Written by sharpen93

30 Apr 2011

Here we are sitting in the motel room we've book for a sensual first-time threesome experience we're both so nervous to bring to fruition! The line neither of us thought we were allowed to cross, has been pleasently tampered with, by the mention of having someone else, anyone else join us in the bedroom!

Men, couples, women and the like have been tempting our faniasies for weeks, as we allow ourselves to move closer to making our fantasy a reality... allthough the line which is meant to be morally never crossed is still a little visable in our minds, constantly checking weather the other is ready for this advanture as we tantalize our taste buds with the mention of what we fantasize the other doing with somebody else...???

Creativley our minds wonder ever so taintivley over the meer mention of enjoying this forbidden pleasure together. In the days leading up to the situation we find ourselves in now, our relationship has gotten cloeser, the sex more frequent, lasting longer, and a whole lot more pleasurable, if that was ever possible. Toying with the idea of our FIRST TIME embarking on this adventageous desire, we niggle over who and what to start with be it a man, a women, for him also or just for me?

Nervously we decide on bringing a man into a 12 hour window of intimate pleasure, love and lust for each other... as the time comes for all to be revealed, we converse over what we do and don't want for this event to occur at all... noting down any specifics of the one who's about to turn our previous conceptions of fidelity upside down the moment he enters the room!

I'm wet, warm, and tingling all over... he's horny, vulnerable, and shining in anticipation of pleasuring me, and the roll that he'll play in todays bashfull antics : )

We're about to get into the useless spa bath that accompanies our motel room, washing, shaving, and tickling each other with the thought of today, tonight, and tomorrow... NO cold feet here... just warm, slippery, tingling excitement, and we haven't even begun!