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Opportunity too good part 2

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2 min
Published 8 years ago
Well after the pool fun, I went back up to my room and started preparing for more fun later, I travel with all my gear to clean my arse out and spent nearly an hour doing just that, also like to warm up my hole with anything I can find, one of the chairs in the room had a nice shaped leg which promptly went into my arse (with condom) bit messy otherwise. I then just sat back and searched porn on my computer and kept horny, about 10pm there was a knock at the door and it was the security guard, he pretty much walked in and started massaging my bulge, I slipped my shirt off and he started sucking my nipples and rubbing cock through my shorts, he must have been working himself up as well because he was fucking horny, moaning and really giving my nipples a work over (I love that) he slipped my shorts to the ground and dropped to his knees and proceeded to basically worship my cock and balls, I was dribbling pre-cum and he was wiping it across his lips, he then started feeling my hole and I told him it was still lubed from my preparing earlier, that seemed to get him motivated and started fingering my arse with one then two fingers, I had to get him to stop sucking, was going to blow, but lent over on the cupboard and told him to give it to my arse, I think he might have got four fingers in and was pumping my hole with his hand, I reached for a condom and said put this on and fuck me, didn't have to ask twice, I hadn't even seen his cock to that stage, was nice and thick and he pushed me over on the bench and shoved it in hard he was enjoying taking it all the way out and driving it home to full depth, he did that for about 5 minutes and also reached around and started wanking me hard, when I said I was going to blow he fucked me harder and quicker I think we both blew at the same time, me into his hand and him pulsing in my hole. We just stayed in that position for a few minutes with him just playing with my hole with his dick and still massaging my cock and balls, when we broke apart he said that was fucking lovely and if I was around this week he would like to have me return the fuck, he also asked if I was interested in having another mate of his join us, Fuck yes, part three cumming.

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