15 Apr 2019

Our new friend David kindly settled our tab and the three of us left the bar. Our hotel was just across the street from the bar we had met up in. David walked with us and I did not quite know if Shona would actually ask him to join us. When we got to the revolving door however, Shona boldly asked David “Would you like to come up for a bit?" David of course was really keen and we all headed across to the lift.

Once on the fifth floor, as we stopped at our door, Shona dug in her bag for our key card. Her hand was shaking as she inserted it into the reader and opened the door.

Our room was big and modern, with a huge king size bed, a large leather couch, a big armchair, and a coffee table. I noticed that Shona dug through her overnight bag and pulled out a bottle of lube, popping it out onto one of the bedside stands.

"What can I offer you gentleman," Shona asked, walking a over towards the minibar. I looked at David, and we laughed, both of us had seen the lube placed on the bedside stand and we said, “I think you just already offered us what we want!”

"Oh no," and laughing, she smiled. "Is there something else you want to drink?" She Teased on....

Shona put her hand over her mouth, acting all coy. "Are you saying I have to have sex with both of you?" She couldn't quite manage incredulity; she was way too excited at this point.

Shona took a breath as David approached her. He put his arms around her waist and he kissed her hungrily. I could see wet tongues sliding in and out. Shona pulled David in closer to her, Shona pulled off his coat, unbuttoned his shirt and then undid his belt, pushing down his jeans, all while not breaking off the kiss!

“That is pretty hot, Shona" I said, moving in myself.

"Mmmmh-hmmmm..." she mumbled, not even looking at me.

When she finally pulled away from him, it was to step back and fully remove his jeans. She pulled his jeans down around his ankles and tossed them and his socks aside. When she pulled off his undies, his erection practically slapped her in the face. I knelt behind her, unzipping her dress and undoing the clasp of her bra, and pulling them both off and over her head. David smiled on watching me, the sight of her being stripped.

He was a little thicker in the cock than I, and maybe an inch longer, but he had a fat bulb head. I knew I was going to love seeing him bury that beast, watching it stretch her pussy and disappear inside. Shona, looked on impressed herself, she swallowed hard and wrapped her hand around the girth of his cock.

She pulled slowly his cock skin upwards, and I gave a knowing little smile.

One of Shona’s favourite things, after a lot of foreplay, is to milk precum from the head of my cock and massage my cock with the leaking fluid. Shona judges her performance by how much fluid there is. I watched on fascinated, I could only imagine how satisfied she was with herself when a huge blob of milky liquid pulsed out onto the head of David's erection.

"Oh my!" she said, giggling and moving quickly to catch it in her palm and then rub the sticky fluid onto her breast. She then moved her milky hand and slathered the balance of natural lube all up and down David's shaft, then she started pumping her wet hand, slowly up and down, up and down, his veined cock.

"Oh... fuuuuuck..." David groaned, overwhelmed by the delicacy of her technique. He wasn't the only one overwhelmed. The sight of my gorgeous wife pleasuring and enjoying another man for (partly, at least) my enjoyment, had my head spinning.

After a few minutes of this, I said, "Oh baby, please, my turn." David moved into a seated position on the bed behind and began gently stroking himself, maintaining his erection. I turned Shona so that David could view us from the side. I wrapped my arms around her, loving the warmth of her nakedness against me. We kissed for a long time, then she undressed me just as she had done for David. She stroked my cock a few times (With her pre-cum wet hand) and teased up my pre-cum. As I bubbled up, Shona then cleaned the tip with her tongue, smearing her lips and wetting them with pre-cum. Then still kneeling down, Shona rubbed the head of my cock against her cheek, without taking me into her mouth. Soon her lips and cheeks were a gooey pre-cum mess. A minute later she tilted her head to the side and took my balls into her mouth, sucking them gently and massaging them with her tongue. David suddenly stopped stroking himself-clearly the sight was becoming too much for him. Shona almost pushed me over the edge too. With some regret, I pulled Shona to her feet and pulled off her panties, leaving her standing in nothing.

"Shona," I said, "Baby lay down on the bed on your stomach." David practically jumped aside to make way for her. Shona complied, then I propped myself up on an elbow to one side of her, indicating to David that he should do the same. Her arms lay raised above her head, her breasts plumping out to each side. We began to rub and tickle her back, her ass, her arms, and her legs, planting kisses and bites all over her goose bump skin. Shona shuddered in little wiggles every now and then. I moved my hand between her legs and felt a large puddle of sexual excited wetness. "Turn over," I said. When she finally did, her eyes were glazed.

David and I sucked and kissed her breasts and her nipples. We alternated kissing her on the mouth. When we again pushed our fingers up inside her (at the same time), Shona gasped. I did this for only a matter of seconds before flipping myself upside down and nudging my head under her left leg. She spread her legs real wide and I dove in. eating her delicious pussy, licking and kissing it with the same soft tenderness I had used on her mouth. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy, making circles with the tip and flicking my tongue in and out, which seemed to be her favourite movement.

I was pleased to see that David wasn't far behind me. His face was suddenly close to mine, but focusing on her clit. She was breathing faster now and writhing. Soon she was arching her back, her hips began shaking uncontrollably as a shattering orgasm rolled through her. The orgasm went on for a long time. When Shona finally pushed us away and lowered her hips, David and I moved upright again on each side of her. Her face and chest were covered with a thin film of perspiration. She pulled herself up on her elbows, let out a deep breath, and kissed both of us deeply. “Wow” was all she said...

Shona said, pushing me and David on our backs and kneeling between us. "I'm glad I don’t have to choose one of you over the other, fuck me boys!"

With that possessive declaration, she began slowly stroking both of us, like ski poles, her eyes shifting back and forth between our two cocks she controlled us entirely. To her apparent satisfaction, we had us both leaking enough precum to make the lube bottle unnecessary.

I split my attention between admiring the devilish smile on her face and the stroking hand job she was giving me, and a guy who was practically a stranger to us! After a while, Shona bent over and took David's balls in her mouth while continuing to stroke both of our cocks. He looked like he was in heaven, as was I; I could hardly believe this was actually happening. Then she slid his thick shaft between her lips and began swallowing, slowly taking in more and more. Soon she was bobbing up and down on his cock, her cheeks hollowed in from the vacuum pressure she was applying.

"Oh god... Oh fuck..." David was groaning. But just as I was gleefully anticipating the eruption of cum that was about to explode into my wife's face, she lifted her head and squeezed David's shaft, giving me an evil grin. The head of his prick flushed purple for an instant before she let him go. David cried out, just as a huge quantity of white spunk goo volcano-ed onto Shona, splashing heavily her stomach and breasts, all the way up to her neck. God how I loved and lusted her in that moment.

"I think David may need a little break," I said, though he clearly wasn't going soft in the slightest. I got to my knees and gestured for Shona to lie face down on top of David. She quickly obeyed, and I heard the squelch of his thick cum being spread, as their bodies pressed together. She immediately stuck her tongue in his mouth, I spread her legs around him. The difference in their heights was such that the tip of his still erect cock didn't quite reach her pussy opening. I put my hands on her hips and lifted her arse slightly in the air. She whimpered as I slid my ready cock into her pussy and began riding her body, impaling her on my painfully hard cock. The horny sight and the wet sounds of she and David clinging together, the horny smell of his thick semen in the air, while I fucked Shona from behind were almost too much for me. Exactly like the fantasy image that had pushed me over the edge that very first night we had imagined it out loud. My Shona knew I was close too.

"David," she said, " get on your knees. I want to suck on that big cock of yours."

David had barely got out from under her and onto to his knees before Shona engulfed the bulbous head of his dick. The sucking sounds she was making were slutty and loud. Soon I heard David moan again. I moved around just in time to see his next load, thick ropes of sperm explode onto my wife's face. Four big blasts in all. David was grunting like an animal. To my pleasant surprise, he overcame his passivity and grabbed Shona by her hair, shoving his cock back into her mouth and holding her steady as he emptied the last of his seminal shots down her throat. She reached for the base of his balls and increased her cock suction until David began to buck his hips, trying to break free. She held on just a bit longer, tormenting his sensitive cock head by swirling her tongue quickly around the head.

When he finally managed to pull back, Shona spun around, still on all fours. David's sticky cum shots were everywhere: in her hair, on her cheeks, across the end of her nose and thickly coating Shona’s lips. She lay at 45 degrees to me, propped up on an elbow to give me an unobstructed view of her beautiful,splattered, painted face. She was certainly proud of herself, like a cat eating her cream. I was stroking like a demon, edging myself. As soon as Shona took me in her mouth, it was too much for me. I reckon I pumped the biggest load of my life into her mouth, onto her face and over her breasts, Shona was so plastered with our cum.

David and I lay there, spent. Shona put her head down on David's leg and drew circles on my chest with her fingers. When my head cleared enough to look up, I saw her smiling at me, a haughty look on her face. "Fuck baby," she mouthed to me, then sat up on the bed. She got up and went to the bathroom for a piss. When she came out, most of the cum was still on her face and chest. She sat back down between us on the bed.. Neither of us said anything; we were both so in awe of her.

Shona hopped up and walked to her bag and pulled a blue baby-doll negligee out of her bag. She slipped it on, and shook her hair out. Then she went to the couch, piled some pillows between the cushions and the headrest, and lay on her stomach, on top of them, propping herself up by the elbows.

"I'm so ashamed by what I've done tonight," she said. "One of you is practically a stranger but I fucked you both. I don't know what came over me. I certainly hope nothing like that happens again, especially right here, right now," she added patting the couch, raising an eyebrow and pointing to the floor in front of her.

David and I looked at each other, jumped up and went to stand in front of her, side by side. We were both soon recovering, getting stiff again when she started sucking us off in turn. I gripped a tight handful of her hair as I fucked her mouth, which felt wonderful. I didn't let go when she switched to David. She slurped his cock loudly as a thick string of, even more precum and saliva, formed between her mouth and the base of his shaft, dribbling slowly down and pooling wetly onto the carpet.

"Shona," I said, " turn over so David and I can fuck your breasts."

David's cock was out of her mouth as she pushed herself up and pulled the straps of her negligee down off her shoulders, revealing her gorgeous tits. She flipped over on the couch and pulled David by his hand to her side. He swung a leg over to straddle her sticky chest. Shona squeezed more of his voluminous precum from his cock into her cleavage, then pulled it to her lips and licked the heavy cum bubble, before wetting the head with more saliva. She pushed her sexy breasts together around his veiny shaft, and he quickly began pumping in and out, gingerly at first, then with vigor as his excitement rose with Shona's encouragement.

"Oh yes," she moaned, just above a whisper, his slippery cock rammed her cleavage, "give it to me... Give me your big cock." The angry, bulbous head of his cock was practically smashing her in the chin as he rocked her and the couch, back and forth. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lapping the head of his cock each time it thrust forward. With a shudder and a moan, David moved her hands so that she was cupping them over one breast only.

"I want your nipples on my cock," he said. Shona smiled and let a globule of saliva fall again, this time onto her own nipple. She closed her fingers over the top of his shaft, he began to pump his cock head to her nipple. They both moaned.

I was getting ready to burst my balls again with the sights and sounds of my wife's wanton behaviour. I got down on my knees, at the couch and lapped at her clit while she and David had their fun. I seemed to be provoking a rising tide of groaning from her and, consequently, even from David. I don't know how much time passed when I heard her say, "Okay... okay, I can't take this anymore. David, lie down."

I moved away. Shona stood up and pushed David onto his back on the couch, then she straddled him and literally stuffed herself full of his cock. She made sure to do it so that I could see the fat tip of his prick spread open her pussy, before sliding fully up inside her. David gasped as she lowered herself all the way and began grinding her hips in circles, one knee on the couch and the other on the floor..

Shona must have felt David swell in preparation of yet another orgasm "Don't come yet, baby, don't cum!" she said to him, but David plainly didn't hear her, or couldn't comply. He bucked his hips again, he was cumming, no stopping him, he was clearly cumming hard! Shooting another hot load, this time deep up inside her. "" she said, he had been quicker than she needed, a small orgasm only for her.

"I'm so sorry..." he managed, as his laboured breath finally slowed.

"That's okay, that's okay," she laughed, feeding one of her gooey breasts into his mouth, his cock still up inside her. As he sucked and licked her nipple, she reached around for his balls, alternately cupping and massaging them with her hand, and running her nails over his scrotum. It couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes later when she grinned and said, "Maybe I didn't need to stop in the first place." With that she began grinding her hips against his pelvis again, then fucking him up and down while she moved her other breast into his mouth.

While all this happened, I was standing there stroking myself, enjoying one more time that my wife had had a cock other than mine inside her. I was about to order her to take over on me with her hand, when she looked in my direction. Shona's hair was plastered to her cheeks and neck with her sweat and a mountain of David's and my sperm.

"Baby," she said throatily, "put your cock in my arse while I fuck, okay?"

Within seconds I was behind her with the lube in my hand, my cock stroked hard and my head spinning. I made circles around and over her anal opening with the head of my lubed cock, all the while watching her rock slowly back and forth on David's pole. She whimpered a little as I stuck my thumb inside her anus

"Relax baby, relax" I whispered, I felt her comply. I moved my thumb in and out of her orifice more and more quickly. I could feel her letting go, settling enjoying the feeling. By the time I removed my thumb and lodged just the head of my cock onto her clean, pink little hole, I knew she wanted my cock in her arse as badly as I wanted to fuck her arse. We all went silent as I worked my cock in, she stopped moving on top of David, giving in to my penetration. I slid in a bit deeper, then a bit more...

"Wait, wait..." she said, taking a deep breath, then letting it out. "Okay... again..." I pushed in a little further, about halfway now, and stopped. "More baby," she whispered urgently, even hungrily. I took her by both hips and pushed in harder, pressing slowly all the way to the base of my shaft.

"Oh god baby, you are so fucking big!" she squealed out when I was all the way in, "Oh my god... This is like... it's like..." but she didn't get to finish. David and I had both gripped her by the hips, and begun the somewhat awkward task of finding a rhythm that allowed both of us to fuck her. Trust me it did not take us long...

Having Shona sandwiched between us, completely at our brutal fucking mercy... the feeling of raw horny power was like a drug to us men. I knew David was feeling it too as he began doing more of his own thrusting.

Shona's body became less taut, more passive. Her heading lolling on David's chest as we both fucked her, her legs splayed out wide. David moved his hands from her hips to her arse and gripped her soft flesh, pushing himself deeper and deeper up inside her. I took her by the arms and pulled them behind her back, lifting her slightly above his body. I started ramming her harder while pulling her towards me. It was as if the three of us were performing some ancient carnal ritual in which my wife was being sacrificed to the gods of male lust, and by fuck, she truly loved it. Her sounds of sexual pleasure were unmistakable.

"You like being a slut for me, baby?" I asked her.

"Mmmmh..." she groaned in response.

I pulled her back with more force now, both of us continuing to pummel her. "Say it," I commanded. "Say you love being my slut."

"I love it," she gasped," I love being your slut,I love it."

Say, out loud “you love having two cocks inside you."

"Oh baby, I love having a cock in both my holes. You guys feel so... fucking... good," she grunted as she pushed into my and David's thrusts with each dirty word.

I smiled at David, saw the evil grin on his face as he pounded my wife. "What else do you love?"

"Uhh," Shona groaned, carried away with pleasure, "I love... I love cum on my face and on my tits."

"What else?" David asked.

"I love a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth at the same time," Shona groaned. "I love having a cock in each hand... I love having my husband watch me suck and fuck another man's cock... I love..."

She would have gone on, but that was all I could take. I pulled out and shot the first two thick ropes of cum over her back and into her hair, before punching back up her arse and finishing deep in her anal tube. My climax brought Shona and David to theirs. They both cried out as David arched and twisted his back, drilling deeper than ever into Shona's pussy and releasing a thunderous final flood of jizz inside her body.

I went off to the bathroom and washed my cock with soap. I came back in and collapsed on the bed beside Shona and David, the three of us lay entwined, panting and exhausted on the bed.

Shona turned to me with David to her other side. She began playing with both of our cocks, and just as I was wondering if I could possibly go again, she propped herself up and said to David, "So, do you have another friend you could bring in to town next weekend?"

That answered that question...