Written by happy bi guy

30 Apr 2013

Love going to Byron’s place, he always gets 5 or 6 guys that enjoy fucking my nice tight butt, and we had held quite a few group nights with lots of guys over a few years, some night were better than other with more guys willing to help fill my butt with their cum, but one night was slightly different, things were going well, 6 or so guys taking turns using my arse, when Byron answered the phone, it was another guy wanting to join in, he asked me and I said yes sure, but the guy wanted to bring his g/f along to see guys fucking , of course I said yes,

Some time later the door was opened and in walked a nice young 26 year old spunk, her eyes fixed on the guys cock fucking my arse right in front of her, my mouth also being used to empty another set of ball sacks, as soon as she walked in, she stood watching, her b/f stripped of and joined in and took control of my butt, his cock finding my wet hole ready for a good fucking, she stood close enough for me to touch her pussy and he seemed ok with that, then to our surprise she stripped of mmmmmm revealing a lovely set of tits and a shaved pussy, my mouth going straight into her snatch while he was still fucking me, he soon dropped his load in me, and another guy took over, I said to her in-between licking her pussy, had she ever seen a guy being fisted, her face lit up and a quick, I looked at Byron who had fisted me a few times and he came over, his fist quickly replacing the cock in me, as she gasped in surprise, then to really hot things up, I told Byron to push his cock in too, oh wow, pussy juices were running out of her snatch now as she watched with interest, that was it her b/f went behind her and slammed his cock home as she had her first orgasm, Byron unloaded in me and another cock went in with his fist , and more cum was splashed around inside my butt, then I told Byron to grab one of his toys and give it to her, she looked dazed, I said don’t worry shove it fully in hard and she did working my arse and making me cum, while her b/f was fucking her for all she was worth, then he dropped his load in her and told me that it was ready for her first fuck, so pulling the vibrator out of me I swung her around and slipped my cock firmly in her cum soaked hole, my arse then filled by another guys cock as we both worked up speed, her mouth was filled by another cock and one guy just blew a load right over her face, I looked at her b/f and slide a finger to her butt, he smiled , she pushed back and all to quick my cock went from pussy to arse, she loved it, taking me to new heights as my balls began to unload in her, I pulled out and lay down, she took another guy, while my butt was once more fucked hard,.

We carried on like that for a few hours, before all the guy called it quits, their cocks sore and balls empty, and my arse used and full of cum looked good , when she walked over, looked me in the eye and fisted my butt, with a huge smile and her b/f in her butt she worked me up to one last huge anal cum, before he finished the night in her too,

It was never the same when next we played, as she only ever came along 2 or 3 times more, but each time getting kinkier