Written by shanemichaels

25 Sep 2010

You know what they say, on the 3rd date it's time to root or bugger off. Well after chatting online for some 6 months we decided it meet for coffee during her lunch break. All very civilised and we parted without any commitment. A few weeks later we met for breakfast and a good long chat. All along we had been flirting online and behaved in our public meetings. A parting kiss on the 2nd date gave me a tingle and thoughts of future meetings. It took sometime before we arranged another meeting, this time we went to dinner and followed up with a walk around the shops and along the boardwalk. Stopping in shadows just off into the sandunes, we kissed, open mouthed, tongues probing each others mouths. Things were getting hot and next thing we are laying in the sand, pulling at each others clothing. Naturally I found her magnificent tits and began to caress them and lick on those erect nipples. This put her over the edge, a wild woman she became when focused on her nipples. We both grabbed and squeezed each others arse cheeks and ground our bodies together. I undid the button on her jeans and shoved my hand down her panties into a hairy pussy. I discovered one wet and hot pussy. Sliding a finger inside and finger fucking that wet pussy brought her off again. This was no place to fuck, too much sand! We decided to go back to the cars and retun back to her place to continue with our night...............................