Written by Line

22 Jul 2018

Craigslist is now gone but it provided a few adventures. One afternoon I was horny and placed an add. I didn’t really specify who I was looking for and waited for replies. I posted a pic of my large 8.5” cock and quickly got a few replies. Most I rejected but one caught my eye. A young 18yo student had just moved to town away from his normal life and wanted to experiment a bit. He said he had never tried a cock and since he had just arrived in town was feeling like it was a great opportunity. I don’t swing that way much but he looked cute and I was aching for a blow job. I arranged to meet him. He had a one bedder in the city and we wasted no time getting back to his room. I asked how he wanted this to go and he just said lie back on the bed. I was wearing suit pants and the bulge in my pants was by no means hidden. He was very nervous and didn’t really make a move. I saw this and told him to take off my pants. He quickly reached up and fumbled with my belt and fly. He was almost shaking, but eventually got them off. My cock was rock solid in anticipation of being blown and bulging through my underwear. He was still clothed so I suggested he strip off. He was tall and skinny but had a thick long uncut cock. It was quite big and semi hard which hung from a big tuft of hair. I was shaved and my cock was throbbing through my underwear. I beconned for him to come over and positioned him between my legs as I laid back against the wall. His face close to my cock. I grabbed his hand and pushed it down the front of my underwear as my cock flicked out and upright into his face. His mouth went straight down on it. It felt amazing as his head bobbed up and down. It was clear he had never done this before but he was eager and willing. I slowed him down a little and as he pulled off my cock I lifted my hips and pushed his face down to my balls. I told him to put them in his mouth and suck which he did eagerly. Pre-cum was beginning to ooze out of my cock. He slowly licked my shaft and back to the head of my cock where he tasted my Pre-cum. I wasn’t far off as I pressed his head gentle down forcing him to gag a little. As I announced I was close he doubled down and sucked a little harder as my full balls released a huge blast of cum into his mouth. Without missing a drop he swallowed it down. His first blow job and he did it like a pro. I was satisfied and he asked if we could do it again. I said sure, and I’ll bring you a surprise next time. To be continued..