Written by Shonaric

8 Nov 2017

Tonight we are meeting up with a previous sexy friend at a motel. I’m meeting him in the hotel bar and will be sending him to our room, to my waiting wife. I would then come in a little later. When planning this she asked me -”In what way would you like to find me, when you open our door?”

”Do something so fucking dirty, baby”.

We would spend the evening with him. In the end, the plan was for my wife to have a shower with him and then have him blow his cum load all over her soft breasts, right in front of me. Exactly that happened and nothing more, all went perfectly.

Afterwards, we all fell asleep, naked in the motel bed. We seemed to sleep for some hours. My wife softly woke me up by secretly fondling my cock. Early morning light filled the room and the first thing I saw was her cheeky smile, she shushed me and closed her eyes. It had been a quick look at me and then she went back to pretending to be asleep again. I then realised why she woke me. I could see our friend working up some kind of rhythmic hip movement and trying hard to look like he too was still sleeping. Something was clearly going on.

It took a few waking seconds before I could understand what was happening. He wasn’t trying something, he was already inside my wife, slowly pushing in, and for every thrust, his cock was clearly deeper and deeper. My wife was spooning her arse onto him, softly pushing backwards onto his needy cock. After a while, when the fucking was way obvious, he didn’t try to hide the fucking at all and grabbing at her hips, he started to push himself all the way, up inside her. He was absolutely balls deep into my wife, reaming her. My wife though, she was still playing coy. She was trying to hold still, but her breathing was heavy and unsteady, eyes closed. My dirty girl, she made herself available to him, letting him use her body, he was now hitting her cunt very hard. He was driving his impressive erection, hard and deep.

To not break the erotic spell, I also had to pretend to be asleep and I listened to the glorious sound he made when he softly groaned, pressing hard against my wife's arse as he released, emptying his big balls into my wife’s sexy body. My dirty wife could not help herself, she involuntarily pushed herself back onto his flooding erection, she herself quietly whimpered in her own sexy orgasm, taking everything creamy he was delivering. My wife never once let go of my cock, I reckon she nearly tore my cock off at one stage. My wife turned her head and whispered to him, with her eyes still closed "I love my pussy full of so much warm sperm from each of you. Having sperm from my two men inside of me is like a dream!" He leaned in and whispered into her ear “thank you” and I heard soft kissing. I was left laying there with my erection between my wife's hands as she and he, actually fell back to sleep...

That memory is still a guaranteed hard-on for me.