Naughty holiday fun Lesbian

Let the girls play…

We were a young and horny young couple always willing for a quicky wen Eva we get a chance, let it be at a party, or just using your leting me have control of your remote vibe while out drinking and danceing.
We were on holidays and having a good old time in Hawaii with cooking classes, drinking on the beach, partying at the local clubs, and massages everyday.
During one of the hottest days on the beach, we were getting served cocktails in… Read more

Coming home Lesbian

I pull up and switch off do the dog greet and head for the kitchen a cuppa some nice beats are bouncing off the timbers and they are in the bedroom Sally's bum gleaming at me as she sucks my housemate who is under Sal I watch as I grasp her butt and push her into her friends face they moan and slurp breath hard and I unbuckle kneeling on sale legs and push into the wet hot space between sal and the open mouth and tongue pleasuring her I come alm… Read more

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Afternoon fun Lesbian

It was a warm Saturday night. Hubby and I decided to have a get together with a few friends. Pool was all ready to be used, barbie was all set to go and everything else was ready.
By everything, I mean me...
Knowing the other couples who were coming I would always flirt with this one girl in particular, especially after a drink or two.. She was stunning. Dark hair, blue eyes, a body which was not thin or too big, it suited her. Her breasts comp… Read more

What A Great LIfe Lesbian

What a great life, nudist , naturist and naturalism, we've the best country , beautiful secluded spots around our country, bush, beach n then some, after reading your profile n thought , i've a secret spot in mind. So i'm @ birdie bch tomoz, So look for the royal blue sunshade , i won't be far away, from about 10.30-5'00pm, if you're free..LIcka xx

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My first fem experience Lesbian

My first year at uni living in a shared house in Carlton. Four all together, two chicks, two guys. We had lots of parties and girlfriends and boyfriends often stayed over and it wasn't unusual to hear fucking going on in the next room. I found this a turn on as did my bf at the time who had been pestering me for a while to find a fem for a 3-some. I was happy to try this, he is a horny guy and I had no concerns about another girl joining us. I … Read more

change room Lesbian

It was Monday the Australia Day public holiday, I was single and loving it but horny as a playboy bunny. I was sick of disrespectful, egomanic, lying, cheating, selfish, males!! I headed to Rundle Mall hopeing some retail theropy would help relieve my urges.
I went into the Ally shop in Myer centre and was greeted by a very eager to please hot young brunette shop assistant she helped me pick out some very revealing outfits. I told her i would n… Read more

Invite to an all lesbian orgy Lesbian

Well it was Friday night and I was on my way home after a few drinks at a mates house when I received a phone call from an ex of mine I hadn't seen for a while as the conversation precided she mentioned that her and and 3 of her gf's were going to a party when I asked what party she said well it's the kind of party that woman get there gear off and get it on oh my I instantly said can I come she said no way I new she was bi but didn't knw she got… Read more

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1st time Bi.....won't be the last. Lesbian

Laying in bed, next to John, I am wondering, "what is going on". The sex with john was great, as it always is, but, I can not go on with a man who is 29yrs my senior. (i'm 24, he's 53) & guys around my own age just don"t do it for me. They can not communicate unless it is about cars or how much piss they can drink. Pleeeesse.

At least john, can give me some emotional support, as well as great sex, but even he said that I need to move on up.
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A good lunch Lesbian

Peter (my hubby ) and i spent 2 weeks in Emu Park up nere rocky.Pete was working so i thort that i would go and look at some land that was for sale not far from town 25 and 40 ac . I was sent out to a place that was like 10 km from town
up a road Coorooman ck road.As i drove down to the place i seen a creek that had a small park on a creek coorooman creek. I sat there in the bank with my legs in the water as it was very hot and i have been in … Read more



Julie and Rachel were Cabin Crew for a major International Airline. They had met about a year ago in Auckland, when all flights were all grounded due to Volcanic Ash. They found themselves sharing a Motel Room for several days while things settled down. While the Atmosphere settled, things between the two of them got interesting. They found themselves attracted to each other. And,…….magic happened. Two adventur… Read more

bi moments Lesbian

When i saw her i just want to kiss her hmm i was so horny but yet i didnt want to please myself, i wanted to get off on the facts of her moans and what i can do to her.....

Lets start from the begining shall we:

I have had trouble with girls its not easy being of the same sex and flirt doesnt work that way you cant smile and touch on shoulder and grab them to let you know you want them nooooooooooo lol so after countless times of being igno… Read more

Gym Showers Lesbian

After water aerobics one night there were only about 3 of us in the changing room & this woman who had long dark hair, good figure - large tits, small stomach, large hips & shaved cunt watched me stripping & as I approached the shower stall next to her she asked if I was going to have a shower, I said yes, she said would you mind scrubbing my back as I can't reach, I didn't think just said sure.

As I was scrubbing her back I could see she wa… Read more

First timer Lesbian

Meeting through a mutual friend, we organised for me to go to her house one night. We sat talking for a while, both nervous and unsure how to begin. The attraction was obvious. She was a pretty brunette with nice d cups and a cute smile. Eventually she asked me to come to her room to show me "something". Wow - her breasts were fantastic! I had to taste them, so I knelt down (she was a lot shorter than me) and began to lick and tease her nipples.… Read more

The Dark Room - Part 1 Lesbian


The crackling of gravel under Linda’s tyres sounded like summer hail on a tin roof as she guided her car into the driveway. Her nerves were on edge and she could even feel drips of cold perspiration pooling at the base of her spine. Linda hoped that they did not soak through her summer dress.

Taking three deep breathes to gain her composure Linda opened the car door and stepped out into bright sunlight. The sun’s r… Read more