8 Feb 2018

Let me just start this by saying, all of the following is fact;

Well, the other day it was hot, hot, hot in good old Adelaide. I had a day to myself - a day off work, no appointments, no last minute shopping. So I decided to go to the best beach in Adelaide, if not the whole of Australia. Maslin's Beach, the first legal nude beach in Australia. The sand is pristine, the water crystal clear and because it is in a bit of a cove, not much wind. The water on this day was perfect, like glass, crystal clear and no seaweed.

So I got there and set up my spot. It was fairly quiet when I got there in the morning, but more and more people started to arrive. I had two sets of 2 lovely ladies off to my left, one set completely naked, the other only going topless. A M/F couple off to my right and other single males scattered around the beach. I went for a dip in the water, which was cold at first and was joined by the topless ladies. A friendly hello was shared, followed by a sharp gasp and little laughter as the cool water greated our warm genital areas. I met another couple and hard a short conversation with them. They were very laid back and honest. They were friends, not actually a couple. She was married to his best mate, but her husband didn't know they meet at Maslin's on a regular basis. The husband didn't want to go to Maslin's, so she went on her own when the kids are at school and one day they bumped into each other. They husband still doesn't know that they see each other naked on a

regular basis, but they told me they are not interested in each other sexually, they don't have sex, they just relax and chat.

I left them and was soon in waist deep water wondering up and down the beach, greeting everyone as I paced along slowly. Now, if you know Maslin's Beach, the southern end, near the rocks is generally considered the bi-male meeting area. As I wondered down, I could see a few men standing in the water looking towards the rocks. As I got closer, I could see 2 guys in a 69 position, going for it. There were other guys standing close by, hard cocks in their hands, stroking away. I am not a prude, and I don't care if you are gay, bi, lesbian, trans, straight, whatever, I think if you are into it, you are into it. It was hot, but not what I was looking for.

I headed back north along the beach, past the stairs and could see another couple up the beach, near the cliff face. They were obviously going hands on, but trying to cover it with a towel, albeit very unsuccessfully. She was stroking his hard cock, he was fingering her pussy whilst they were passionately kissing. A few people were watching from the water with me, and a couple of blokes laying on the sand near by, stroking away. They finished up, got up, packed up and left.

As I was returning to my area, I noticed a group laying on the sand near my stuff. I looked like a group of about 4 guys, laying around in a circle, so I went for a closer look. As I got closer, there was a lovely lady, possibly in her mid to late 40's laying on her back, legs spread wide with a guy 3 knuckles deep in her pussy and thumb rubbing her clit. Another guys was stroking her leg and the other 2 guys were playing with her tit's and sucking on her nipples. She had her eyes closed and was moaning in absolute pleasure whilst she was playing with their cocks.

I noticed a younger lady, not to far away, watching but pretending not to. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was watching, but if I or someone else looked towards her, she would shy away. I watched for about 5 minutes before going for a walk, past the younger lady. I said hi as I past, but she kind a blushed and turned away with a grin on her face. I continued on, not wanting to be pushy and went back into the water to enjoy the coolness.

The older lady that was being serviced got up not long after and went out into the water, followed by 2 of the guys. I was passing them a few minutes later and congratulated her on such an exciting and erotic show that she had put on. She thanked me and told me I could join in if I wanted. I obliged, because it is rude to turn down an invitation, especially to such a rare party. Before I knew it, I had 2 fingers knuckle deep in her pussy, rubbing her clit with my thumb whilst her husband held her floating on her back. We both played with her nipples, whilst she rub my ever increasing erection under the water. This was my first ever MFM play. I guess it was feeling good for her as she was soon moving up and down, moaning louder and louder. I looked around and there were about 10 people around us watching. I noticed at the back, was the younger female from the beach, standing in just waist deep water, her right hand in the water, with her forearm in front of her belly button, moving up and down rapidly.

After about 5 minutes, I released my load in the water, watching it float up and around the 3 of us as I released a long groan of relief and pleasure. I removed my hand from her pussy, as her husband turned her around and started fucking her in the water. Her head tilted back, eyes closed as he pounded her for all to see, man was it hot to watch. They finished up, said thank you to me and walked back to the beach, packed up their belongings and left. I never found out their names or if they were on this site, even though I wanted to ask.

I noticed that whilst the couple were still going at it in the water, the younger female obviously finished pleasuring herself, returned to the beach, packed her stuff quickly and left. It would have been nice to ask her to join us if she was a bit closer, obviously it got a little to much for her to handle and needed a release. Well done I say, well done.

So after that, I returned to my gear, packed up and left. I had been at the beach for about 2 and a bit hours and didn't want to get too sun burnt. I have been to Maslin's Beach on many an occasion, but never have I ever, seen so much action going on - and it was only a Monday. I think I will be going back again on a Monday to see what other adventures I can get myself involved in.

If you were a part of this adventure on Monday 5th February (you will know who you are if you were there) please write me a comment on this story. I will respond to you as I would love to say hi and meet again.