Written by largecock181

13 Jan 2011

My wife can be a horny bugger some days, a few weeks ago she was house sitting for friends of ours, down near the nude beach we often go to, it was a nice warm day so she went for a walk along the beach on her own, while i was working,

we know some of the guys there and they often sit with us, so it wasnt long before she had company she told me later,

one guy we know well has had some fun with us before, so it didnt take him long to start to wank and play with her boobs, as always this seems to bring in other guys fairly quickly, like seagulls to food, and before long she said 5 or 6 guys were watching and wanking and some played with her too, by now she wanted a bit more than just play, so she got up on her knees and let her fav guy fuck her wet hole, which he did fast and hard she said, a guy had slipped his cock in her mouth and she was taking care of that too, turns out maybe to good as he blew deep down her throut fairly quickly, as he popped out her mouth was filled by another hard cock, this one she said was big, so she took it slow, and waited till the guy in her pussy shot his load and swapped around for the hung guy to fuck her now cum filled hole, as she did 2 guys tired to fill her mouth, it appears the word was spreading fast and other guys were standing around waiting their turn, not wanting to make any one wait, she told one to lay under her, his cock went in her pussy and with a bit of lube the hung guy popped into her rear hole, she loved it she said, as I wanked my cock while she told me all about her fun, she said they both fucked her well and set one another of as they cum, both holes spilling cum as they pulled out, and another load went in her mouth, now 3 guys took their places, and away she went again, it appears she kept them all busy for some 3 hours or so, while her arse and pussy were filled many times over, often by the same guys cumming back for seconds, she did say at one time the guys dp'ing her popped both into her pussy and fucked her like that for awhile both cumming together, I just had to ask her, and she said yes 2 guys had managed to dp her arse to for a short time, and one cum in her while the other shot over her bum, my cock was so hard now and needed some where to hide, so I pushed her up on her knees and rammed my cock deep in her pussy and pumped her for all i was worth, she had a vibrator put under her pillow, which she pulled out and slipped in with my cock, mmmmmmm so tight and felt great with the vibs going tho me too, my urgentcy to cum was getting the better of me, but it was to soon, so i lubed up and slipped into her arse,, still feeling the vibs tho her wall, i slowly fucked her, keeping my cock from cumming just now, my mind going over the scene of her at the beach, so with a little tug i pulled the vib out of her pussy and slipped into her arse, she tired to pull it out , knowing I think what i intended to do, but i held on, and pushed my cock hard as it found a new friend inside ,, she went wild, moving around on the bed, arse going crazy, cumming like mad and yelling all sorts of things at me.. nice things thou, that was it my cock just had to let loose, and with one huge thrust I filled her tight arse with hot cum, the vibs still making my cock tingle, boy what a cum, as my cock slipped out my cum run out onto the bed, mmmmmm my mind was still going tho the beach fun she had, and it surprised me when i found my mouth on her butt licking up my cum mmmmmm first time ever,,

as we rested we chatted some more, and she said she might have to revisit the beach on her own again,and repeat our own fun after wards, I said no way, Im going to be one of the guys at the beach fucking you too, and this time Im taking your vib with us

look out guys here we cum,,