Written by fun couple,

11 Jun 2013

Some months ago we had introduced our friend Lilly to swinging with us, having a great ffm one afternoon, so now we arranged to meet her again, telling her, to make sure she had plenty of time and was well prepared for anal, she said great and the day was set,

Lilly arrived around 12, and we sat talking for a short time before heading into the bed room to play, the girls going down on one another as my cock worked its way in and out of mouths or pussies, things were going well and Lilly sure did like it all, I asked if there was any thing she would like, a smile and a any thing, was my reply, cool, I said your in for a surprise soon, she asked ‘what “but got no reply,

As arranged a guy we know Gary turned up at 1, letting himself in, knowing what we had planned, Lilly was unaware of anything, until while she was sucking my cock, Gary’s monster started to enter her pussy, not sure if it was Sue at first Lilly didn’t move, but then her eyes lit up as Gary pushed harder and said 'hello,' his cock is huge some 10 inch’s or so along the top and fairly thick, Sue can take it all now as she’s met him many time’s and we have had 3somes with him too, but he took it slow with Lilly, her pussy taking most but still not all, as she rocked hard throwing herself around with one huge orgasm, as she did Gary’s cock hit home going right in sending her over the top again,

He fucked her hard for some time, then I said my turn, as he took Sue’s pussy for a ride, Lilly looked a bit disappointed as my cock went in, but soon began to orgasm again, Sue screaming as Gary’s cock rammed home balls deep in her pussy, We fucked for some time, both girls having fun, watching one another kissing and playing with our cocks, Gary had now moved to Sues arse, feeding his monster to her, forcing her to orgasm many times, Lilly looked on with lust in her eyes,

I said do you want to try, her smile saying Yes, as I moved under her, giving Gary access to her butt, She jumped as he went in, taking more than I thought, then I fucked her from underneath, while Gary worked his cock in more, Sue watched playing with our 18 inch double ender, riding both ends again, Lilly was going wild, our cocks going deep as she went from one orgasm to another, eyes rolled back, head swaying as Gary fucked her butt with vigour, He was looking at me, smiling, when his face changed and wow, he went right in, Lilly jumped big time, his cock going where she had never thought any cock could go, a scream echoed thought the room, followed quickly by a huge anal cum from Lilly, my cock squished so tight in her pussy, was ready to blow,

Gary fucked her relentlessly for some time, I held off, Lilly was now in nowhere land, eyes glazed, mouth making noises, and her body awash with sweat, Sue was kissing her, but with little response as Lilly just went from one orgasm to another, Then Gary groaned as he shot wad after wad of hot cum deep in her butt, Lilly eased back some as his cock softened, and slipped out.

Then I rammed my cock in her arse, empting my man seed in her too, she lay on top of me, exhausted, to weak to move, Gary now going over to Sue, licking her clit to give her some fun, Sue turned to suck his cock dry and bring it back to life, Lilly made some attempt to talk but her words were jumbled, as she fell to the side, my mouth working her clit once more, she orgasmed a few times, regaining some energy, she looked over to Sue, who was now fully impaled on Gary’s cock, her pussy swallow with him pounding her,

That was one hell of a surprise she said, smiling widely as her eyes fixed on his cock, Gary rubbing Sues arse with his monster, entered her with ease, when it went right in, Lilly’s eyes stared, saying no way that went right in me, I smiled saying did, she was shocked having been an anal virgin up to recently, I said ‘Yer I love the feeling to when it hits home’, she looked saying “are you bi? Can you take it all too?” “Yes I can”

She said that I want to see, and had that wicked look in her eye,

I called Gary over kneeling up, my butt ready to take on his monster cock, Lilly had never seen a guy fucked before and was glued to the sight of Gary ramming his cock home up my arse, I told her to get under me in a 69 and watch up close, she did, I licked her clit hard, while my cock was sucked into her wet mouth, Gary just about right in me now was slamming my arse as hard as he could, he knew I loved it that way, Lilly sucked hard as pre cum leaked out, Sue was behind Gary now I could see her but wasn’t sure what she as doing, then Gary really rammed into me, harder than ever before and stopped, slowly he fucked me once more, not as even as before but with distinct spasms in his pace, I guessed what was going on, Sue had the strap on in his butt I bet, before long his pace picked up, my arse once more feeling the full onslaught of his manhood,

Lilly still sucking my cock was eating all my pre cum, Then Gary let loose, the heat of his cum so far up feels great, and I saw Lilly begin to get rained on as cum ran from my hole, onto her face, she didn’t move in fact she seemed to like it, as my cock was swallowed whole, that was it, cum shot from my body hitting her with a force that should have gagged her, but she kept going, cum now covered her hair and face, as Gary pulled out, his cock slapping on her face, she slurped him a bit before he pulled away, it was then I could see the vibrator hanging in front of Sue, Gary looking worn but happy, laid beside me, his face shone with contentment.

As Sue moved around I knelt up more, and felt our 10 incher go in, as she pounded me hard, Gary smiled saying that was different, watched as I cum several more times, Lilly sucking my cock dry went up kissing Gary with thanks, sharing my cum with him,

Sue humped me for 10 mins or more, then slid her fist in, Lilly again was shocked, looking close to see my butt open up wide her Sue, not to be out done I told Sue to slip the vibe back in, Lily nearly chocked, as the vibe went in with her fist, Sue working me hard now as my anal cum’s raced though me non stop, Finally I had to pull away Gary’s cum sticking to Sues hand and vibe, she knew what I wanted as I licked her hand clean,

Lilly lay totally in awe, as we played some more, Gary eating Lilly out, as I gave Sue a good fucking, then his cock slipped back in Lilly’s pussy fucking her hard, making her groan as he rammed home hard, then he cum, she rocked the bed as her head went wild, swinging in pure lust at the feelings going on in her pussy, as he pulled out our bed took a beating, cum leaking out, just had to be eaten, as Sue and myself went down licking Lilly’s pussy and eating his cum.

Seeing her wet pussy, I grabbed my 12 inch monster dildo, while Sue was still eating her out, I pushed it in fully, Lilly jumped but took it all, seeing as she had taking it all last time we fucked, I worked her for some time, Sue sitting on her face kept her quite, as she screamed a few times, Gary now hard looked on wanking his rod,

As Lilly came down some Gary worked my arse once more, but this time with his fist, wow, he’s learning quick, my anal cum’s once more took control of my body, I rocked back and fourth on his fist, feeling the full force as he pushed in, then he eased his cock in to, oh wow that is so tight now, but I took it, as he held his cock inside my arse, fucking me as he did, Lilly how sat watching, playing with my cock,

I knew Sue was once more behind Gary, as Lilly sucked my rock hard member, all too soon her mouth taking gallons of hot cum as I shot my last load. Gary also so pulled out, sticking his cock in her mouth as he unloaded more cum for her. I went down sharing his cum, kissing her as we did, Then Gary shot as he had his first anal cum, Sue worked him hard, making him keep going, cum still leaking out, as we sucked him dry, then he fell face first on the bed, his arse still with the 10 inch vibe hanging out.

As we lay resting Gary gave Sue a huge kiss and hugged her, saying thanks, that was bloody great, his first arse fuck and anal cum, he loved it, Lilly was still in shock, saying, that I did warn her we got kinky, but that was mind blowing, what else do we get up to,

Sue kissed her saying, next time,,,,,