Written by MrsAngels

17 Sep 2020

We had a routine when attending hotel takeover parties just like most couples in the lifestyle. Checking in, cleaning up, eating dinner and having some pre-drinks in the room while getting ready. This night my husband was in a particularly dirty mood and set the stage for one of the most exciting and satisfying nights I can remember. We had always toyed with the ideas of role play and tying each other up, spankings and blindfolding and wanted to explore more of these things. In the last couple of weeks leading up to this party, we had been spending quite a bit of time playing with the Dom/s roles and finding aspects about them we really liked.

Still amateurs in this realm we decided maybe we should set that behavior aside and just succumb to some plain old swinging and let loose a little. I noticed the more he watched me dress and prepare myself for the evening the more he kicked his feet up and cocked his head eyeing me from across the room. I instantly felt his gaze and could tell where his mind was taking him, which then had me dripping in my panties. I began to get excited realizing this dominant role he has been assuming was fast becoming a part of who he is, resulting in a more patient experienced lover on top of the raw sensual animal he already was.

My mind began racing and I instantly starting wanting to fall into my role I had been enjoying so much with him lately, but I dare not push for it since we had an agreement already. The anticipation was killing me though. Upon leaving our hotel room headed towards the party, things felt all of a sudden different than they ever had before in this very familiar setting, it felt like we had more of a purpose this time. He began to guide me into a stairwell instead of the elevators and stepped up right behind me, not touching me with his hands, but urging me forward with just the pressure of his body, nuzzling my neck. "I love you, my perfect wife," he says. When I reached the wall, he pressed me flat against it and began to run his fingers through my hair growling in my ear, low, quiet, husky, his lips touching my earlobe. Everything inside of me turned to jello and my legs began to quiver. As he wrapped my hair around his fist and pulled my neck to the side, I thought he would bite me, but instead he kissed my neck and licked from the hollow of my neck to just behind my ear, a slow, warm caress of his tongue, my knees buckled, and then he bit me hard and said "You understand that tonight you will do as I say, when I say and it will be for your pleasure, but you are always mine" Slowly sliding his hands down my arms, just the tip of his nails grazing my flesh before he raised them above my head and held them there with one hand. He made love to me against the wall, alternately pulling my hair and stroking it, nipping at me and kissing me, caressing me and clawing me, with that low, rumbling growl right against my ear. My nerve endings were on fire and I had no fight in me, I was terrified to move because I didn't want to break him out of whatever made him so perfect at that moment. I wanted nothing more at that moment. Did he know that THIS right here is what excites me the most? It felt like he was reading my mind anticipating every need and desire. It was no surprise as his fingers slid into my wet pussy, I soon gushed down my legs and all over the floor. He unzipped his pants now holding me by the nape of my hair against the wall and I felt him begin to fuck me from behind, his cock felt so good deep inside me and before long I was soaking him again. This was how he prepared me for that night of swinging and I was wildly turned on like never before.

A little tipsy and lightheaded from him taking such control of me he guided me right through the crowd of people mingling straight to the playrooms to watch a couple fucking on a bed behind a sheer curtain. He slid his hand up the back of my neck and pulled my head towards him whispering in my ear, "Do you like the way he is fucking her?" I said, "Yes Sir I do". The passion and skill the guy had impressed us both, it was a delight to watch and made my groin ache for more. He walked me through the curtains right up next to them and signaled me down to my knees. I knew very well what that meant, so I began to unzip my Dom's pants obediently. I opened my mouth and put my hands behind my back as he slid his cock into my mouth and all the way down my throat. Watching how excited the male next to us got by seeing how I dropped and opened my mouth for him really turned me on and I wanted nothing more than to be used by both of them. His attention was fully on us and so he decided he'd like to see his wife do the same and politely asked if she could join me on her knees. I gladly accepted and we began licking and sucking my husband's, my Dom's dick until it was a sloppy dripping mess of saliva and cum. I've never cum swapped before and later found out neither had she, but we couldn't help it and started kissing each other and sharing his juices. It wasn't long before her husband stood over us ready to blow and we opened our mouths for him as well. One of the most intoxicating situations we've ever experienced together. After saying "Thank you" and learning each other's names.

We then ventured into the open play area, there was a sort of horse style fucking bench that I perched on and invited him for a kiss. A few males spotted play was about to start and moved in for good seats. I was secretly praying he would let them take turns on me and he read it all over my face. He knew I was so wet from cumming so much earlier and told me to spread my legs and sit there as he went and sat down in the chair against the wall to see what happened as he put me on display. I looked back to see where he was sitting at and as I turned my head back around I saw I very tall, very young blonde haired male approaching me. My husband gave him the nod to go ahead and he pulled his cock out for me. It was amazingly large to my delight. His enthusiasm excited me and I quickly opened my thighs for him. This young Bull had me cumming in no time! I had to have this young cock in me deeper and turned over straddling the bench. With every orgasm, my husband became more excited and before I knew it his cock was in my mouth again while I was being fucked by this HOT young man. His wife finally made her way to us and my husband bent her over the bench next to us and fucked her so hard she squirted all over the floor, her knees buckling and actually dropped onto the floor still cumming and unable to stand.

It was the greatest thing I had seen in the last 15 yrs of being in the swinger lifestyle and I knew EXACTLY how she felt. I was very proud of him for that and it made me even hotter. This new kink dynamic had really brought out quite the sexual appetite in us tonight, wanting to slow down and make things as steamy as we could get them. I loved how it got us really wanting to indulge and please each other in those moments and to push some limits, we didn't want it to end! On our way back to our room, he ever so gently held my hand and said "I love you and no one else, I want you to know that" and then what I longed to hear more than ever… "You were such a good girl tonight".

After that night I knew swinging would never be the same for me, for he completely set me free and my walls came down. I am forever hopelessly addicted and can't wait for the next adventure.