Written by Emily

26 Jan 2014

It was Monday the Australia Day public holiday, I was single and loving it but horny as a playboy bunny. I was sick of disrespectful, egomanic, lying, cheating, selfish, males!! I headed to Rundle Mall hopeing some retail theropy would help relieve my urges.

I went into the Ally shop in Myer centre and was greeted by a very eager to please hot young brunette shop assistant she helped me pick out some very revealing outfits. I told her i would never be able to wear them they are way to sexy for a 43 year old woman, shocked she said "shuddup no way your 43, you look about 30", she led me into the change room giggling

"I would love to have a killa body like yours" I looked into her fark blue eye and said "you can have it if you want" "I was hoping you'd say that" she answered as ran her hands all over my body kissing me hungrily she sliped off my dress and was pleasantly surprise to find I wasnt wearing any underwear, She slipped a finger inside my dripping wet pussy then another finger moving them in and out and around couressing every inch and driving me wild her toungue slowing kissed and licked its way from my mouth down to my neck my nipples my abs, she got on down on her knees licking my inner thighs I couldnt take it any more lick it you dirty little slut I yelled and grinded my pussy on her face as my whole body quivered I exploded squirting all over and the change room floor, "look what you made me do...lick it up" I said "what kind of a shop assistant are you? someone could slip over and sue". I put on my dress thanked the assistant and walked out smiling.

God I love shopping :-)