Written by bi couple

10 Sep 2011

we had been to lots of parties over the years, and often had fun, friday nights were often good for more guys than couples,

we sat talking with a couple of guys, and soon headed of into one of the rooms with them, sue was soon stripped and on her back, cocks in her mouth and a mouth at her pussy, i took my cock and moving the guy to one side slide it deep in her pussy, the guy moved and continued to lick her clit while i fucked her, licking my cock at the same time, after some time i moved out and let him slip his cock in her moist pussy, the smile telling me he was enjoying it, the guy in her mouth let out a loud moan, as reams of cum shot from his cock, sue taking it all, I went down and kissed her tasting his cum on her lips, seeing this the guy fucking her, asked if i was bi, a smile told him yes, and he asked me a few questions, next thing, I was guiding my cock back into sues pussy, while he slid his cock balls deep in my tight arse, the sofe cock that was in her mouth, now seemed to grow some what and he played with sues tits as we fucked, next thing my mouth was pushed open by his cock, I sucked hard feeling it grow more and more as i did, we carried on for some time, then i felt the all to farmiliar pulsing of a cock unloading deep inside me, he must have blown wads of cum in me, and after some time slipped out and layed next to us, i stopped sucking, and said did did he fancy a bit of arse too, at first he said no, but the other guy said " you should try it its bloody good" so with some hesitation, he moved around, I continued fucking sue, but slowed so he could get closer, the second guy grabbed his cock and pushed it in, and soon took control, going crazy as his cock ground my arse hard, we carried on for awhile, then i asked him if he wanted to try another butt, moving around, we lined his cock up with sues arse, with a gentle push he went in, my cock finding her mouth, we fucked her like that, until i saw a 3rd cock growing again, so with a smile i got sue on her knees, and slipped under her, pushing my cock into her pussy, and telling the other guy to resume fucking her arse, leaving her mouth for the 3rd cock, we worked up some speed, all sweating as the heat from our sex grew, my orgasm seemed to set of the others as sue took 3 loads of hot cum,

as they left, i saw other guys standing near the door, they must have heard us having fun, and now headed in, well it didnt take long, sue was taking on 4 guys, with others waiting or wanking, i watched for awhile, my cock growing harder with each trust of the guys cocks in her,, as her arse took another load of cum, my cock was once more ready to go, taking over in her arse, well some 3 hours or more passed, as did more guys, i managed to get one more fucking, while sue took all the others, after a few guys had filled her pussy i got her to sit on my face while i licked her out, this got my mouth filled by a hard cock just as he shot his seed , fresh cum filling me, as his last spunt ran from his cock, I pushed his cock deep in her arse, boy that made him smile, and he found new energy fucking her, hard and fast, and with one almighty grown his second cum surprised the hell out of him, floooding her arse, cum running out over my face, id got a great view of him in her too, it was with some sadnes we had to finnish up, but planed to head back soon,,