Written by hotwifecple

18 Apr 2016

I Sally went on a girls night recently with two of my besty's Gail and Maggie. We have been friends from school and get together about once every two months. Nothing like the other night ever happened usually dinner, some drinks maybe a dance then home to our husbands.

It was a hot Friday evening very humid and we went to Dinner at a nice place in the city. After Gail had to leave and we contemplated all calling it a night but Maggie was feeling like a bit of fun so I moved on to a nice bar with her. A couple of drinks and she told me her and husband Todd were having a few problems and she thought he may have had a one nighter with his young secretary. Tears flowed and we sunk another 3 wines each and was feeling little pain when three guys began to chat us up.

Bob around 40, tall good looking took a shine to Maggie and she to him i think. Steve and Gabriel both 50ish and a little over weight talked to me but I must say i wasnt in anyway turned on by either. I didn't expect anything to come of Bob and Maggie's flirting so expected to be on our way home soon. However when the guys went to the bar Maggie told me she really fancied Bob and he had suggested she go back to his room and she was thinking about it. She said she didn't think they would do much just a bit of pashing and a feel maybe, she said she didn't think she could cheat even if her Hubby had. She wanted me to come with them to help protect her, ha.

We all went to their hotel and they got more drinks. I sat on a little two seat lounge with Gabriel while Steve sat on another seat. Maggie and Bob were sitting on the bed. We told jokes, very crude jokes and soon Maggie and Bob were kissing. The other guys just continued to chat with me and the next time I looked Bob had his hand up her blouse feeling her ample tits and to my surprise Maggie my long time conservative friend had his long hard cock in her hand wanking him off.

This situation progressed to Maggie topless giving Bob a more than deep Blow Job in front of us three.

I soon felt Gabriel's arm around me and his hand soon fondled my tit as well. We quickly moved to the bed also as i was horny now. In the blink of an eye or it seemed like it I was naked on my knees with Gabriel pushing his fat 6" cock up my cunt. I took Steve in my mouth and sucked him while Gabriel plowed me. Meanwhile Maggie and Bob were fucking Missionary her ankles up over his shoulder. We all cum around the same time stayed naked while having another drink then Steve and Gabriel doubled Maggie to a series of Orgasms while I sucked Bob off and swallowed his sweet juices. Girls night out will never be the same again.