20 Dec 2019

I meet a guy from here many years ago, he was one of the first guys I had hooked up with. I had had some minor experience with guys, and was keen for more. My experience was limited to stroking and sucking a guys cock at this time and I was keen to play more. We chatted during the day online and organised a time that evening to meet at his place.

I arrived, my heart was in my chest and I was as horny as a teenager. He opened the door and invited me in, we chatted and he asked if I wanted a drink. I said yes and as he went to get a drink for me I stopped him, dropped to my knees and unzipped his shorts and pulled them to the ground. I was faced with a cock that I had only seen in porn. It was huge, and thick, ten inches in all I was told.

I took it in my hands and stroked it, it was heavy as well, as it started to firm up I tried taking it in my mouth, but it was to big. I couldn't get more than the tip in, so I licked it all over. This had me so horny all I could imagine was what it would feel like in me. I stood up and suggested we go to the bed room. As he led me there I stripped, and when we entered the room I had him lay on the bed.

I stroked his cock and asked if he had condoms and lube, which he did, I then put a condom on his cock and applied more than enough lube to it and my arse. He said he'd never fucked a guy, and I replied this is my first time, and with that I spun and sat back onto his cock. It took a bit as it slid in, but once it slipped past the first bend it was in. I had to slide up and down but after a minute he was balls deep in me and it felt great.

I didn't expect that I could take such a large cock for my first time, but I did. I bounced up and down on it for a while, he moaned and spread my cheeks as I did. I then had him fuck me doggy and after about 15 minutes of being fucked I asked him to cum. Which he did, I could feel him pulse in me and once he was done I turned and masturbated for him until I came.