Written by lucky guy

21 Mar 2012

we met dave at a hotel near us, and he looked good, he was over on bussines and wanted some fun, he had told us he was fully bi and as he spoke reasured us he wanted to fuck us both, so without wasting time we went to his room, Sue down on her knees and her mouth around his cock as the door shut, I stripped of and moved in too, sucking his cock with her, it grew nicely too a full 8 inchs and nice and thick too, as we sucked his cock he stripped of and moved sue up to the bed, undressing her as he went, my clothes hit the floor quick smart, as she lay down my cock slipped in her mouth as he licked her clit to her first orgasm, I spun around and sucked his cock again back to full size, and no sooner had he become fully hard then he moved up and eased the head of his cock towards her wet spot, with ease it slipped in,, she moaned as he hit rock bottom first go, and began to build up speed, I moved around and they both took turns sucking my cock as he worked on her pussy, we stayed like that for some time, and he was fucking her hard, his face showing signs of pressure building up, so I stopped him and told him to let me slip under sue, I turned her over and pushed my cock in her wet pussy and he looked at me, I slipped a finger in her arse and said try this one, what a smile, as his cock gently entered her arse, once in we took it slow building up speed and thyme, and after a short time his face told it all as he fucked her flat out and a loud grunt shot though the room, his balls spasmed in her arse as ream after ream of nice sticky cum flooded her body, as he slipped out I rolled sue over and slipped my cock in her arse too and within a few mins filled her with my cum,

we lay chatting he said that was great and hoped we hadnt finnished yet, I said no way, you still have me to fuck yet, and with that his cock jerked and sprang back to life, i knelt up and slipped it in my hot arse, and rode him for some time, sue sat on his face for him to eat her pussy out, and I saw him licking the fresh cum up to that run out of her mmmmmmm,,,my cock was at full size and sue was wanking it for me as i rode him, after she had cum on his face he rolled me over and fucked me doggy, sue went under me and sucked my cock, my sperm building inside my balls,dave was going well his cock hitting all the good spots as my arse went from anal cum to anal cum, I held of cumming in sues mouth, as I was hoping dave might want some cum, so after some 30 mins I felt his cock swell, oh boy it was good if sue felt this when he was in her arse no wonder she cum so hard, it seemed to keep growing and pulsed each time he pushed in me, then with one almight push his cock just about ripped me apart, his cum was so hot, and so much of it, he kept going pumping more and more into me his breathing and groaning all but deafing us all, as he just shot gallons of cum in me,,, as he slowed, his cock went back to normal size, and he pulled out, I spun around and suckd him dry his eyes lit up and he shook violently as my mouth work hard on his very sensitive manhood, in the end he had to push me off, and rest, as he did sue wanked my cock and my cum wasn't to far away, with that i moved up and gave dave a look and held my cock to his mouth, he moved over and swollowed my cock, sue still wanking it for him, as my orgasm bust loose, he swollowed all my cum, no where near as much as him but he loved it, sucking my cock for some time to punish me like i had done to him,

as we chatted he said that his second cum was aways more intense than his first, and often more cum too esp when hes supper horny,

he hoped we could meet next time he was in town, for sure we both said, ,