Written by Lindyloo

17 Mar 2011

Its dark, pitch black dark. The kind of dark where you can only just make out shapes from the skyline. Its quiet too, eerie and silent. I’m in an alley, an address you gave me. Long black coat, high black boots and a collar. No one is around to hear me. No one around full stop. I hear a car pull up. It must be you. Foot steps, I sense you are near but cant turn around. You told me not to. I have to do exactly what you told me or I will be punished. Punishment means no release. I feel your breathe on my neck, my legs quiver. Your standing so close to me now but wont touch me. I’m aching, my dripping juicy wet pussy is aching for you to touch, lick, rub, suck it. Hands grab my hips, run down the length of me, pull up my coat and stop. A cool breeze runs through my legs, it calms me but on the inside I am shaking. Spreading my legs further apart, I feel your hand reach in between my thighs, fingertips on the edge of my clit. I moan, its deep in my throat and I arch backwards, fingers caressing gently, my juices are now all over your fingers and it feels unbelievable. The motion stops, your hand is pulled away and I hear you sucking those fingers. It makes me wetter. I know you are now tasting me and enjoying it. Your hand now on my collar, almost strangled but I’m not hurt. You pull my head back, lips on my throat, tongue flicking, sucking, tasting me. The zip of my coat gets pulled down, I’m now just in my boots and you are still behind me. Your hands slide around and caress my breasts, nipples hard, I’m breathing shallow, low almost silent moans come from me, but I know I must be quiet. Palms rub my nipples, soft but firm. My hands are clinging to the metal rail I am standing in front of, gripping it hard. Its cold but my hands are sweaty; I need to touch you but cannot till you tell me. Your hands move, now one is on my hip the other back between my legs, the hip hand pushes me forward, arching my back, my backside sticking out towards you. Your hand in between is searching, up my thighs, along the wet trail I have now running down my legs, and finds the point of origin, my thumping, hot pulsing pussy. Fingers inserted, one two three, slowing and deeply, they penetrate me. A sweet, hot rush of pleasure runs through me and I unbalance, leaning towards you, I feel your cock underneath your jeans with my arse cheeks, your so hard, rock hard and I know now I’m going to cop it. Now, you whisper in a hushed voice, I can hear your still in control of your senses but not for much longer. We can both smell the scent of my juices and I know you can’t hold out. Without turning around I unzip your jeans, my hand barely grazing your cock but you sharply draw a breath. Now it’s my turn to be in control. I smile, you can’t see it but it’s the cheeky one that reaches my eyes and when you see it you know what I’m thinking, feeling, now knowing what I’m up too. I tug at your waist, jeans slip down your legs but I cant wait any longer for you to be inside me. Thrust hard up against you, your cock slides straight up, into me. Rocking against you and pushing the rail I’m holding, I get the angle we are searching for, and start to grind along with you. Your hands now move up against my breasts, gripping them hard, using them for balance, nipples tweaked, your mouth now on my throat, biting, nipping at my skin. You grab my hair, pull my head back so hard it brings tears to my eyes but I love it. Moaning now you can feel me squeeze and release your cock with my inner muscles, so close to release. I feel it rip through me, that start of the sweet pulsing throb of release that only an orgasm will bring. You thrust up so hard and deep into me, you feel me tighten, lean in close and whisper “you dirty little whore” into my ear. I moan so loud now, that gets me every time. Juice squirts from inside me, muscles contract and you cum so hot I can feel it shoot inside me. Breathless, we lean into each other using the rail to hold us up. Slowly our heart rates come back to normal and we can move. I lean down to get my jacket and tidy myself up with tissues from the pocket. I stand, turn around and kiss you. XO