Written by Lokiloki

26 Oct 2016

Blindfolded I wait. He told me not to move, be silent, no matter what. I hear footsteps, many of them. Hands on my shoulders make me kneel.

"Open ur mouth"

A cock is placed between my lips.

"Suck, make him cum"

I work hard, until hot cum squirts into the back of my throat, and the cock is removed.

I wait, panting, for what will happen next. I feel a tug on my collar and follow the direction they lead me, crawling.

I smell hot pussy before my face is shoved into it.

"Go to work, slut"

My eager tongue and lips set to making whoever my Mistress is cum.

Over and over I work on differing cocks and pussy, swallowing all that is gifted to me. Cum coats my lips, nose and chin, smears across my cheeks. I pant, licking as much off as I can.

"Hungry still, slut?"

"Yes Sir"

"There's more, we will make sure ur full" different voices agree

"Thank u Sir"

I'm positioned with my ass up, breasts pressed to the floor. A hard cock is slammed into my dripping pussy, I cry out in pleasure. A gag is thrust between my teeth.

I am used thoroughly. it seems like an eternity, and hundreds or orgasms later, I am left, panting, dripping in cum and sweat, on the floor. As footsteps and voices leave the room.