Written by Sallyxxx

19 Nov 2015

My first year at uni living in a shared house in Carlton. Four all together, two chicks, two guys. We had lots of parties and girlfriends and boyfriends often stayed over and it wasn't unusual to hear fucking going on in the next room. I found this a turn on as did my bf at the time who had been pestering me for a while to find a fem for a 3-some. I was happy to try this, he is a horny guy and I had no concerns about another girl joining us. I had fantasised for a while about playing with another girl, I did masturbate with another girl once and found that a real turn on.

On this particular Saturday night we had some drinks and adjourned to our various rooms. We could hear Kylie and her bf in the next room making a lot of noise and then her bf leaving. Jason was super horny and didn't want much foreplay so with me on my back he fucked me and came a big load in short time. Then he announced he was going home.

Bugger! These guys can't handle the pace.

So off he went. I was full of his cum and was busy masturbating when the door opened and it was a very naked Kylie. She smiled and lay next to me and we conversed about hopeless guys while she too was fingering. I found this very arousing, we talked about guys and fucking and then got onto girls. She admitted that she had been thinking about another girls touch and thought it a very natural feeling.

Next thing we were kissing and touching, her fingers inside my pussy. I got out the few toys I had that included a nice 8" vibrator and we played and orgasmed for several hours.

We did this often during that year. And before the year was out I confessed to my bf and he was subsequently introduced to his first FMF, an early Xmas present.

In the meantime I still have the odd dalliance with another fem and sometimes her man as well.