Written by ckincairns

17 Mar 2016

I'm feeling sultry. Lying on my bed with the cool sheets against my skin. I'm lying under the window. You know when your bed head is against the wall of the window so the cool evening breeze wafts in and scantily sweeps over your body.

I like lying naked on top of the bed. Especially when I hear the sound of rain patter on the concrete wall outside my bedroom. Sultry, seductive, wanting hmm that's how the evening drizzles makes me feel.

The toys are just in arms reach from me yet I beg the touch of a man. The firm handling of my breasts. The tweaking of my nipples and the moist opening of his mouth and tongue in my mouth. I feel the urge to touch my self.. One hand on my breast the other between my thighs. If I part my legs a little I can smell the scent of wanting waft up to my nostrils.

I'm waiting for you. The decision not to touch the toys is excruciating but I enjoy the thought of prolonging the ecstasy of orgasm. Waiting, watching the clock, it's almost 4 o'clock that's when you are expected to walk through the door. I reach down to the sheet and make sure that it's just covering my stomach. My legs are twisted enough to show some of my oyster and my breasts are fully exposed full and rested.

Though exhausted I'm wanting you to walk through to the bedroom admiring the vision that Lies before you. Do you creep up between my legs and slowly lick me? Flickering your tongue and pressing it between my lips stir a reaction or do you bring your lips and teeth down on my nipples? Tweaking, plucking and suckling causing me to ache even more between my legs.

This action would force me to arch my body and beg you to continue. I would reach out with my arms and force you to go down and wedge your face into my pussy and and smear your face with my juices. My foot would catch the swelling in your pants that rests on my foot. Your cock is making me want you.

I need to feel the girth, the firmness, my pussy sucking in your cock and milking it. Your skin on mine and your mouth with my scent up in my face.

I'd beg you to enter me, but you don't. You like to tease, you can feel me rising to every withdraw you make. It's 4 O'clock it's soon time to stop. Tell me can we do it again?