Written by not2old_1

22 Feb 2012

Just got back from a trip down south, lovely little riverside town in Northern Vic.

The normal activity, looking for glory holes or action, while having a piss a bloke was giving me signs of interest by checking out my cock and turning a bit to show me his cock, we had a bit of feeling each others packages and I put it back in my pants to walk outside to my car, he followed and I asked him to follow me down the forest (river) drive.

I drove down to a parking area by the river that I had been to before and he pulled up next to me, he had already started undoing his pants and I was on my knees licking and sucking his cock beside my van within a few seconds, we were parked in a way that it would have been hard for anyone to see us from the track if they drove by.

We swapped places a few times and sucked each other, I said that I wanted him in my arse, with me leaning up against my van he put a condom on and lubed my hole and started to push his cock into me, I said that I wanted a slow arse fuck so he was just feeding his cock very slowly in and out of my hole, this was bliss, with me facing the side of my van while he was fucking me I noticed a car had driven past twice and the third time it pulled into the area we were in, there was a single bloke in the car that was parked about 20 mtr's away but I could see him clearly and he just sat there and watched me through the van windows and I was pretty confident he knew what was going on, after a minute or two he got out of the car and walked away a bit but on a different angle so he could see what we were doing, it didn't worry me and didn't seem to worry the bloke that was fucking my arse. fuck this was exciting I was watching him start to rub his crutch while being slow fucked, I waved to him to come over, when he got there I got down on my knees and started sucking him while my arse fucker repositioned himself to resume fucking me, this was getting hot, my arse fucker was picking up speed and the mouth fucker had hold of the back of my head and was face fucking me, both of them said they wanted to blow, the one in my arse started to swell and spurt into his condom and the cock in my mouth suddenly exploded about 10 seconds later, they both got up quickly and left, to be continued, this was only the start of my day next to the river.