20 Jan 2019

We were a young and horny young couple always willing for a quicky wen Eva we get a chance, let it be at a party, or just using your leting me have control of your remote vibe while out drinking and danceing.

We were on holidays and having a good old time in Hawaii with cooking classes, drinking on the beach, partying at the local clubs, and massages everyday.

During one of the hottest days on the beach, we were getting served cocktails in our own private booth while people watching and the locals surfing.(plenty to look at both chicks and hot guys). Lol.

Been such a hornyyoung chicky babe that u r. On returning from the girls room u hand me s remote and smile. Knowing full well from your cheeky grin and past experiences what it was for.

So wanting to play the game and also teasing u I plan for a hot local brunette, to come rub sun cream on your shoulders and back she had the nicest green eyes and some serious beach curves for such a young chick. All apart of the plan. Lol.

As she sits behind u and loosens your halterneck strap and sits with her legs either side of u. I press the button on your vibe only for a second, not xpecting it u jump and the chic ask if u r ok, looking over at me with a worried look u answer "yes I'm ok".

As she applies some tanning lotion

As she rubs your neck and shoulder and I keep the vibe on a low setting but more often now.

U look at me, while I'm sipping on my rum, knowing full well that u started this game and that I would b loving it. U had no choice but to relax.

As she rubs your neck as the vibe is starting to cause a effect as u feel her big tits pressing against your back, u try closing your legs tightly but this only makes the toy's pressure on your clit increase, so u try opening your legs a little but this didn't help either as your bikini pulls it tighter against u. As the vibe teases u keep adjusting but nothing is working and your pussy is now supper wet and loving it as u close your eyes and let the hot brunette rub your shoulders and back.

She ask u to lay in your stomach as she pushes u forward onto the laylo, your face says it all.

The vibe still on a low setting as the hottest brunette rubs lotion over u, the xtra pressure against the you is pressing the vibe harder into your wet pussy, I tease u for a few seconds and turn the toys speed up, u lift your hips slightly but stopped as your ass presses against her thighs, she tells u to relax and with her hands she pushes u down again pressing the toy into your hot pussy again causing a slight moan. The brunette with her short dress and curves moves back alittle and starts slowly rubs lotion over your feet then moving up with long slow strokes. Knowing full well this is a fantasy of yours I increase the speed on the vibe every time her hands move up your thigh. U try adjusting but between the hottest chic,and the vibe, your pussy is now dripping. U hear me ask her if she could rub cream over the front of your legs and chest ect.

She agrees as she rolls u over and only covered with a towel, u worry that she could c your juices running down your thigh as she rubs your feet. As she is rubbing her u can't help but notice that she is super hot with her curvy figure, hottes lips and her halterneck dress showing her tits off.

As she moves up and sits on your lap I turn the vibe down, as she rubs your shoulders. She looks into your eyes as u now know that she can feel the vibe pressing against her. She didn't say a word just continue's to apply lotion to your neck and shoulders moving over the top of your tits, your nipples harden as now she pushes herself onto u, enjoying the feeling on her own pussy as it vibrates against her hot pussy. As she rubs lotion over your nice tits her hips r moving up and down on the vibe causing it to push against u in the same way.

U look at each other with total lust and u place your hands on her hips and pull her down onto u tighter. I increase the speed, both moaning lips slightly parted as u hold her tightly onto pussy.

I stand above her and with my hands I push down on her shoulders as I turn the speed to full on the vibe. She grabs your hands and ask you to pinch her nipples, I push her down hard against u as she rocks back and forth on the vibe pushing it into your hot pussy, she ask u to pinch harder as her chest rises and falls with her movement, her lips parting as she whispers in your ear that she is cuuuuumming all over your pussy, this in turn is to hot for u, as your pussy contracts and begin to cum she lifts your face to her tits and u moan all over her nipples, as u pull her down harder against u.