Written by Anonymous

29 Mar 2020

No-one was at the dogging park. I was there for over an hour and gave up hope and started driving home to play with my ass and cock alone.

Yes my bomb car overheated 5mins later and

I pull onto the shoulder behind a big long truck. I was about to check the radiator etc when a voice behind me said "nice bum" and I turned to see an older guy smiling. " I could see your car steaming as you pulled in behind me so let's ava look at!

Baz the trucky had me in his truck in 5mins sucking his thick cock. His cum spurted in no time I was gagging but swallowing as he kept his hard fat cockhead against the back of my throat blowing a huge load some cum oozed down onto his balls which I licked n sucked up Mmmm.

Baz fingerfucked my horny asshole as sucked his cock more and we waited for his truckie mate to arrive who wanted to fuck me. Baz was quick with the cb radio asking his mate if needed to dump a load he could bring it here. His mate Andy said he had a big load to bring.

To be cont.