Written by BBFP_1

1 Mar 2011

Yesterday in the carpark of Birdie Beach iwas changing out of my clothes into a free flowing skirt for the short hop into the "unclad area". Two young German girls who were getting out of a hire camper asked if they could come with me as they were unsure where the nude area was. I agreed and set off toward the beach. Along the track just near the lagoon one of the girls asked if there was a loo at that end of the beach as she needed to pee... I explained that there was not, but usually I just pee in the surf or in the sand hills. The girls seemed a little worried, but i assured them it was cool.

A little further they decided it was time to have a pee and asked me to hold the towl , sheltering them while they peed, but i decided it would be best to take them into the dune area.

Once we had made it into the dunes, the girls without hesitation removed their skirts , and squatted down to pee. I said that they looked confortable together, and with that they just laughed. I held a towl up, and the golden pee started flowing.... I was getting turned on, because Golden showers and water sports have played a large part in my meeting and ourr sex at home.

When they had finnished, Jill, one of the girls asked if i wanted her to hold the towel so I could pee. I thanked her and squatted down next to Jenny , letting my stram flow.

Next thing i sensed was jenny's hand reaching down under my stream, letting the pee run through her fingers. I smiled and asked if it felt good.... she smiled back. The next feeling was her finger rubbing back along towards my ass , and gently spreading the hole apart....

Jill lay the towl down and came between us, licking jenny's nipples and parting her lips....

We continued touching and proping for a period of time, eventually rubbing suncream on each other.

I talked with them and found out they are travelling the East Coast, and have been partners since their Graduation...

I have arranged for them to come and stay with us for a couple of nights....they have agreed , and love all things we discussed ....anal, watersports and video..

I am planning to have my partner set up the camera and catch the experience... I know everybody will love the tight tanned bodies that I did on the weekend...