Written by LexiLou

5 Jun 2017

It was a warm Saturday night. Hubby and I decided to have a get together with a few friends. Pool was all ready to be used, barbie was all set to go and everything else was ready.

By everything, I mean me...

Knowing the other couples who were coming I would always flirt with this one girl in particular, especially after a drink or two.. She was stunning. Dark hair, blue eyes, a body which was not thin or too big, it suited her. Her breasts complimented her well.

We were both sitting on the edge of the pool, legs dangling in, our backs to the rest of the guests.. just talking about every day things. I felt her fingers gently nudge at my leg. Her toes play with mine under the water.. I wanted to touch her leg, place my hands between her legs but I couldn't. Shyness took over. She motioned to get in the pool..

We slid in. And before I knew it her hands were secretly between my legs. Touching my hot, wetness. Flicking my clit.. I reached down to her. Her clit was poking through her mound. Her pussy was so wet from not only the water but from the sexiness of doing all this in front of our partners. We continued to tease each other until we got out of the pool. We needed each other more.

We went to the bedroom to get changed, or so the others thought. Once we were there we licked and fingered each other till we both came together. It didn't take too long after all the teasing.

We then joined the others and no-one was any wiser to our enjoyable afternoon.