Written by bi is more fun

14 Jul 2013

I had met Andy a few times, he was younger, very fit, doing push bike riding as a fitness regime, stocky with a good tan and he enjoyed meeting me. his 8 inch cock always felt good, he loved to fuck my nice tight butt and always wanted to finish with me, riding him and taking his cum deep inside my arse, which was good with me. That way he could watch it all run out onto his balls and stomach.

Then one night I turned up, his mate Rod was there with him, I had spoken to Rod on the net, but nothing was said about him knowing Andy,, my excitement level grew, knowing Andy could last for 3 hours on his own,

We spoke for a short while, before both guys started to strip me and themselves, I went down to suck Rod’s cock hard for him, Andy working my anus for his cock to slide in, soon we were all going for it, I found out they liked to tag team me, as one would fuck me hard and deep for some 10 minutes or so, the other would face fuck me, swapping back and fourth as they wanted, Rods cock is nice and straight, around 8 inch’s long and quite thick, Andy’s cock was about the same size, with a good bend half way along, which pushed and worked on me at different points as he fucked me, causing me to have different feelings and orgasms with both.

I let them carry on for some time, telling then to dp me, which they did, Andy laying down with Rod pushing in from behind, both guys pounded me hard, the feeling of 2 cocks in me sent me over the top as anal orgasms shot thought me harder still, they then returned to tag teaming me, until once more I got them to both lay down legs entwined, cocks together as I sat down pushing both in hard, riding them to some beautiful orgasms.

After a short drink break, they continued their onslaught on my body, both guys going hard, short quick fucks followed by me sucking their cocks, until they returned to pounding my arse, I had lost count of my orgasms, at one time it was one ecstasy orgasm, going on for minutes at a time.

Rod then plundered my arse with his fist, I had forgotten he said he was into fisting, so as my orgasms shot thought me Andy watched on, then I turned, saying push your cock in with his fist, Andy face was priceless, go for it I told him as he slowly pushed in, then with one hard push both guys took me in their control, as Rod played with Andy inside my butt, they carried on for some time, before I heard Andy say could he try fisting me, so they swapped, Rod now having is cock played with, as they rapped my arse.

It was great to feel Rod once more plunder my hole with his cock, going flat out his breathing telling me I was going to be rewarded soon, Andy took control of my mouth, watching, we both shook, cum run free, as Rod unloaded, boy what a nice load to, my hand going down catching some and I brought it up to eat. Seeing this nearly set Andy of, but I turned quick, shoving him deep in my arse, he to filled me with hot cum, again I took some and ate it, just as Rod went under and began to lick Andy’s cum up, we both sucked his cock dry as he dropped out.

I got Rod to lay with his fist up, sitting own hard taking all bar the last few inch’s to his elbow, my cock hard as rock getting pulled by Andy began to jerk, both guys trying to suck my load, as white sticky cum shot forward splashing both guys faces, I slumped back, content that I had taken care of them both and all were looking forward t meeting again