Shona massaged her breasts in the drivers full view, I reached over and gave one a squeeze myself, the teased driver blew his horn and I thought she was going to push a hand into her knickers right then. She let out a little moan and lay her head back, softly massaging her lush breasts. "Damn, sexy baby?" I grinned.

She just looked back at me and smiled a dirty little smile. "This has me so hot!" she then said, "I want to do it again!"

So we drove along for two more hours and Shona showed her delicious luscious breasts to more than a dozen semi's. I was so fucking horny, with her sexy exhibitionism and told her so. She said she was so aching horny and so fucking wet, we sped home and fucked like teens! The utter filth coming from her sweet mouth as we fucked. She even begged to swallow my cum as I fucked her, Shona moaned, she was desperate for semen, wanting to feel the heat and weight of my spunk in her mouth! I so obliged! Shona gave me a moment, then not finished, started to suck and lick my cock, cleaning the jism from my cock and in the process, sucking my cock back to life. After my mouth flooding orgasm, my dirty girl, just kept right on fucking.

Shona had five orgasms by the time I unloaded again, exploding, for the second time deep inside her tight little shaved cunt. Afterwards she noticed I was looking down at her cum loaded cunt and asked me what I was looking at. I told her I was looking at the creamy mess we had made inside her body, I told her it was so hot to look at her well used cunt with loads of creamy thick cum running out..

"Wow," was all she said. I would have thought she would be surprised or at least act like she was. "Is that something you want to eat? Shona asked. To eat my pussy now that you have filled it with your thick creamy load?"

I think I took a little too long in telling her no, because she started rubbing her clit, she smiled, she needed to get off one more time and could I please go down on her sloppy cunt, to help her get there. I told her that I was too fucked to do it now, that I had got off twice. I confessed that I fantasised about her and even wanted to do it right up until I blew my second load and then all my desire faded away. "Seems a common thing among men," I said. "We are willing to do just about anything in the moments leading up to our orgasm, but once we get there, we collapse, I laughed."

Shona understood as we climbed under the covers. Then realizing she need to pee ducked to the loo and I listened to her pissing, it was quite hot just listening. It was awesome knowing, as she wiped the last piss droplets from her pussy, she would be attending to my spunk flow as well. I had the sexiest dreams that night, going down on my wife, I was eating warm cum from her hard and pounded, well used pussy.

After breakfast , Sunday morning, I said, What do you think about going somewhere public, male dominated?

What and where did you have in mind?" Shona smiled nervously...

I suggested we find a hardware or dept store, since that would give Shona a reason for a lot of bending over and squatting down. Shona was up for the game and thought it was a great idea.

Shona picked out a stunning sexy outfit for her that would show off her assets in the right moments. Shona put on a short denim skirt and a low-cut top that fell from her chest, very conveniently, when she bent over the slightest bit. Shona wore a red lace G that sat just under the hem of her skirt, perfect for bending over and she decided to forego her bra all together.

I couldn't wait and apparently neither could she!

We drove about some distance, well away from our area, to a Bunning's store. It was moderately crowded which is just what we needed. We had already decided to go in separately so we wouldn't intimidate any guys that were there. Shona left on her wedding band. Shona said it made her feel even hornier to have guys perving at her sexy "bits" even though they knew she was married. Let me just say I was thoroughly enjoying this change in my sexy arsed wife.

Our plan was for Shona to walk around until she saw a guy or guys that she wanted to expose herself too. Shona would then slowly move closer until she was "in position." She would start by innocently bending over. They would see either her exposing breasts or her G and arse, depending on which way she chose to stand or bend.

Her first hit was a man about 45 or 50 checking out something. Shona made sure she had his attention and then very deliberately bent over and gave him a perfect view of her sexy mounds of cleavage. I watched from a distance, The bloke literally gasped, he was mesmerised! He did not take his eyes off my wife's breasts and Shona did not change her position for about 30 seconds. What Shona didn't know was that another guy had walked up behind her and was getting a great view of her arse with nothing but the lacy red thong splitting her arse and pussy. Both guys were totally mesmerised and were not moving. Shona finally moved and straightened up. She stole a glance at me and I made a subtle sign for her to look behind her. Shona did and immediately realised what had happened. We could all see her nipples were about to poke a hole through her thin shirt. That didn't go unnoticed by her new friends either.

Shona casually moved away and nearer me. "I am so fucking hot right now" she whispered in passing. "Was that other bloke looking up my skirt, was he impressed?" Shona asked.

"He sure was you rampant slut," I whispered in reply. "Let's do some more” she whispered. And she was away!

Shona moved on to another part of the store. This time she picked a bloke who was kneeling down in an aisle. Shona made her way closer to him and when she was only a couple paces away she acted as if she noticed something she wanted on the other side and bent over, straight legged, to check it out. He had already seen her coming and when she bent over he was ready and looked straight up at her exposed arse. She "dropped" the item and bent to get it. Of course it took Shona a few seconds to get it and he had a good long look at her cunt, G and arse. Shona pretended to be looking at the item, all the while he moved little, so he could continue looking at her exposed arse. Shona, of course, acted as if she didn't notice him and after a few moments, she bent over again to replace the bit to the lower shelf. The dude was so close by now that when she bent over, her pussy was only a metre from this bloke's face. You could see the joy on his face, as he caught the scent of her moist and excited sex, she held her sexy position for a seconds more. I think he finally came to his senses and realised his perving risk, he quickly stood and walked out of the aisle. Then again, he also could have been headed to the men's room for a wank!

I walked up and told her what all had transpired. Shona was elated.

This went on a few more times around the store. Finally Shona walked up to me and asked if I had seen enough, if I wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted a solid fucking? or if I wanted her to do it some more. "I so want to fuck you, I said, but I want you to do it some more. But, I want you to do something else for me."

"What is that baby?" she purred, leaning in forward and rubbing my erection through my jeans.

"I want you to take off your lacy G, my cheap slut."

"Ooooh! I thought you would never ask," she smiled.

Shona didn't even bother to go to the privacy of a toilet. Shona just reached up under her denim skirt and pulled her lacy G off, right there in the middle of the aisle. I was so fucking turned on by this sexual woman. Shona pushed into my hand her lacy G and I couldn't believe how wet it was. The G was fucking soaked with her cunt juices. Shona walked around a little more, obviously enjoying the feeling of being naked under her denim. She finally decided on her next "Target" and moved in.

This was a man about 35 years old, pretty athletically built and handsome. He was in a similar kneeling position as the older men from earlier. He watched Shona coming and was keeping her in the corner of his eye. Shona used the same bending moves, except this time she started by showing him her breasts with her lean over. After giving him a good long look at her delicious breasts, she moved on past him, a few steps and again bent over without bending her knees to retrieve an item from a low shelf. Shona had approached him from the side opposite to me, so I could not see his face when he was looking at her breasts, but I could see his expression perfectly now that he was gazing at her naked cunt. What a view he must have had, from behind, her bent forward like that. I already knew her cunt was moist and juicy, but I would not have been surprised if her flow was leaking down her inner thighs. Shona knew that this handsome stranger was looking directly at her bare slit. I think if the bloke had moved in and had started eating her she would have backed up onto his face. He didn't know that of course and could only stare as she held her sexy position for about 10 or 15 seconds, pretending to be looking for something. When Shona finally stood up and walked away I noticed that he finally started to breath again!.

Shona walked around for a bit more and showed her breasts and pussy to a few more blokes and even one woman! Believe it or not, the woman seemed to like what she saw as much as the men; The woman’s eyes were locked, taking in a long hard look at my wife's moist cunt, the staring woman even licked her own lips. But we could not stand it any more and together dived out to our car. We climbed right into the back seat and I fingered and drilled Shona, relishing the flooding glorious liquid excitement, her legs were wide open, cunt exposed to me and I fucking her as soon as the doors were closed. Shona had her first orgasm as soon as my cock entered her and two more before three minutes had passed. When her third one hit I had had enough and I blew my load right up deep inside her soaking wet slit. As I pulled out of her she grabbed down and pulled a plug out of her handbag and shoved it up inside her, there was no lube needed, there was semen and cunt flow everywhere. I asked her what that was about and she said, "I want to enjoy my cunt being full while we drive home." (Little did I know Shona’s real reasons for this plugging, haha)

"Ok baby. Whatever floats your boat." I replied.

"Really, do you mean that?" she asked.

"Of course my love," I answered.

"Ok, just remember you said that."

That was an odd thing for her to say, I thought, as we sped home. We chatted, laughing, about what had happened in the store and we were both getting very excited again. Shona’s earlier statement had me curious as blazes. I was certainly in a state of high anticipation by the time we were home. As soon as we were out of the car she was stripping off her skirt and top. She got naked right there in our damn garage! I could not believe how hot and horny Shona was. We started kissing as soon as we were inside. Shona had me naked in record time and right way she was on the floor and started sucking my throbbing cock. After a few seconds of that, she looked up, wild eyed, at me and said with a long slurp, "Your cock tastes so fucking good with our fuck juices coating it."

Shona went back to slathering and sucking my cock and I told her she had better stop or I would cum in her mouth. Not only did Shona seemingly ignore my warning, she seemed to redouble her sexy delicious efforts. You would have thought that my dirty minded Shona wanted me to cum in her mouth! Just when I thought I was going to cum, Shona stopped and smiled up at me. "Oh, no you don't. Now it is my turn." I thought that Shona wanted me to fuck her again but she had something else in mind. She sat back on the couch and opened her legs wide to me. "Come over here you, eat me, I need you to eat me" she ordered. I was so turned on! So I just did what I was told. "Eat me husband, eat me," she urged. When I hesitated, she pointed at the plug in her pussy and repeated, "Pull this out!"

I quickly obeyed, the command and as soon as I did, my fuck load from our earlier fucking began to leak out. Now I understood what she meant by the term "plug me." The dirty girl was keeping my thick cum inside her until a later time. "You know what to do, don't you?" she said firmly. I did indeed know just what to do and thanks to the time that had passed since I deposited the cum (not to mention her expert cock sucking), I was easily horny enough to follow through. I dove right in and immediately realised how delicious this scenario was! I had never tasted anything so good. Our mixed cum was easily the most delicious flow of liquids I had ever had in my mouth. "You like my lover's cum you cock licker?" she groaned out in such a filthy way. "Are you getting off on sucking some new cum out of my used fuck slit?"

"Oh yes miss," I played along. "You have the best fluids I have ever tasted."

"I knew you would like it, fucker. Shona chided, I always knew you were a cum eater, she laughed"

I couldn't believe the filthy mind change that had come over my wife. I wasn't complaining at all. I was very turned on by the role playing and filthy fuck language. I continued eating her until she came, on my tongue, two times. By then she was aching for any cock and I got to feed mine to her. I could not get over the lusty cunt mess on my face and within a few minutes I was unable to hold back and was spraying even more semen deep inside her cunt, my steamy hot fluids scorched her pounded walls, she groaned out loud as she came again and squeezed my cock with her tight pussy muscles. I had no inhibition this time and when she boldly shoved me on my back and sat down on my face, fluids right down her thighs, I was only too happy to suck her sloppy slit clean.

Afterwards we were sitting out on the back patio (nude, of course) and having a cold drink. Shona told me she had really gotten off on the idea of me sucking some random strangers cum out of her pussy. I admitted, that the thought made me hot, but that is as far as that discussion went. Over the next 12 months, we continued to play around with this exhibition and cream-pie eating, delicious, phase of our sex lives. We always played together until one evening she came home from a shopping trip and pushed her knickers into my hand, Shona coyly said “I have a surprise for you, I stripped off my underwear as I tried on heels today, while I was sat, I naughtily exposed myself, I showed a store salesman my pussy. I am so fucking hot, Shona continued, so very hot”. Shona grabbed my hand and dragged me to our bedroom, we had some very hot sex that night!

More and more often Shona would come home and tell me about her "sex-ploits." It always ended up with us fucking like teens and me eating my cum loads from her hot pussy as if it had been put there by some stranger. We guess we always knew it was going to happen for real, eventually, but finally it happened. Shona came home with a story about how she had exposed herself, as we had done together previously, to some guys at a Bunning's store and how they had chatted her up and then Shona agreed to be taken back to a site work shed and the men used her like a soccer mum whore. There was a real urgent desire in her eyes. This was not unusual and I didn't stop to think about it. Shona then pushed me down on the carpet, telling me to lie on my back, pulling her knickers from under her skirt and down over her thighs as she pushed me down. Shona proceeded to crawl up until her pussy was spread wide over my face. I noticed the heavenly familiar smell and that is when I saw the dribble of warm fluid! "Lick it out baby," she ordered me. "Lick me out and suck the new cum out of me."

It hit me like a ton of bricks! My super sexy wife was not kidding this time. She had been picked up and fucked by a group of guys just like she had said to me, they really had shot their cum inside her slick and willing cunt. I knew I should be furious; I should be outraged. But I really wasn't. My cock was rigid, hard as stone and I found myself wanting to eat her. I wanted to taste the precious cum that was being stored inside her smooth sex. I wanted to swallow the cum that had been put there, according to Shona, three new guys, just 45 minutes ago. I wasted no time. It was on in an instant. In that instant, I was pulling her down and opening my mouth to the flood of thick, cum that was running out of her beautiful, thoroughly used cunt. Her fucked pussy lips were so soft and puffy, I was swallowing as fast as I could but I could not entirely keep up and by the time I had drained the last drops from her fuck-hole, she had cum all over my face. As Shona rode my face, she was calling me filthy names, cocksucker and many others. Shona had two orgasms while she rode my face. After I, to her satisfaction, cleaned her hot tunnel, she aggressively sucked me off and swallowed my powerful thrusting load.

When it was finally over she asked me how I felt. I told her I was really great and that it had all been so much hot steamy fun. "So you aren't angry with me for allowing them to pick me up? For having let those horny guys fuck me?" she shyly asked.

"No way," I told her, "I am still so crazy horny just thinking about it. I really loved eating you knowing that I was tasting the cock pounding of the guys that had fucked you, swallowing cum from some stranger's balls."

"Ooh, you are a nasty dirty man aren't you, talking about tasting cock and eating strangers cum?"

"I am your nasty fucking husband, baby. I will do whatever you desire."

"Oh you will, will you? What if I ask you to suck a dick for me?"

"Sweetheart, I am so horny, I would suck any cock, if you asked"

"I see my sexy man. Let me think about that and see what dirty scenario I can come up with.

The thought was with her in an instant and Shona’s eyes lit up!

Oh, I know what I want you to do.... I want you to...."

But you all will have to wait for that story.