20 Dec 2019

Meet the most amazing women on SH she was married but as we all are she was a little bored of the same old same old.

We chatted for around a week and we both got very excited everytime to the point I was having to release Myself after every chat. Well after one of these chats she decided to invite me over as she was doing the same. Of course I quickly agreed took down her address and got in the car with a Rock hard cock thinking about what was going to happen.

after a few minutes I was relaxing my self and finally my cock slowly retracted making it much easier to drive.

As I arrived at her home I sat in the car for a minute contemplating what I was about to do and how amazing it would be.I got the courage to get out walk up to the door and knock.

WOW she answered the door and for the first time I got to see her WOW she was gorgeous and she quickly took my hand and pull me inside so no neighbours would see. We walked into the lounge room and started to chit chat before she asked me if I wanted a drink. Sure I replied. She left the room again I was getting hard but I was nervous.

The next thing I hear she calls out for me and say "can you come in here for a second". so I get up out of the couch and find she is actually in the kitchen with my orange juice but she has it on the floor and she is leaning over to pick it up she had a skirt on but nothing underneath I could see it all mmmm. I walk over and lean in my hand goes straight in for the prize and my fingers slide between her moist lips she just freezes there for a moment and I hear a moan i continue to play with her pussy but now I get down on my knees and lean in tasting her already soaked pussy spreading her lips apart and realising we havent even kissed and i allready licking and sucking on her pussy.

I stand up and she turns to me and begins to kiss me wildly and she mutters to me how she loves tasting herself in my mouths. We are still fully clothed except her panties and she slowly starts to kneel in front of me look up at me the whole time she undoes me zipper and pulls down my pants my cock already glistening with precum she takes it in her hands and starts working my precum all over my cock. she then leans in and flicks her tounge over my head before opening her mouth wide and running her mouth down my shaft it takes her a few times before she takes my whole cock in her mouth and I can feel my head at the back of her throat.. damn it felt amazing. she then stand up and leads me into her married bedroom on the way down the corridor she is slipping off her skirt and by the time she gets to her room she is stood in front of me with with just a tee shirt on. I have left my pants in the kitchen and I begin to remove my top and she does hers WOW I say those boobs are to die for they are huge I go straight in and start sucking on her nipples and squeezing her boobs in my hands I move her back towards the bed and lies down looking at me as I slide down to eat that gorgeous pussy she speads her legs to allow my tounge to go deep deep inside her I start fingering her and next thing I fell she has her vibrator out and rubbing it on her clit she is moaning and climaxes all over my face and hands he shoves my head deeper inside her and I can hardly breath but love it.

Now her pussy is soaked and ready for my Cock I get up on the bed and she guides it in one stoke only covering my cock in her juices she gets up and turns and say I want you up my arse my pussy is done so she gets into doggy position my cock covered in her juices her juices already covering her arse I slide my finger into her starfish butt hole to lube it up then I grab my own cock and guide it in rubbing more of her juices over it first then slowly pushing my cock into her. after a few strokes she finally takes it all in and she begins to Fuck me. She climaxes again I feel her anal passage quiver and i'm nearing blowing point after all this forplay and sex. She asks me to blow inside her but in her pussy so i pull out of her arse and beging to fuck her pussy, Me in charge now thrusting and thrusting it took a while longer and just as I was about to climax she pushes back hard and I feel my self blow a huge load deep deep inside her. I let out a huge FUUUCKK and pull back on her so she has it all inside her we freeze for a moment till I collapse on the bed she next to me we are both done and rolls over and kisses me and says I am going to let hubby fuck me tonight with your cum inside me and she giggles.

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