Written by mrs bi guy

24 Jun 2013

I woke this morning with a tingle running thought my body, today was going to be a sensual sex filled afternoon meeting with Joe, Dave stirred and rolled over touching my moist pussy, kissing me tenderly, he knew I was looking forward to having fun, and had set the meeting up, after he told me, he was going out today to meet 2 of his fuck buddies, for a afternoon of fun too,

We set about getting ourselves ready, after breakfast, I started my preparations for my anal assault I knew Joe love’s,

the same as Dave got himself sorted out too, later in the morning I had a bath shaving my pussy and making sure I was nice and smooth,

Every time Dave walked past me he would kiss and cuddle me, he knows I’m horny, his cock already hard most of the time, as I flick it, teasing him, He picks out a nice red dress, low cut, that shows off my cleavage, and a slit up the front, close to crutch height, no under wear, as my clothes seem to come off very quick any way.

Joe is due around 1pm, Dave’s cock now so hard, he can’t get it to soften, lays me down licking my moist pussy, working me up, then his cock slide up, gaining enter to my womanhood, his pace is quick, he’s thinking of what my body will be doing soon, Joes monster cock pounding me has always turned him on, He flips me over, his cock slips in my butt, “there he say’s” that will help Joe fuck you, as he gives me a good quick fucking, then as he’s ready to cum, he plunges his cock back in my pussy filling me with hot man juice’s.

Dave cleans himself up kissing me tenderly, and saying to have fun, his juices slowly leaking down my legs, my sexuality hitting a new high, as I grab my phone and send off a few sms’s to guys on my list.

I was just going to shower when Joe rings the bell, to late to dress, so I open the door naked, his eyes fixed on my wet patch, just as quick he was down licking the juices from me, his face buried deep lapping up Dave’s cum, I know he loves eating me out, eating guys cum, as we have had a few 3 some’s now and group fucks together too.

We moved to the bed room, swinging into a 69 position, Joe’s cock now rock hard gags me as I endeavour to take his girth in my mouth. I love the way he eats my clit, licking slowly, around my moist hole, darting deep inside to take Dave’s juice’s too, then sucking my clit, time and time again I orgasm, his cock still deep in my mouth, as I drink his precum,

He knows he needs to get my pussy wet for his huge cock to penetrate my body, swnging me around, he eases forward, with each inch I open up, taking him in, the feeling so good, as he hits the bottom of my pussy, I'm used to the feeling now as he keeps fucking me harder, trying as he does to open my cervix, once in that far, he works me for some time, then his cock penetrates my uterus, I orgasm so hard now when I feel his cock abusing my body, it’s taken some time but now the feeling is to good, he fucks me hard, the heat build’s up as we work our way though multiple orgasms and different positions, then the feeling I look forward to, his cock as big as it is, swells even more, his balls tighten, as my body if rewarded with gallons of cum,

He lays on me, resting, his cock still deep in my uterus, his cum, stuck there for some time to come yet. As he kisses me tenderly, looks deep in my eye’s and tells me how great it feels to find a woman that is capable of taking his manhood fully. I kiss him back, saying how since we have been meeting, it has brought a new meaning to my swinging life.

It was just after that the door bell went, and I let Frank in, he stripped quickly, joining us saying hello to Joe before plunging deep in my hole with his tongue looking for cum.

Joes cock stirred and once more I sucked his flesh, Franks coming up for air, slide his nice 8 inch cock in my cum soaked pussy and began to work his magic on me, as another orgasm raced though me,

I knew Joe was ready once more, as he moved down under me licking my clit as Frank fucked me doggy, by now I was ready for more, Laying Frank down it didn’t take the guys long to work out what I was after. Joe going behind me cock in hand, and some lube, as both guys worked their way in me, Franks cock once more fucking my wet pussy as Joe very carefully started his way in my rear door, I have taken him full anally before, but it takes time, Joe now possible half way in begins to fuck me, building up speed, he knows I open up as my anus gets used to his size, each trust going deeper than before, harder than before, orgasms now quicker, and stronger as both work my body,

Soon I feel Joes cock, hard up inside my anus, his balls now slapping my butt as he quickens his pace, Franks cock has finally pushed out some of Joes cum, as it runs down onto his balls, followed soon by his own cum as Frank lets go inside, pushing up hard forcing Joe to jam inside my arse, his cock held out by the pressure on the other side of the inner wall.

As Frank relaxes, Joe once more begins to pound my arse, deeper and deeper now with more room to gain excess to my inner body, I’m at their mercy, out of control as Joe uses me relentlessly, Frank sucking my nipples, causing more pleasure than before as I’m hit with one big orgasm, Then again Joe begins his build up, his cock once more so deep inside grows, the pressure builds in his balls, as my body is flooded by him,

Frank knows what I’m like, and when I get horny like this I’m game for any thing, so when they move me around, Frank begins to finger my butt, his tongue still licking cum running from my pussy, while I suck the last drops of cum from Joe, Franks face is soaked with cum as I push out hard, I look down, to see him eating all he can.

We lay talking, both guys touching and stroking my body, as I hold them, sucking their cocks, Joe was spent for now, but Frank was ready to go again, turned me over, sliding his cock in my arse, forcing out more cum, which we used as lube, Joe lay, under me now licking my clit, every now and then Frank would pull out, dropping his cock in Joe's mouth, then back in me, Joe of course sucking his own cum from it.

As they worked me up the door bell rang once more, this time Joe went he knew it would be another guy to help out, as Joe and Tony came back, I smiled and kept orgasming on Franks cock, Tony soon finding my boobs to suck as he worked his way under me sliding his cock in my pussy, as both set to and fucked me hard. The after noon went on, as they each took turns, licking and playing with me, Frank holding of for his second cum as Tony gave me his first load.

I hadn’t realised what the time was as Dave cock in hand moved up to kiss me, saying how it looked like my afternoon had gone well. He saw Tony pullout and got me to sit on his face, he loves eating my pussy juices, as I did Joe face fucked me. Dave smiled to as Frank sucked his cock hard, then swiftly Dave pushed me down to sit on his hard member, working his cock in fucking me as my face was fucked hard by Joe and now Tony’s cummy cock, we all moved Frank pulling Dave to the edge of the bed, as his cock disappeared deep inside his arse, he loves fucking Dave, the two often meeting for sex when they can, Joe was still hard, and my mouth worked him knowing he too, had taken turns fucking Dave, especially when I stir him up, it didn’t take Frank long his balls already hot with cum spilled their seed in Dave, I went around to watch his white man juice run free, as Joe began to take his place, Dave held his butt open as 11 inch’s of meat began to slide in, he was well lubed with Rod and Andy’s cum from his meet today and now Franks fresh cum load, so Joe went in easy, all 11 inch’s fucking his arse, as cum flooded out, Dave put his hand under him catching the cum, then licking it up, Tony slipped his cock back in my arse as we both enjoyed their cock’s.

Joe and Tony had cum twice so both had little to give, but enjoying their fuck, as we both orgasmed some times setting one another of, Joes cock, certainly going fully home, the sound of his balls slapping Dave’s body filling the air.

Franks began to face fuck Dave, as Joe trying hard to find more cum kept going hard, Tony also taking his time enjoying my arse, as we worked them, the smell of sex was strong in the room, Dave now having anal cum after anal cum as Joes cock ripped him apart. Then as he does, Dave began to cum, his cock squirting cum every where, his anal cum’s now just one long cum, Joe was holding on hard as he too looked like blowing again, both guys now shaking wildly, I could see Dave’s eyes. The look of lust, complete sexual satisfaction and more, as both now shouted aloud, Dave had cum so hard it caused Joe to find more cum, his cock swallow shot so deep in Dave, they collapsed totally exhausted. As my back door took Tony’s last load.

What a day, when Dave and I talked later, I asked how his meet went, with Andy and Rod, great he said, especially seeing as they had invited another guy along too, so he had already taken 6 loads of cum before heading home, but he said next time, he would like to stay and play with me, he just loves seeing Joe abuse my body, and taking Joe himself.

So we set about working out another meet soon.