Written by not2old_1

8 Nov 2013

Have a habit of driving with my cock out and keeping myself semi hard, love driving slowly past trucks and giving the drivers a look, very rarely does anything happen, but this particular time one of the trucks I flashed stopped at a roadside stop I was at.

I made my way into the toilets and sat down and started wanking, there was a big opening where the door hinged and it was easy to see me sitting there with and exposed cock, this truckie lingered at the urinal for a while and moved along so he could look over his shoulder to see in to my toilet, he then turned sideways and showed me him rubbing a very nice size cock, I got up and walked out and stood at the urinal beside him and he reached over and started rubbing my cock and gently squeezing my balls, the way you walked in to these toilets meant that you could hear anyone coming, so he leant over and started sucking me off, I was close to cumming and I warned him but it just made him suck harder and he took my load and was moaning with gratitude, he asked me if I fucked, I said yes but not here and I would meet him at the the next parking bay down the road.

About an hour later I was up in his sleeper with my arse in the air with this truckie tonguing my hole and wanking my cock to hard again, I turned around to suck him off for a while and was enjoying his precum when he said he needed to fill my arse,

he got me to lay face down, put a condom on and slowly started filling me up with his cock, fuck this was nice, he wasn't in a hurry and just slowly buried to the hilt and would pull nearly all the way out and slowly push back in, he kept this up for about 15 minutes and we were both moaning heaps, I felt him start to quicken up and he said he was going to blow, he pumped for a few seconds then drove his cock in to full depth and just held it there and I could feel his cock expanding and releasing, I love this bit and opened my legs even wider and pushed back hard, my hole was stretched fully.

We got dressed and said we would make sure we caught up again on the road sometime