25 Jul 2018

We have been chatting online for a while now and it's always exciting when there is someone on cam that we are both watching. The chat certainly heats when we both like what we are seeing and can imagine the 3 of us together. I can almost smell you, taste you as we chat. I have your sexy pics on screen so I can see you as well. I love hearing how you like to be pleased and some things that u haven't tried but would like me to do to you......hearing how you would love to taste her pussy while I am tasting yours and giving your sweet tight asshole a lick as well. You tell me how you would love to taste her pussy off my cock and watch as I slide it back in her, nice and deep. I'm stroking my cock now and let you wish you could be helping me and licking the precum oozing out the eye of my now swollen cock. I push closer to you so you can start to take the rest of my cock into your hot wet mouth, sliding your wet lips down my shaft. I reach down and start to play with your wet pussy, spreading your lips, rubbing your clit and pushing a finger in, not too deep, just a teasing dip. I reach further and start to moisten your tight asshole with your pussy juice and gently start to ease a finger in. This is such a turn-on as I feel you push back onto my finger as you quicken your mouth up and down my ever growing cock. I know I'm close to shooting a hot load down your throat and I think you know it too. As I keep working my finger into your tight little hole, you start to squeeze my tingling balls and suck my cock harder. You want my hot thick load more than ever and start to milk my cock into your waiting mouth. You can feel my balls swell and tell me to cum into your mouth and over your face and as I look into your eyes you push right back onto my finger and let out a groan of delight that I can't ignore and you make me orgasm like never before. My cock explodes. Thick hot load shoots into your mouth and over your face, you keep wanking me hard wanting every drop I can give you. This turns you on so much that you end up grinding your ass on my finger and have 3 fingers deep inside your wet pussy giving yourself a gushing orgasm too. I move down and bury my face between your legs and lick as much as I can while you continue to wipe cum off your face and into your mouth.......Do you think we will ever meet?