Written by ChrisNTrevor

17 May 2012


Julie and Rachel were Cabin Crew for a major International Airline. They had met about a year ago in Auckland, when all flights were all grounded due to Volcanic Ash. They found themselves sharing a Motel Room for several days while things settled down. While the Atmosphere settled, things between the two of them got interesting. They found themselves attracted to each other. And,…….magic happened. Two adventurous Girls in a big City. Three bottles of Champagne and a dare spurred on by the in-house Adult Channel.

It was glorious and they kept in regular contact, hooking up whenever their schedules had them overnight together. Sometimes they included Males in their escapades. Other times it was just themselves. Tonight was one of those times. Tonight was their first anniversary.

Julie was first to get to the Motel. She had just finished setting herself up when Rachel knocked on the door. She let herself in with the second key and came right over to Julie. She dropped her bags and they hugged. After a few more than sisterly kisses, Rachel unpacked as well. It was early afternoon and way too early to go out for Dinner. And they were tired after their flights. Both changed into something more comfortable, and headed off to the bed intending to have a short nap.

But, lying there in close proximity to each other, their Hostie snooze training was quickly overcome, and they turned to face each other. Julie got up on one elbow and slid over to Rachel, who rose to meet her. They met with a quick peck on the lips.

‘I’ve missed you’ said Rachel. ‘Uh-huh, moaned Julie.

They kissed with much more fervour, and soon Rachel’s top had been lifted by Julie’s wandering hands.

‘So much for our rest. We’ll suffer tomorrow.’ Whispered Rachel.

They kept the momentum going and soon pieces of clothing started to fall to the floor.

Julie had Rachel prone on the bed and was flicking her Tongue across her Lover’s, who was replying with enthusiasm. Soon Julie could feel the heat of Rachel’s aroused Pussy. on her leg. Rachel started to spread her Legs and present her Pussy for attention. Julie lowered herself down Rachel’s body, kissing her Breasts then her Belly then downwards to her Mound. She reached her sweet goal and planted an open mouthed kiss on Rachel’s wet Lips. Both moaned with the pleasure of the moment.

Julie sucked on the sweet juicy flesh that was presented to her and soon was in the mood for some different kind of fun.

On the way down she had retrieved her Vibrator from under the pillow. With a last sensuous lick she disengaged her Mouth from Rachel’s Pussy. Rachel saw the Vibe in Julie’s hands and smiled in anticipation. She closed her eyes and waited for it’s entry.

Julie twisted it on, then poked the Vibe’s head into Rachel’s waiting Hole. Soon Julie was feeding the whole length of the shaft into Rachel. At first she just lay there and took it, but soon she started to thrust her Pussy in time with Julie’s thrusts. Rachel started to buck wildly. Her fingers had travelled down to her Clitoris and were working the swollen Nub, keeping time with the Vibe’s thrusts. She was letting out loud moans of pleasure and Julie was getting worried about disturbing the neighbours.

She stopped moving the Vibe and said to Rachel ‘I want you to eat me.’ Rachel replied ‘Yum. But can we keep the Vibe going?’ She gave Julie a cheeky look, and Julie agreed. They didn’t waste any time.

Julie pulled Rachel further down on the bed and got into the 69 position. She lowered her Pussy onto Rachel’s willing Mouth and felt the thrill of her talented Tongue slide up and down her nether Lips. Then Rachel pulled her Pussy down on her and slipped that active Tongue into her. It was all Julie could do to each over and pick up the Vibe and honour her agreement with her Pussy munching Lover.

Both girls were rocking in the motions of passion. Rachel was really going to town on Julie, using Tongue, Lips and Fingers in a concert of Lesbian Love. Julie’s eyes were almost closed with pleasure, but had control enough to resume pumping with the Vibe. Soon both Girls were in the throes of Orgasm. They collapsed on each other and lay there panting.

Julie dismounted and lay on Rachel face to face, and begun to give her Lover a long affectionate Kiss. Rachel responded by spreading her Legs, and Julie followed. Both their moist fragrant Pussies were almost touching and their fragrant aromas spiced up the air in the room. Julie continued planting passionate kisses on Rachel, working up and down her exposed neck.

Rachel responded by clutching Julie’s taut Butt, timing her squeezes to Julie’s kisses. They were sinking again deep into the pits of passion. Then Rachel made the next move. She dropped her hand down to Julie’s spread Lips and started to stroke them. When she had them good and wet, she inserted one finger inside her, then a second. Rachel’s fingering made Julie stop her kisses.

She just lay there on Rachel’s chest and panted her hot breath on to her partner’s neck.

Julie was soon shaking with excitement, and gave a short shudder as Rachel’s twirling fingers gave her another climax. Julie looked up at her eyes and begged ‘Eat me’. She had a wicked smile on her face. Rachel removed her fingers and Julie got up. She knee walked up Rachel’s prone body and straddled her face. She lowered her Pussy onto Rachel’s face and started to rub her Pussy against her open lips. Rachel gave her offered Pussy a long soft lick, then resumed sucking on it with the same fervour she did before.

Julie leaned back and took all the Tongue that Rachel could give her. She started to get very wet, her Pussy Juice dripping on to Rachel’s probing Tongue. Soon Julie started to shake and groan. Rachel could sense a big climax was coming. Just when Julie started to spasm, she rammed her face onto Julie’s trembling Slit and sucked down the Squirting Orgasm that shook her body.

Julie collapsed back across Rachel’s body and slid off onto the sheets. Rachel turned around and saw to her lover’s comfort. ‘Wow, Girl, that was one hell of a ride.’ She said. Julie moaned in agreement and ran her fingers in Rachel’s curly locks. They cuddled for a minute or two, their heart rates slowly returning to normal.

Julie was the first to break the silence. ‘That was bloody fantastic. You have one talented Tongue, my Lover.’ Rachel responded with a appreciative ‘Aww.’ ‘I’d really now like to be penetrated.’ Julie said, looking at the discarded Vibe on the bed. Rachel pulled herself away from Julie’s embrace and went to her overnight bag. “I’ve got something better.’ She said.

She came back to Julie with a long vinyl bag. ‘This.’ Rachel said. She loosened the top and took out a red translucent Double Ended Dildo. It was over 18 inches long and looked very, very wicked. ‘Ooo, said Julie. New Toys. Julie approves.’

Rachel got back on the bed. ‘I’ll show you how it works.’ Julie opened her Legs. It was now her turn on the bottom. Rachel kneeled between Julie’s raised Knees and kissed her, opening up her Pussy’s Lips with her Tongue. She then rubbed the head of the Double Ender up and down on her slippery wetness. The end slid into Julie easily. She was so aroused and dilated that there was no resistance. Rachel started to pump it in and out, up and down.

Soon Julie was thrashing around like a thing possessed. Rachel was liking the shaft of the Dildo, and this was for a reason. She stopped for a minute and got into a scissors position between Julie’s Legs. She then popped the other end of the Double Ender into her wet and ready Pussy and slid down on it with a long sigh.

They stayed locked together for a moment, then started to grind simultaneously on to the Dildo. Each thrust of one shot it into the Vagina of the other, driving both further into excitement. Soon they had passed beyond the point of stopping. A massive climax was building in both of them. They had managed to slide most of the Dildo’s length into them. And were gripping each others hands in a dance of squelchy, thrusting excitement.

Julie shuddered and dropped back onto the bed. Rachel gave one more mighty thrust with her hips and her Pussy exploded in a gush of sweet fluid. She then sank back on to the sheets as well.

It was some time before either Girl could move. Slowly they moved apart and slid the Double Ender from their bodies. ‘Damn,’ said Rachel. ‘It’s still hard. Unlike most Guys would be, after a Fuck like that.’ She giggled. Julie giggled.

They looked at the clock. It was almost evening. They had literally Fucked away most of the afternoon.

Hungry, Julie said. ‘Lets shower, change and go for dinner.’ They saw to the Toys and followed each other into the bathroom.

Dinner was not the end of the day, but only the beginning of the night …………………