Written by Redenone

18 Nov 2013

I am not exhibitionist in nature. True, the thought of being seen by someone gets me rock hard, but never thought I would actually be seen by others naked, let alone having sex in front of them with someone I didn't know.

It was a sunny Saturday approaching noon when I was following a set of trails in the woods. Soon it was time for me to relax in the sun, so I started to wind my way towards the lake. I stumbled upon an access trail wide enough for a car to navigate through, and figuring it would lead me to the lake, I started following that. After a few miles the trail opened up into a rough parking lot as I entered I saw several people with beach attire enter into and come from the path. Seeing as I am this far, I may as well head down the path to the water. I pass a few more people heading back to the parking lot, and nobody really pays any attention to me.

In the distance I can see the water and the path starts to open up well before the actual beach area. For some reason I get the idea to leave the path and make my own way down to the water. Continuing my way towards the clearing, and I am still far enough in the woods to see what is going on, but not seen by anyone else. What I see stops me dead in the tracks. In the clearing there are a few picnic benches scattered throughout the area. Most of them are being used by groups, couples, and a few individuals. Now there is nothing unusual about people sitting at picnic benches eating their lunch or soaking in the sun on a summer day, but to be either fully or at least partially nude is not normal. This is definitely something I did not go out looking for, or to partake in the freedom that is a nude beach, but I am curious as to see one in action.

So, instead of turning around, I start to move away from the clearing and slowly work my way down to the beach itself. I was able to get close enough to the beach to get a decent look at what was going on. For the most part, it wasn't any different than any other beach minus the clothes. Most people were sun-bathing or swimming, but there was also a volleyball game going on. By now my cock throbbing painfully in my shorts. Not wanting to go so quick, I took a seat just beyond the hedgerow that served as a barrier for the beach. After about twenty minutes I noticed that couples and sometimes groups or singles would walk to the far side of the beach. It was hard to tell, but I could almost make out that most were carrying either a blanket or towel. The thing was, that were these people were going was sheltered from the rest of the beach. The few that I saw come back from there had the glow of sex about them. Now that was something to try and sneak a peek to, so I carefully worked my way from the beach and towards the action.

Eventually I was able to pick my way into a good spot. A shrub wall that divided the fun part of the beach from the rest of it. There were also walls creating little alcoves for semi-privacy. It looked like one could hang a large towel or sheet over the opening to afford more privacy otherwise it looked like there were wooden structures that could give one even more privacy. I found a spot about fifteen feet from an alcove where a middle-aged couple was sitting on a blanket making out. They had left the opening uncovered so there were passers-by but nobody even looked at the couple.

Their hands were roaming all over each others body, paying special attention to get the other as aroused as possible. His back was to me while she was straddling him facing me. She started to nibble on his

ear when her eyes opened for a second or two and I could almost swear she saw me. The chances were slim to none, I made sure of it, but the look in her eyes changed in that second before resuming her task at hand. She went back to his mouth for a minute or two before working her way down his body to his manhood. He must have been pushed backward because he was laying down enjoying the services. This also put them at an angle where I could see her head bobbing up and down on the shaft. She alternated that with swirling it in her mouth. It must have been good because he started letting out moans of pleasure. Watching her work his dick made me want nothing more than to switch places with him and see how it felt first hand.

After a few minutes of that she moved up his body and keeping him on his back she straddled his face placing her pussy on his mouth. While she was grinding on his face, her hands started to massage and pinch her nipples. Every once and awhile, a hand would go down and work on her clit. All the time her back arched and head was thrown back in ecstasy. "Oh gosh, keep going. Faster." She screamed as the first orgasm rolled over her body.

He must have picked up the pace because her body seemed to shake even more as it became caught up in the moment. Without missing a beat, she slid down his body and started fucking him like crazy. This time his hands were kneading her breasts. Again she opened her eyes and I swore looked at me directly before throwing a huge smile in my direction as if she was enjoying being watched. Even if she might be, I don't think he would feel the same way. By now both of them are moaning in pleasure. All of a sudden he grabs her thrusting deeper into her before they collapse in a pile.

I almost shot my load just watching them. As they laid there in the aftermath of sex, I quickly and quietly made my way back home. I raced home and as soon as I got there jacked off as I replayed the scene at the beach. Needless to say that would give me enough material to fantasize about for a month.

The next day I got up and was drawn to go back to the beach. Again I returned to my perch by the

alcove. I wasn't there for more than ten minutes when the same woman from yesterday walked in. I was waiting for the man to follow her, but he never did. Instead she put up a curtain blocking the view from the water. Once that was secure she turned to me and motioned for me to enter the alcove. I froze. I wasn't sure how she was going to take being spied on like that, and I'm still not sure how she even saw me.

She waved again, this time flashing me a smile and a look as if to say it's ok, I won't do anything, you can come out. Hesitantly I emerged from my hiding spot and entered to alcove. Instantly my dick went hard

just being in her presence. She was gorgeous.

"Did you like the show yesterday?" She asked, breaking the silence.

Now, I could've played dumb, like I didn't see anything, but I decided against it. "Yes, it was incredible. You were so sexy and turned me on so much I was wishing to trade places with your husband." I


"Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the show." glancing down at the bulge in my pants she continues, "By the looks of that you are still enjoying the show."

"You are extremely gorgeous."

"I've never been watched before, and that just made me orgasm more times and harder. Knowing that someone was getting off on watching me fuck. Last night I had to masturbate three times just because the thought of being watched made me so horny I had to relieve myself."

"You weren't the only one to masturbate to that scene last night."

She giggled at that. "But you know, it's not nice to spy on someone like that. I think we may need to turn the tables. And I wouldn't mind having that nice cock inside me either."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. First that this goddess wants to fuck me, and secondly that we're going to be watched. "What do you have in mind?" I ask.

"Well silly, I get to fuck you and we may or may not be watched. That is for me to know and you to find out about after."

I'd be lying if I say I wasn't both nervous and excited by the turn of events. Personally, I'd rather have other women watching then men. There's just something about the thought performing in front of another man that would make me not be able to cum. "Is there anything I can do to limit either the number or sex of those watching?" She hesitates for a moment before answering, "Not really, no, just do the best you can to get me aroused and I will take care of the rest. "Okay, but what are you going to do, blindfold me so I don't know what is going on around me?"

"Yep. That is exactly what I'm going to do."

With that she pulls out a blindfold. "Turn around so I can put this on you." I oblige, if only to get in her pants. I am now at her mercy. She spins me back around before removing my clothes. Now I am naked and blindfolded in front of at least one other person. She steps in close, wrapping her arms around me as our lips meet. I run my hands all over her body, caressing her breasts, ass, pussy, and anything else I can reach. Fortunately for me, her hands are spending quality time massaging my dick.

As we start to lose ourselves to the passion, I can almost make out some shuffling feet but can't discern how many people they belong to. Then again, right now I don't care as both my hands massage her breasts with my mouth suckling on each nipple, my tongue flicking across the tip.

"Please go down on me. I want to feel your tongue on my cock." I whisper.

Silently and slowly she begins to move down my body. Finally she is kneeling in front me, puffs of warm breathe make my dick all that much more sensitive. Gently I feel her tongue glide the length of the

shaft, only stopping to swirl around the head before moving back down to the base. After several passes she takes my balls in my mouth and starts sucking on that. This starts to throw me over the edge.

"Oh, good, yes." I moan.

On cue, she takes the length of my member in her mouth and starts bobbing up and down on it. I can feel my legs start to shake as I feel an orgasm washing over me. Thankfully she stops after a few minutes or I'm sure I would've shot my load down her throat if she kept it up any longer.

"Do you want to eat me out?" She whispers.

"Absolutely." I moan.

Instead of straddling my head like she did her husband's yesterday, she grabs my hands leading them to her soaking wet pussy while we maneuver into position with her on her back and I kneel between her legs, my head buried in her snatch. Even before I touch it, I can smell her intoxicating scent. Ever so gently I run my tongue along her slit. With each pass I press deeper and deeper until I am lapping up her juices. Suddenly I switch gears and focus on her clit. I start by swirling my tongue around it before sucking it up into my mouth. While I am doing that, I take a finger and start fucking her with that. That

must have done the trick as her moans start getting louder and she is trying to grind her snatch into my face. Furiously I work on her driving her higher until I can feel her body shudder from orgasm after


"Fuck me, hard!" She screams.

Not wanting to let her down I start to crawl up her body as she rolls me over and starts riding me. At first it feels like she is facing me, but she stops, gets up, and then impales herself on my raging hard-on facing away from me. The only way I can tell is that it feels like I'm fucking her from behind except I'm on my back. Even as she is wildly bouncing up and down she manages to use one hand to jack me off. It is more than I can take and after a few pumps I grab her waist and pull as hard as I can, driving myself deep inside. At the same moment she screams as multiple orgasms hit simultaneously.

She unceremoniously rolls off of me as we lay there attempting to regain some strength. After a few minutes she reaches over and takes off my blindfold. As my eyes re-adjust to the sunlight, I scan the alcove wondering who, if anyone was watching us. Part of me was hoping it was a bluff and that nobody would be there, while another secretly hoped that there would be someone watching. Sitting off to one side of the alcove were two women and a man.

Leaning over, I whisper in her ear, "Thank you. That was amazing."

"Anytime you want to fuck me, just let me know. The pleasure will be all mine."

"I will. By the way, my name is Reden."

"It's nice to meet you Reden. My name is Mellicent, it means honey."

We did exchange information before I grabbed my clothing and headed