Written by Harrytoowoomba

15 Mar 2018

My first time with a guy was about 15 years ago when I was 32. I had always craved it since i was 14, nearly had sex with an old pedo when I was 15 (regret I didn’t) and finally had access to gaydar on computer at work so started talking to guys. I was too scared to meet until I finally had enough and desire outweighed fear. The guy said he was 95kg in his stats but when he opened the door he was 145kg!! I was there and committed and didn’t care, went into his bedroom and ripped my clothes off and dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock as I had always wanted. It was amazing, he was a lovely gentle guy and after a little while said he wanted to fuck me so he lay on his back while I tried to mount his cock. I was too nervous and too tight he had lube but still didn’t work he would have ripped me in half! I was sad but also had a desire to swallow a load so I immediately went for it and sucked him, he told me he was cumming and I sealed my lips around his pulsating head of his cock and took my first load down my throat. I loved it. He then sucked me and swallowed me. I went home and had a shower and masterbated again then went back to work. It was the start of my journey. I never saw him again but was glad he was my first.