Written by happy guys

6 Dec 2011

martin has a nice cock, about 8 inchs long with a bend in it, his mate is smaller but thicker, so a good mix, we met one evening and they both wanted to fuck me, and who was i to say no, with steves cock in my mouth martin took to my arse with his fingers, licking and playing around my anus, it wasnt long before steve filled my mouth with hot cum, saying sorry, but give me 5 mins and i'll be hard again, martin was by now pounding deep in my arse, his cock making me shake as anal cums rocked tho me, I was still sucking steves cock which stayed hard, and he wanted in too, so moving him under me they both fucked my arse hard,,some 20 mins or so later, they both gave a huge moan as my arse was filled with 2 loads of cum, as they slipped out martin began to finger my arse once more, then i told him to lube up and fist me, his finger worked my arse , then he pushed harder, feeling my ring being pushed to its limits, my arse took his fist in, working my arse inside and feeling his and steves cum in me, martin was enjoying his new found experiance, he continued playing in me, making me cum and wriggle all over the place,, my mouth started sucking steves cock again, his cock showing signs of growing once more, once hard i got him to slide his cock in next to martins fist, oh boy i was pushing my arse hard tonight, but in it went and they both gave me a work out, ,, steve asked what it flet like playing with his cock inside me, so martin said try it, wih that they changed and steve fist went in, followed quickly by martins cock,, and they took me to new heights,, after awhile the both slipped thier cocks back in and once more dp'd me harder than before, soon thier faces took on the signs of relief and more cum floods my arse, boy it was good, my butt tingled and took it all, soon martin once more groans and floods me again, cum running out of my arse as they both slip out,,

next time were going to get some help says steve lol