Written by Melbknight

20 Dec 2010

She slipped off her strappy black sandals and stepped onto the lush green, beautifully manicured lawn. The feel of the cool damp grass on her bare feet made her toes wiggle with pleasure at their new found freedom. Men all around paused in their conversations and looked admiringly at her elegant dainty feet and shapely legs. Her shiny painted toenails dazzled against the smooth cut grass.

She bent down and picked up her sandals, mindful not to spill her flute of Moet Chandon in her other hand. Her hands were well manicured, silky soft and looking exquisite with polish matching her cute toenails. Tucked under her arm, a Coco Chanel clutch bag matched her slinky, classical little black dress. Her elegance and beauty was timeless in the manner of Audrey Hepburn.

A gust of wind blew up and her fascinator, already at a saucy rakish angle, tipped over and tumbled to the lawn. She squeaked for help. A tall, mysterious man with broad shoulders and a strong square chin strode magnificently toward her and claimed her hat for her. Her rescuer looked deep into her eyes as she coyly smiled at him and peeked back with a sneaky sideways look.

He was incredibly handsome, with deep set eyes, masculine chiseled features and such a deep voice that resounded of testosterone. She couldn't resist. She stepped toward him to let him kiss her.

Strong powerful arms picked her up and cradled her against his chest. Her feet dangled in the air as she wrapped one arm around his neck, her shoes and bag still hanging from her other hand. She nearly swooned with delight at his brazenness. He wanted her modesty and she wanted him to have it.

He carried her away to a secret garden and laid her down on the grass, hidden away by the sweet smelling petunias in full bloom. Slipping off her panties, and then her bra, she was breathless with anticipation. The smell his cock as it sprang out from his underwear made her pussy start to drip and pulse.

She lay on her side, pulling her dress up to reveal her soft curvy ass and moist tender pussy. A glance over her shoulder with her smiling eyes was enough to make his cock almost burst.

Lying behind her, he slid his cock in her willing pussy and fondled her gorgeous breasts. A thrill of excitement coursed through her body and she let out a little moan of pleasure. His cock filled her entirely, his balls slapping gently against her plump ass, and she was in heaven.

She tilted her head and opened her mouth, the underside of her mischievous pink tongue beckoning at him to take her fully. His mouth closed on hers, the taste of her sending him into an even more furious pounding of her flower. Reaching behind her, she dug her nails into his ass and pulled him towards her, encouraging him to thrust at her even harder. She wanted to feel his very whole in her deep.

Cum swelled up inside his balls, straining and battering at the gate to be released. Her pussy throbbed and clawed at his penis, reaching and calling for his seed. They grabbed at each other, legs flailing, grunting and moaning as the passion screamed to be released.

His hands grabbed and pulled her tits as she grabbed his ass and balls. Together, their pussy and cock came at the same time, erupting with geysers of cum and juices flooding into her love canal and dripping out onto their groin. Fingers and toes stretched and curled as the cum surged again and again. Her back arched and trembled with the power of her orgasm. The hot creamy cum filled her hunger. She panted with contentment and sighed with satisfaction.

His cock continued to spurt and jerk uncontrollably as he bit her neck and grunted his approval. The throbbing of her fiery hot pussy was still sucking at his cock, milking his balls for all the cum it had.

They looked at each other, contented and happy. "How was I?" he asked breathlessly.

She looked at him coquettishly. "I'm not finished with you yet!", she cooed.