Written by not2old_1

14 Jan 2013

I remember my my first cock experience around 25 years ago

On holidays in a NSW beach town, was sitting on a public toilet daydreaming and liked to read the stuff on the walls, there was a small noticeable hole near the paper dispenser and really didn't take much notice and was sitting back slowly wanking my cock, I nearly died of shock when I noticed the light had been blocked through the hole, I could see an eye and quickly covered myself up, my heart was pumping and I just sat there in disbelief, the eye disappeared and I could see movement on the other side, I got up the courage to look through the hole, there was a skinny bloke sitting back and wanking a very nice cock (I even thought that then) he obviously knew I was watching by now and stood up in front of the hole so I could see better he also turned around and showed me his hole (that didn't really rock my boat)

At this point I really wanted to feel another cock other than my own I tapped my hand on the floor to signal I wanted to feel his cock, he knelt down and thrust his hips and cock basically under the wall, I couldn't believe the feel of it, he let me wank it for a while and moved back and let me know that he wanted me to do the same , I knelt down and pushed my cock under the wall and he started wanking it, but then I felt his mouth go over it, I started to worry a bit at this point because I wanted to blow and I didn't know that someone would swallow your cum, I started to pull away but he grabbed me by the balls and pulled me back I proceeded to spurt into his mouth and he was moaning like it was the best thing he had tasted, I panicked at that point and got straight up and left (sorry to that bloke)

This is a true story, I had always been adventurous when it came to sex and this was the start of my Bisexual side and the start of a lifetime of grabbing every opportunity when it came up.