Written by gigglynurse

15 Feb 2012

Let me set a bit of a scene, my girlfriend is a cute little thing, short at 5’ 4” with a curvy figure just getting a bit too rounded for her own liking but a sensational butt and skin so soft and sensual, brown eyes and short dark hair above a mouth that loves to kiss and be kissed.

We enjoy the occasional swinging session but of late there had been a complete lack of couples to play with, partially due to our work and family schedules but also because whenever we found what looked like an acceptable couple to me she would say “No, the guy is ugly”. So there had been a series of threesomes with some very cute young guys and we had enjoyed the fun but I was no closer to finding myself getting any more pussy to play with.

Anyway after a long break we were trying to sort out some fun again and the lack of couples was apparent, no one nearby, no one serious, picture collectors and just plain wankers who were guys pretending to be couples. I had found a couple I thought looked fun and they were keen but again my little princess said “no way, he looks older than my father”; to which I replied “well some of the young guys you are bonking are younger than your kids”. So all in all we had a bit of a stalemate.

I had tried to surprise her one night when she finished work late, after ten pm, and said “don’t come home, meet me at the local park where we find the condom wrappers and let’s try some dogging, maybe someone will join in”. Her reply was almost insulting and a flat no, “how could I think such a thing after she had worked and finished late”. Wow this was going nowhere fast.

So I decided if she wanted to be a little slut and entertain guys without bothering to help me find a couple then I would find a couple, of guys, to join us, or maybe more; without telling her except to say we were going to do a meet and greet. On the day I mentioned we were going to do a meet & greet but first let’s take a rug and champers to the park and relax a while and chat about things.

I urged her to dress up ready to go straight to our favourite meeting place after the park, make up done, shaved puss, nails painted, push up bra and tiny thong under a flowing skirt and loose blouse completed the picture. In the car and off to a local park we know where there are lots of little grassed areas quite secluded but easy to reach and affording views so that it was easy to see who was coming.

We stretched the blanket out and placed pillows, ice bucket with champers, glasses and even a few magazines on and settled in for a relaxing hour or so before we “headed off for a meet at the pub” . Bubbles were poured (I did this deliberately as I knew that it would get her tipsy quickly) and she then got out her supply of mail order herbs that help relaxation so I knew for sure in about fifteen minutes she would already be horny.

We lay on the rug gazing at clouds, sharing stories and daring each other to tell a more revealing tale about our past, how we had been sprung, how we had performed sex in some crazy place, etc until I could tell she was starting to get horny by the way she was slowly stroking her boobs without realising and the foot rub I was giving her drew moans of appreciation. I slowly ran my hands up her calves and massaged her legs, behind her knees and further up her thighs until I was brushing lightly against her rapidly moistening puss through the filmy material of the thong.

Gently I slipped a finger under the elastic of her thong and began to rub her puss properly, running fingers along her lips to the nub of her clit and then slipping it inside to curl up onto her g spot and caress this little pleasure zone. She was beginning to become quite aroused and was moaning softly, her hips rising slightly to push against my hands, her eyes closed and her lips parted as her tongue flickered across those cherry reds I hoped to have around my cock soon.

Now the next part of my plan was due to play out as I glanced at my watch and saw the time. I stole a look down the hillside and through the trees could see the three guys who I had organised for the meet and greet slowly making their way to where we were. The meet & greet she had thought was for maybe one guy at the pub later was in fact for these three and they were meeting us here now.

To further distract her I moved over and began to kiss her hard on the lips, a move I know she simply loves and this was no exception as she locked lips and began to wrap her legs around mine and grind her puss into my thigh. She was at this stage totally distracted and did not hear as the guys arrived and gently sat around us on the grass, making eye contact with me and all smiling broadly at the scene before them.

This went on for several minutes I guess but I noticed two of the guys had taken their cocks out and were rubbing their growing members as they could see my fingers openly playing with her fully exposed pussy and how wet it had become. I motioned for them to move and touch her as she was now getting very horny and figured we should see what happened. I was guessing that the glazed look I had seen in her eyes shortly before was a result of the bubbles; I had poured three glasses into her quickly, and the herbal mix as well and sure enough as soon as the extra hands began to caress her skin, her boobs and her legs she didn’t even care, she just opened her legs a little wider and moaned between the lips smashed into mine.

The guys were great, slowly moving closer as they began to rub her all over as they in turn unbuckled their clothes and helped me with her loose blouse and skirt, soon more lips were sucking on her nipples and one guy had his lips sucking her toes to increased moans of pleasure. Slowly she reached out and tentatively felt the extra bodies, the naked, hard chests, the lips on her skin and the hardness of their growing cocks through the tight material of their pants. I knew then there was going to be no stopping this little slut and we were going to be able to fuck her for as long as we could in every way we were game.

One guy now moved between her thighs and as I removed my fingers from her puss he began a slow long lapping motion, starting as low as his tongue could reach on her slim lips and following up as high as he could making sure he gave her clit a good rub on the way past. The guy who had been sucking her nipples sat back up and I took over nipple sucking duty while he removed his pants and moved his rock hard cock into range of her hand. Her tiny fingers eagerly wrapped themselves round his erection and began to stroke it back and forth and as his cock sprang free and presented itself to her mouth which opened wide and sucked it in almost in one fluid motion.

Toe sucker had given her feet a good old massage and now moved up to suck on her other breast which had been released from the confines of the push up bra as his hands roamed over her body. Her she was, totally open and being fed upon by four very hungry guys, one lapping at her puss, one sucking on a nipple and rubbing her arse now, one with his cock fucking your mouth, and me with second nipple duty, oh and wow, your hand sneaking inside my pants to grab my cock too. I saw the one lapping at puss slip first one, then two fingers deep side your puss as he continued to lick your clit and flick your g spot from the inside.

Your first orgasm was upon you almost without warning; the fingers in your cunt had done it, and the lips on your nipples, and a cock in your mouth. “Oh Christ you thought” with a brief moment of clarity you actually thought, “What the fuck is going on and how many guys are there?” before the rush and huge buzz in your clit took over and your legs locked around his hands as your muscles spasm around his fingers, the warmth of the orgasm making you flush as you continued to suck on the cock in your mouth.

As your legs began to relax they released the death grip on the hand with fingers inside you; pussy lapper sat up and grinned at me as I smiled back. Knowing you like I did I realised that once the first one hit you there would be more and you would want, no need a cock inside you fast so I reached over the to the picnic basket and grabbed a full packet of condoms and spread them around. Pussy lapper grabbed one and unrolled it deftly onto his huge erection before lining himself up with your open and eager puss. A small sigh escaped your mouth, barely audible around the cock deep in your throat, as the cock slowly spread the lips of your pussy and plunged deep inside to bury within your body.

Your legs now rise up and wrap around the waist of pussy lapper and you lock your heels behind his back to gain a bit of leverage, the cock in your mouth was making it hard to do much more but your hips begin to rise and buck as the cock hits the buttons and you begin the climb to another orgasm. Your sucking the cock in your mouth so hard and running your hand up and down the length of the shaft it is covered with the slipperiness of your saliva and the guy is beginning to have a hard time as he nears his own orgasm. He blurts out, “oh fuck, I’m coming” and I watch fascinated as I know you don’t normally like to have a cock in your mouth as it comes but this time you just literally clamp your hand on it and force it deeper into your mouth, the pulsing of the organ signalling the spurts of cum down your throat.

No sooner had the cock in your mouth finished than you turn your head and with your other hand still on my cock you drag it into your mouth, there is something really wicked about fucking the mouth of your woman while there is still the come of another guy in there I decide as I grab the back of your head and begin to face fuck you hard. Pussy lapper is buried to the hilt and slamming into you hard and the slurping noises coming from your cunt are only matched by the slapping of skin as your bodies meet and the grunts escaping your mouth around my cock.

Pussy lapper is going flat out and then he too begins to tense up and slams deep inside and begins to let rip with a huge load as deep as he can force his cock inside. The guy who had been sucking your other nipple is fumbling with a condom and getting frustrated that it won’t fit when I glance over and realise why. This guy has a cock that is huge, not only was it long, I reckon a good nine inches if not a little more but it is so thick that the condom is struggling to roll over it. It is hard as steel and the head is like a giant door knob on the end and this is the hardest part for the rubber I see when finally he manages to slip it over the head and it rolls down the length of his shaft, well nearly as it is just too long for the rubber to cover totally.

As pussy lapper began unloading deep inside your cunt you have wrapped your legs tightly around him and are forcing him as deep as possible inside you so that the tip of his cock is spurting right up into the depths of your body and the cycle begins again for you as the first waves of a huge orgasm ripple through your body and you begin to grunt around my cock. I quickly remove my cock and urge the first guy who came in your mouth to move behind you and support your head and shoulders in his lap so that you might have some support against the slamming of the cocks in your pussy and I begin to twist and tease your nipples causing you further arousal and screams of pleasure.

Pussy lapper has been drained completely by your pulsating puss and falls back out of your wide open lips to a cry of despair from you, “no no no” you cry, please fuck me fuck me please” as your pussy is suddenly devoid of the cocks creating pleasure. Almost immediately though door knob cock is between your legs and lines the head of his massive erection to your waiting hole and slips easily between the puffy wide open lips and slides at least half way deep in one fluid motion.

A whimper escapes your mouth as your eyes fly wide open and I see a mixture of fear and uncertainty followed almost immediately by one of sheer dirty lust as you feel the cock begin to force its way inside you, slowly stretching your inner body and making you feel as never before as it hits you further up than any one has been. Door knob dick is being kind, not thrusting yet just letting you feel and get used to his cock as it stretches you wide and deep. But the orgasm started by pussy lapper has been re-awakened by this monster cock head and you want more, more cock, more orgasm, more fucking and more come. In three slow thrusts of your hips you have managed to impale yourself almost completely on his massive cock and his balls now slap against your arse as you become accustomed to the size and width of the pleasure maker.

“Please fuck me” you whisper, “fuck me hard, as hard as you can” and so slowly he picks up the pace until he is sliding his cock almost completely out of your drenched pussy so that we can see the head pushing the lips wide and then slamming it deep, full length into your little cunt and if you had not been resting in the lap of the first guy to come you would have been pushed back off the rug. Your body is heaving and the profanity is flowing from your mouth as you urge him on, the words “fuck me” & “harder please” have been said so many times I have lost count like the orgasms you are having. Your skin is slick with sweat, your eyes are screwed tight and your hands are white with the force of holding onto him as hard as you can.

Door knob boy is beginning to load up, he is grunting with the strain of fucking you and is getting ready to blow as well and join you in the continuous orgasm you seem to have been riding for near on five minutes of solid plundering by this rod of steel. I wonder to myself just what would happen if I did one final thing and so as your legs are still firmly wrapped around his waist and your bum is being lifted off the rug by his thrusts and your urgency to get more inside I have almost full access to that little round brown hole of your anus. Your bottom crack is slick and slippery with the cum running from your pussy so I reach over and ease first one then two fingers deep inside your pulsating little hole.

The effect is almost instantaneous as you feel the invasion in your butt, you scream, not in pain but in complete and unadulterated pleasure as the wall inside you bursts open and you crash over the top. You lock your hips high, your legs clamp tight around his waist and your pussy is clenching and milking his cock as suddenly you do what I have never seen before and your body lets go with an almighty squirt of ejaculate and your literally begin to wail and cry with the intensity. Door knob boy can’t last and begins to unload what seems like litres of come inside you and I watch his cock as it pulses jet after jet of his come into the condom he had so much trouble with.

Slowly the high begins to ease and you open your eyes, focussing on the guy who has his huge, but now shrinking cock buried deep side you. “Hi” you murmur, “that was fun”, then you look up and see the face of the guy who’s lap you are resting in and smile some more before glancing at me and then the original pussy lapper now sitting beside me on the rug. Ever so slowly door knob boy withdraws his cock to the sucking, squelching sounds of wetness and slippery pussy. “Oh god that was awesome“ you say, “but does anyone have a drink for me ?”