Written by hungmilfhunter

27 Feb 2013

Remember back to my last encounter with Mary and Greg where they had told me to return on a specific day? Well the day has come and as requested I have brought along friends. Hayden, Ryan and Andrew. Three guys I know one of them being a good friend and the others I told it would be good to catch up. I would say they will probably know Mary and Greg when they see them but I havent said where we are going just that we are going to a little gathering.

So it was about a 20 minute drive or so to get there, no one asked many questions on the way there. We got there and there were probably 3 cars out front I didnt recognize. I wonder if they all brought friends? I parked out the front of their house and said we're here. Got out the car and walked up to the front door with the rest following. I knocked on the door and got no answer, they must be busy. The door was unlocked so I just walked in. There was no one in the house, so I walked out the back and opened the door to see a relatively an small inflatable pool sitting on a large blue tarp. They have put some effort into this. And bottles of baby oil lying around everywhere. Oh and not to mention Mary's hot little body oiled up in the middle of the pool with 4 cocks standing around her. Greg looks over with a smile, waves and says "hey, thought you werent going to show." I walk out to where the action is without thinking, rip my shirt off and drop my pants. Mary looks up at me and smiles, obviously pleased that I brought 3 guys. Unfortunately they are slightly taken back by what is happening and I wave them over. Hayden is the first to make a move, he walks toward me and says "whats happening?" "Well this id why I brought you guys, she wanted more guys. Ive seen this couple a few times now and last time I saw them they asked if I could bring friends today for this." He looks at me and then at Mary, she smiles at him and we both have a look down at his pants. He wants to join in I can see that he is getting turned on. He moves closer in to Mary and eventually drops his pants to reveal a rather average cock, but a cock is a cock especially when there are 6 with 2 to come still. Mary starts to suck on Hayden's cock, he loves it and I look around the other two have started moving in closer which is good. I try to get them to move closer but no luck. I concentrate on Mary for a few minutes while she is sucking my cock which by now is as hard as its going to get. Finally Ryan comes up next to me I look around and Andrew has left. Not his thing obviously, but hes missing out big time. Ryan flops out his schlong and fuck, its big. Its not fully erect yet and its sitting comfortably at 8-9 inches and fairly fat. Would be the biggest here once its hard. Mary jumps on it, putting it straight in her mouth and inhaling half of it. Ryan lets out a bit of a groan as she goes down on it. She sticks her ass up in the air while one of the random guys coats it in oil then lines his dick up with her hole and slides in. Mary barely notices as shes too focused on the cocks in front of her face. I move around to the side of her to get a look at the penetration, his cock slides in and out nicely. I slap her ass a few times and squeeze her cheeks a bit while watching the guy fuck her. Greg is standing back watching over everything with his fat cock hanging freely. Random guy pulls out and I step in behind Mary, I position myself behind her and slide my big, hard cock into her little pussy. This gets a reaction from her, she groans a little while sucking sucking on the 3 cocks in front of her. I start to pound her hard for a few minutes. Then I tell Hayden to lay down underneath her and i pull out sliding Mary on top of Hayden. He grabs his cock and slides it into her slit and she starts to bounce on his cock for a few minutes. A few of the guys take turns with Mary riding their cocks before Greg comes in and starts lubing her asshole up. He slides a finger in a few times, then takes his fat cock and teasing the hole a little bit before pushing the head in slowly and pulling back out easing his cock into her gently. He gets about half way into her and slowly pumps her asshole full of his cock. Now random guy is in her pussy and Greg is in her asshole while im stroking to the side of Mary's face and Ryan has his cock in her mouth and another guy is waiting to be sucked. The rest enjoy the show and stroke their cocks, waiting to be tagged in. Hayden moves in around the back eager to get into her ass and after a minute or so Greg pulls out and Hayden slides right in, getting pretty much his whole dick in then pumping her pussy. One random guy swaps for another random guy in her pussy. He and Hayden are going to town on her holes, She moans in delight with the two cocks penetrating her. I move in around her mouth to get some service, she looks up at me and whispers "thank you" and begins to suck on my pole. The guys continue to rotate through all fucking her ass hard and now Ryan has taken over the pussy. As one guy slides out of her ass she hops off Ryan's cock and gets on her knees saying she is ready for cum!

We all stand around wanking our cocks while the hungry cumslut sits their playing her tits, eagerly awaiting us to cum. One of the randoms go up over her face and dribbles a load of cum out onto her face, followed by another random who shoots a string of cum that lands on her hair. Hayden steps over to her and shoots a rather large load up the side of her cheek, he is followed by the last random guy who misses her face and then walks out. Im about ready to cum and I step up to her at the same time as Greg and we both blow big loads of spunk on her face at the same time. Ryan is last and he drops a load of cum between her eyes and it rolls down her face onto her big tits. It is done we have smeared Mary's face in our hot cum, she looks sexy as fuck.

The randoms have left and the rest of us clean up, get dressed, thank them for having us and leave. The car ride home from their was a lot more fun than the ride their with Hayden and Ryan very pleased with what just happened and being very thankful to me for taking them. And we just chatted about what happened while enjoying the trip home.