Written by Muffins

19 Mar 2010


The crackling of gravel under Linda’s tyres sounded like summer hail on a tin roof as she guided her car into the driveway. Her nerves were on edge and she could even feel drips of cold perspiration pooling at the base of her spine. Linda hoped that they did not soak through her summer dress.

Taking three deep breathes to gain her composure Linda opened the car door and stepped out into bright sunlight. The sun’s rays felt good on her soft skin and helped ease her nervousness. Her agitated state confused her somewhat as this weekend had been planned for many weeks and held promise of being one of the most exciting she had ever experienced.

The front door of the two storied beachfront house opened as she was climbing the short steps to the front verandah. With a characteristic swirl of caftan and robes her friend and hostess Sue glided toward her beaming a radiant smile. “Welcome sister,” offered Sue in a deep yet feminine drawl. “With your arrival we are complete. Do come in!”

Sue took Linda’s hand and led her gently inside the grand house. Linda had been here before but was always struck by the immense size and sheer number of its rooms.

Two kitchens, including one upstairs, a large swimming pool, numerous bathrooms and even several spas made this one serious location for relaxing or partying. Linda planned to explore both disciplines before the weekend concluded.

Ten other girls were seated in comfortable chairs and sofas in the downstairs lounge area.

Linda had met them all before and was comfortable in their presence. Like her, they were all wearing summer frocks and had gathered for a common purpose.

As Linda entered the lounge room all of her friends stood and moved to greet her with hugs and kisses on cheek and neck. Linda found the combination of their various perfumes quite heady and the touch of their skin electrifying. Her earlier nervousness began to subside.

A short rotund, red headed woman returned with a tall glass of Linda’s favorite Chardonnay. “Thank’s Pip”, said Linda taking the glass and imbibing more than just a polite sip of its bubbly contents. “This should help me relax a little!”

Pip patted Linda on her tush and said quietly, “Don’t relax too much sister. We don’t want you flaking out too soon!” Pip gave her an impish grin and returned to her lounge chair and rather large tumbler of dark fluid.

As Linda sat down in a comfy lounge Chair Sue turned to address the group.

A tall, muscular woman with a deep tan, Sue’s tall form was wrapped in a floral caftan that flowed to her ankles and showed significant cleavage. Her dark brown hair hung straight to her waist.

Downing her own tall glass of wine in one extended take she spoke. “Ladies, we are gathered here this weekend to enjoy one another’s intimate company. Look around, you will see no men. The weekend is just for us. Put away your mobile phones, forget life beyond these walls and prepare to relax.”

Sue and her partner Ted always hosted excellent parties and gatherings although the Ladies weekend was the first that Levine had organized by herself. Linda had no doubts that Sue had done a thorough job of preparation and that the weekend would be filled with interesting activities.

“You have all been allocated separate rooms”, broadcast Sue, “although there is no need to confine yourselves to them.” A chitter of giggles arose from the room. “The doors of the house will be locked at all times to ensure our security and the upstairs blinds will remain down to ensure our privacy. Downstairs is our general and cooking area with all upstairs rooms allocated for relaxation and play activities. Lunch awaits you at the dining table after which I suggest you all refresh yourselves and reappear to partake of the afternoon’s activities.”

As one the girls rose and re-located themselves to the large dining table that boasted an impressive spread of fresh salads, meats and crusty breads. Linda had only forced down a mug of tea before leaving home some hours earlier and was feeling somewhat famished. She sat down with her friends to dine and catch up on what had been going on in one another’s lives since they were last together.

Following her light but filling lunch Linda retrieved her bags from her car and drifted to the back of the house to find her room. Although small, it featured a double bed, built in robes and a small study table. After packing her things Linda grabbed a fluffy towel and set off to enjoy a shower that was located just down the hall.

The bathroom was still moist and steamy from the previous user as Linda adjusted the water spray and stepped into the cubicle. The fine, high pressure strands of hot water massaged her skin as she rotated under the shower rose to expose as much of her body as possible. The hot, tingling water, steamy atmosphere and aroma of scented olive oil soap helped to send Linda into an almost trance-like state as she allowed her nervousness to be replaced by a growing sense of tranquility and contentment.

She soaped her hands and guided them slowly over her body, ensuring that all areas received equal coverage. As always, she spent extra time washing and kneading her breasts. Her nipples were soon erect and thick under the manipulations of her soapy fingers. They seemed to be connected to her pussy which was soon sending messages of growing sexual excitement to her brain.

Linda put her head under the hot spray and leant back against the tiled cublicle wall. The hot streams of water massaged her scalp and ran unhindered over her face and down her neck.

She relaxed her legs and sank slowly into a sitting position beneath the soothing spray.

Her fingers soon moved to her freshly waxed pussy. Linda explored the folds of her sex and slowly traced the bulge of her swelling clitoris with an index finger. The addictive sensation of sexual arousal began growing in her loins and was soon spreading throughout her lower body as she gently massaged herself. Her eyes were closed, shutting out all visual stimuli that might interfere with her most personal of pleasures.

On a whim, Linda moved to the centre of the cubicle and faced the shower head.

The cubicle was large enough for her to lie down and position herself so that the tumbling cascades of hot water fell directly onto her pussy. She placed her hands behind her head, opened her thighs wide and let gravity and hot water provide her with hundreds of simultaneous mini-massages. The sensation was pure, unadulterated sexual bliss and she soon felt the excitement of an orgasm building. She used her hands to spread her pussy lips apart to allow more water to impact on her clitoris and surrounding areas.

Her hips began to sway in rhythm with her racing heart as orgasmic tension reached its heights.

Linda’s breathing became laboured in the steamy, moisture laden atmosphere of her shower cubicle. Her body thrashed about under the relentless sexual pounding of the hot spray that had so enflamed her pussy. Her back arched as the first intense orgasm exploded within her loins. Her fingers gripped futilely at the tiled floor as a wave of intense sexual spasms washed through her body before finally subsiding to a warm, pulsing glow deep within her loins.

Linda raised one leg slightly to shield her by now very sensitive pussy against further spray. She couldn’t recall how many orgasms she had survived but felt like a new woman, refreshed and alive!

She basked in the afterglow of her excitement before standing up and shampooing her hair. Everything including soap, shampoo and towels had been provided. “Very 5 Star indeed”, she thought as she stepped from the shower to dry herself before returning to her room.

Sue had asked that they all assemble in the lounge area at 3pm dressed in fresh towels and nothing else. Linda was a little nervous as although she had midnight skinny-dipped with the girls before she hadn’t gone naked in daylight with them.

“No-one here is a fashion model or beauty Queen”, she thought, “so we’ll have to accept one another, stretch-marks and all!”.

Linda joined the group at the appointed time. All of the girls were wrapped in identical white, fluffy towels. Most held wine glasses except the irrepressible Pip who still clutched her tumbler of dark fluid. Linda pondered her earlier thoughts about their appearance. She sat in a deep, softly padded lounge chair and surveyed the room.

Sandra, a heavy set, middle aged mum of five was deep in conversation with Ramona, a very tall woman who had escaped from Zimbabwe only the year before. Sandra was quietly spoken and very articulate. She possessed a statesmen-like air that reassured everyone she came into contact with. Ramona was at least six foot four inches in the old scale and spoke with a heavy accent. Her straw coloured hair was cut very short in almost a man’s style. Unlike most women present, she had quite small breasts that hardly made a bump in her towel. Her blue eyes were very noticeable and held absolute authority whenever she engaged anyone in conversation. Elphine found both women to be quite sexy and pondered on what qualities made one so.

She scanned the room and visually appreciated the others in the group. There was short Pip, with a mop of bright red hair and opaline green eyes. She was sharing a joke with Prahmed, a tall, darked skinned Sri-Lankan woman. Curly blonde Courtney was proudly displaying her new breast tattoo to an admiring Louise whose very large breasts heaved and giggled as she laughed aloud at the telling of the story behind the ink work.

Pamela and Louise were discussing their progress at Weight Watchers and were lamenting the loss of breast mass as their bodies toned. Linda thought that they both looked great.

Nail technician Julie was sitting on the floor inspecting the cuticles of Sue-Chi.

Bronzed, raven haired Julie contrasted well with the alabaster white Sue-Chi who also sported closely cropped, snow white hair and bright blue eyes.

Janet, the youngest member of the group and still at uni, was propped on a stool in the kitchen talking to Sue. Her shoulder length hair had been died jet black and was in stark contrast to her white skin. Her towel was not quite covering her breasts or her backside which prompted Linda to have a second and even third look.

Linda found them all to be sexy women in their own right regardless of how tall, short, large or small they might be. Each possessed indelible qualities that attracted others without recourse to cosmetics or fancy clothes.

“Ladies, we are about to begin’ announced a towel wrapped Sue from the kitchen.

“After your journeys here today I imagine that you are in need of some relaxation.

I believe that massage is the way to achieve this although we are going to try something a bit different. A normal massage is done one on one and can take a few hours. Today we are going to divide ourselves into two groups of six. While two of you lie on your respective massage tables your sisters will apply tender hands and soothing lotions to your bodies. Each of you will get five minutes a side before swapping with a sister.”

A thrill of expectation shot through Linda. She had read the proposal for the weekend which included all of the planned activities so Sue’s announcement came as no surprise. It was still thrilling though.

The girls quickly divided into their groups and adjourned to the upstairs ‘Games Room’

where two massage table had been set up. The curtains were drawn and the lights remained extinguished which gave quite a cozy atmosphere.

The girls had drawn a lottery to determine the order that they would take to the tables.

First up on Linda’s table was Prahmed. She unwrapped her towel and deftly swung onto the table, pivoting to allow herself to lie face down. Linda was quite fascinated by Pramed’s deep, chocolate brown skin and black curly hair. Her breasts were full and round and sported large, thick nipples which were almost black in colour.

At the head of the table were bottles of scented body lotion. Prahmed rested her head on her crossed arms and closed her eyes. Linda filled her left hand with lotion and waited for it to warm. She was standing next to Prahmed’s waist and began by gently applying lotion to the small of her back using little circular motions of just one hand. Other hands were doing the same all over Prahmed’s body from her neck, across her shoulders, down her back and buttocks. Her arms, legs, hands and feet were not spared the tender and gentle embrace of her friends.

As Linda’s confidence grew her hands and fingers grew bolder and began to explore more of Prahmed’s exotic body. She massaged Prahmed’s left thigh and calf before working up the inside of her leg and working on her soft buttocks. By this time Linda was using both hands and all of her fingers to gently knead her friend’s flesh and trace the lines of muscles and bone. Janet and Sue-Chi gravitated towards Pramed’s feet and began to massage them simultaneously which brought a low moan of contentment from their owner.

Linda continued her buttock and leg massage while Julie and Louise concentrated their attentions on arms, shoulders, neck and back. An outburst of giggles arouse from the other table when one masseur discovered that the irrepressible Pip had a ticklish spot.

The five minute mark was the signal to roll over. Prahmed slowly rolled onto her back and placed her arms by her sides. Linda had seen Prahmed naked in the pool before but had never seen her nakedness up close. Like the rest of the women she had been subject to waxing the day before and was hair free except for the top of her head and her eyebrows. Linda loved the feel of freshly waxed skin and quickly set to anointing and massaging the rest of Prahmed’s legs before moving slowly up her thighs.

Linda’s heart began to race as her fingers drew closer to Prahmed’s pussy. She had never been intimate with a woman before and had suffered from nervous excitement at the prospect of being so since joining the Adult Lifestyle Club.

Linda squeezed some more lotion onto her fingers and began to lightly massage it into Prahmed’s bald pubic region. The wax induced smoothness was remarkable and it wasn’t long before Linda began wondering what it would be like to explore her friend’s pussy with her tongue and fingers.

Linda’s fingers traced light circles over and around Prahmed’s pubis and then explored her inner thighs. Prahmed parted her thighs a bit further and exhaled a sigh of contentment.

Other hands were massaging her breasts with great dexterity. Prahmed’s mouth was now partly open and her breathing had increased. With her eyes shut she drew her feet towards her buttocks which opened her thighs further revealing the folds of her naked pussy. Linda slowly massaged her way back to Prahmed’s sex and began to run her fingers over the smooth outer lips. Prahmed moaned and squirmed, parting her thighs still further.

Janet had now joined Linda in exploring Prahmed’s outer pussy. It was obvious from her laboured breathing that Prahmed was really enjoying the attentions of her massage team and wanted an even more intimate encounter.

Alas, the five minute chime sounded a change-over of massage subjects. Linda slowly removed her fingers from Prahmed’s moistened skin.

Prahmed slowly sat up and took some slow, deep breaths. “Thank you sisters, she said in a low, almost whisper. That was quite incredible”. She ignored her towel and went around the table, gently kissing and hugging each woman in turn before turning to Linda and saying with an impish grin, “I think that it is now your turn”.

A bolt of excitement radiated out from Linda’s loins as she went to remove her towel only to find that it had fallen to the carpet during the massage. She hadn’t noticed. She now saw that all of the others had lost their towels as well. It seemed very natural. Her earlier trepidation had vanished to be replaced with anticipatory excitement at what lay ahead.

Linda had to stretch to get her bum up onto the massage table. She them rolled onto her tummy and placed her head on her arms. Unlike Prahmed though, she chose to wear a blindfold. She wanted to experience this with only one set of senses.

A hand brushed across her shoulders. The cooling touch of moistened fingers felt so good. She wondered whose fingers they were. They were quickly joined by other fingers and hands that explored all exposed flesh. Her neck was expertly kneaded and rubbed with muscle groups receiving individual attention from several hands at a time. Her shoulder blades were pressed and manipulated as were her ribs and hips.

The sensation of warm hands on her legs was very exciting as one set worked their way towards her ankles whilst the other kneaded their way up her inner thighs and onto her buttocks. Pure bliss.

Linda was diabolically ticklish yet felt no onrush of panic as her friend’s hands wove their magic over her body. She knew that they would not deliberately tickle her which seemed to help immeasurably. Even when her feet were taken in hand she felt secure and confident. The simultaneous foot massage was oh so good. She didn’t want it to stop!

Linda was zoned out with pleasure when the five minute signal quietly chimed in the background. A bout of self consciousness flashed over her as gentle hands willingly helped her to roll over. She was rubbing her knees and thighs together in nervousness when the soothing hands once again began their therapeutic travels.

It was not long before her tenseness abated and she allowed her thighs to be parted enough to allow lotioned hands to begin massaging her inner calves and thighs.

Fingers deftly worked their way up her legs, just as she had done on Prahmed, and moved slowly onto her pubis. The cooling effect of the body lotion was very soothing in contrast to the sexual tingle that was now exerting its influence throughout her pelvic region. Not only was her most intimate area being massaged but soft fingers were also skillfully exploring her breasts and exciting her nipples. The first shots of sexual energy began connecting her nipples and pussy as her friends stimulated her skin.

Linda’s thoughts became dominated by a need to orgasm. She parted her thighs and placed her arms over her head. Drifting fingers were moving all about her pussy, lightly brushing the now swollen folds and engorged clitoris. The tease effect raised her desire even more. She noticed that her breathing was becoming heavier and that she was starting to squirm on the table. Gentle yet firm hands steadied her shoulders as others continued to roam her lust charged body. She moved a hand towards her pussy only for it to be removed by an unseen friend and replaced behind her head.

Just as the chime brought a far too premature end to her session unseen fingers rippled over her clitoris which set her pussy afire. Rather than end the massage on the chime, her friends reduced their efforts slowly before helping her to sit up.

She now knew how Prahmed had felt after being stroked and massaged to sensual extremes. She found the anonymity of her masseurs to be particularly titillating.

Linda removed her blindfold and looked around the close circle of friends until she spied Louise who was sporting a huge grin. “Your next, spunky!” she panted.

At the end of the hour all of the women had been thoroughly massaged and were feeling quite physically and emotionally drained. As the last ladies crawled from the massage couches with looks of exhausted delight on their faces Sue declared an outbreak of afternoon tea. Towels were replaced and all adjourned to the downstairs dining area.

Following the afternoon break the girls ventured to the in-ground pool that was located to the rear of the house. Costumes were worn during daylight as some neighboring properties had windows that overlooked the girl’s yard. Much of the time in the pool was spent looking at one another and giggling uncontrollably. Light banter about ‘whose fingers went where’ during the massage session dominated discussions. Although relaxed the girls were sexually charged and eagerly awaited their next planned activity.

After dinner Sue asked the girls to reappear in a fresh towel and reprise their sitting role, only this time in the upstairs lounge room.

“Ladies, this afternoon you experienced touching in a controlled environment. This evening we will go one step further.” Sue issued blindfolds to all and asked them to put them on. “Talk is not to occur from this moment on’, instructed Sue. “The idea of this activity is that all participants remain totally anonymous. Recall that you have all bathed, shampooed and even brushed ‘n gargled using the same products. We all now smell, feel and taste the same. In a darkened room it will be difficult to tell who is doing what to whom.”

The girls donned their blindfolds and one by one were lead down a passageway into a prepared room by Sue. Linda heard several girls being lead away and then sensed footsteps close by. A gentle hand took her forearm and motioned her to stand up. She rose and followed her guide a tad shakily towards the back of the house. A hard left turn and she was walking on a very soft material, a mattress maybe. Her guide signaled her to stop and sit. Linda was sure that she was sitting on a thick mattress. She guessed that the furniture in the room had been removed and had been replaced with wall to wall mattresses. She waited in silence as the rest of the group was lead into the room.

Finally, she heard the click of a light switch. Sue’s voice said in a very quiet tone. “Okay ladies, the room has been darkened. You may remove your blindfolds and attire. Happy exploring!” With that Linda heard the door close.

She slowly removed her blindfold. Dark did not quite describe the lack of illumination in the room. Sue had done an excellent job in shutting out all light. Linda could not even see her hand in front of her face. She decided to sit still and get her bearings.

The room was very quiet. Linda could hear several other women breathing. The room was heavy with the scent of their soap and shampoo.

The longer Linda sat the more she began to sense. As her eyes adapted to the dark she began to make out the vague shape of the covered window but not much else.

She sensed movement nearby as the mattress moved under the weight of someone’s hands and knees. Gentle breathing drew closer. Her excitement grew.

Linda sensed that another woman was very close. The mattress was moving and she could hear breathing. She slowly put out her hand and moved it in a slow arc to her front and sides. Out from her right shoulder she touched cool flesh. Her hand gently explored her unknown companion and traced the outline of a shoulder. Invisible fingers moved through the dark to reciprocate her exploratory touching. Soft fingertips crossed her face with the barest of contact before moving around her chin, down her throat and onto her breasts. A thumb and forefinger followed the outline of her right nipple before the rest of a phantom hand took her breast in its palm and began a light, circular massage.

Linda felt her heart racing and could hear her breathing become louder and more rapid.

Her mystery companion drew closer until their bodies touched. She felt her companion’s nipples brush across her arm before nestling next to her own. Warm breathe bathed her ear and cheek before cool lips found hers. Linda reciprocated by wrapping her arm around her companion and drawing her closer, pushing back with her own kiss and exploring the inviting mouth with her tongue. She could hear her heart pounding and felt the blood coursing through her body.

Linda’s lover continued her subtle advance which prompted Linda to slowly lie down, still embracing her phantom partner. Their lips parted. Linda drew her manicured nails ever so lightly across the back of her partner before exploring her neck and head.

Her partner seemed to be quite tall and had very short hair. Her skin was like velvet to the touch and quite warm.

Linda revelled in having full body contact with other women. Her partner’s soft skin and tender ways were absolutely stimulating to a woman who had only known her own touch or that of a man. She sought out her lover’s breasts with her mouth and sucked greedily on their engorged nipples, savoring their thick texture.

As the lovers embraced a third pair of hands joined them. Linda was soon sandwiched between two women. The heat of their skin on hers produced a heady euphoria as she explored their bodies with her fingers and tongue. Soft fingers massaged her labia before seeking out her swollen clitoris. Unlike the deft teasing she had experienced on the massage table she was now able to enjoy unfetted sexual contact with her housemates.

The noise of their coupling attracted others in the dark room. Soon Linda had difficulty telling how many women she was in physical contact with. Fingers, hands, tongues feet and toes came into contact with all parts of her body. Her senses were afire with sexual energy and desire. The heat in her loins built until she could feel her own juices on her thighs.

Hands moved slowly but purposefully up her inner calves and thighs, gently moving her legs apart. She happily obliged. A tongue and lips followed the hands, gently caressing, exploring and nibbling their way to her wet pussy. Linda could feel warm breasts wrapped over her knees as their owner used her tongue to massage her throbbing clitoris and enflamed pussy.

Linda’s pre-orgasmic excitement had her writhing with ecstasy. Other mouths were now sucking on her hardened nipples as her orgasm grew. A fourth mouth found hers. Their tongues eagerly caressed and explored each others mouths.

Linda’s orgasm gathered momentum until it exploded within her. She spasm'd uncontrollably as she hugged her many lovers. She may have cried out in triumphant bliss, although she couldn’t remember amid the sensory overload of being pleased in so many areas at once by so many skilled lovers.

Sensing that she perhaps needed a brief respite from their attentions the others concentrated their amorous attentions on another member of their clan. Linda crawled a short distance into uncluttered space and regained her composure. Her orgasms, she knew not how many, had left her tired, although she was still highly charged and wanted more. The sounds of mutual gratification came from all around her. Occasionally a foot or other body part would brush her.

Linda began a slow crawl across the mattress. It was not long before she sensed the nearness of another. Emboldened by her earlier experience she reached out until she touched flesh, a small hand this time which reciprocated her gentle squeeze.

Linda drew near to her new companion and sought out her mouth with her own.

Their kissing was very gentle as they slowly explored one another’s bodies with their mouths and tongues. She traced lines all over her small statured lover with her tongue, all the while drawing closer to her pussy.

Her new friend reclined and drew Linda’s head towards her crotch, indicating that she wanted her to explore and pleasure her most intimate place. Linda inhaled the heady aroma of her lover’s sex before slowly probing its folded depths with her tongue. She had never done this before and was totally absorbed in her task.

Her lover parted her thighs wide and drew Linda’s head closer with her hands.

Linda’s tongue traced around her lover’s clitoris before probing deeper into her fleshy fold. She could feel her lover’s pulse through her thighs as she moved to massage and then suck on the swollen nub. LINDA wrapped her arms around her lover’s thighs and continued to lick and suck on her sex.

Her lover’s orgasm came quickly. Her hips spasmed and her grip tightened on Linda’s head as her pussy released a powerful orgasm through her body. Linda worked her way up her lover’s body until they were both kissing fervently.

Linda was very excited when her lover pushed her gently onto her back and reciprocated her oral ministrations. Once again Linda’s body was wracked by orgasm as a skilled female tongue used just the right technique to produce a heady result. She was then able to taste her own pussy as her lover kissed her deeply on her lips before lying down next to her.

The girls continued to embrace and kiss as they lay in one another’s arms. The overt desire to orgasm had been satisfied. Linda and her lover were content to bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking and enjoy one another’s intimate company.

As her heartbeat and respiration returned to normal Linda was overcome by fatigue. Her long drive, self encounter in the shower, massage session and finally the Dark Room had conspired to induce a deep state of fatigue.

Wrapped arm in arm, the anonymous lovers fell asleep as the sounds of other couples and groups slowly abated as they to succumbed to deep sleep.