Written by Horny_Darby

17 May 2013

This is the story of my first meeting with someone from SH. I had mage contact with Gem and after swapping phone numbers we exchanged a lot of text getting know each other a bit better. Gem was keen for a meeting with me and another guy she had met from here and I was all up for that a bit of pussy and cock wow hit the jackpot. But unfortunately he couldn't make it but Gem said bring some toys and she will give my ass some fun so it didn't miss out.

I arrived at Gem's house at the agreed time and was welcomed in the front door by Gem who was only in a pair of nickers and a small towel wrapped around her. Which struggled to hide her large impressive tits. Once in the door we welcomed each other with a kiss and I was led to the bedroom. Gem's towel fell to the ground as our hands started to explore each others bodies as we continued to kiss. This lovely lady felt and smelt great as she undid my jeans and released my already hard cock. Still standing just inside the door of the bedroom Gem bent over and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and started to give me a fantastic blow job.

I worked Gem's nickers off and managed to get myself fully undressed without interrupting Gem from enjoying my dick. After a bit we moved to the bed and Gem continued with my blow job playing with my balls. This lady did sure know how to worship a cock. After a good 10 minutes she started to run her tongue down towards my as giving it a lick. I didn't want this to stop but I needed to taste her pussy. With that I laid Gem on the bed and found my way to her hot wet pussy. Wow she tasted so good I licked her lips and my tongue found its way deep into her. When I sucked her clit you could tell she was loving what was happening. I also made my way to her tight ass and give it a good rimming licking all her juices off it that had run down over her ass.

I needed to feel my dick inside Gem and I came up and give her another hot kiss as I pushed the knob of my cock into her tight pussy. I slowly work all 8 inches inside and began to fuck her nice and slow at first. Slowly working my pace up as Gem get wetter and wetter. This was far better than I had imagined. After some time we moved with Gem on her knees and I pushed my cock back into her. As I fucked her doggie I started to rub her tight ass with my thumb and by the way she pushed back onto it I knew she licked it. First my thumb went in as I moved it around feeling my dick fucking her pussy. After a bit I removed my thumb and inserted one finger then two getting her ass ready to take my cock.

I pulled out of her pussy and put some lube on her ass and worked it in. I lined my hard dick up with her ass and slowly work my knob in giving her some time to get use to it. Slowly i had two then three inches inside her and allowed her some more time to adjust. It wasn't long and she had my full 8 inches deep in her ass. We fucked slow to start with slowly building up pace. I fucked her ass for some 10 minutes when she asked if I would like my ass fucked with some toys. Well, yes please I love my ass being played with.

Gem lubed my ass up and put a small vibe in my ass and fucked me with that as she sucked my dick again. She them got a larger 8 inch about the same size as my dick and worked that into me and fucked me with that for a while. I got her to leave that dildo in my ass as I laid her down and fucked her pussy again. My ass was in bliss and had a few anal cums as I fucked her nice and hard this time. I told her I wanted to cum and pushed my dick deep in her as I unloaded a huge load into her sweet pussy.

We both laid there and got our breath back as we talked for the first time since we got there. The conversation was great it was like two people having a chat over coffee not a hot fuck just like we had just had. After a while I need to be inside her again and the conversation ended with us starting to fuck again.

I fucked her in a few positions both her ass and pussy. I was having a great time and asked if she would like to fuck my ass again. Her response was for sure. So I got out my 12 inch vibe and the look on her face was are you sure. Gem lubed me up again and loosened me up with the dildo before she started to work the 12 inch into me. With a bit of time she had my ass opened up and was working most of the big vibe into my ass. As it turned out she had never fucked a guy with toys before but you would have never guessed it. Gem fucked my ass and sucked and play with my cock for some time before I asked her to fuck me with her fingers.

Gem worked a couple of fingers into me and played around in my ass. I asked her to put another in and then another so all four fingers where in me. She continued playing with me and I felt my ass stretch more and before I knew it Gem was trying to work her fist into me. I had never been fisted before and I was loving what she was doing to me. For about 10 mins Gem work to get her fist in me but after so many anal cums I just couldn't quite get her fist in me.

I laid Gem back down and entered her wet pussy again and fucked her till I was ready to cum again. As I was about to Blow I pulled out and Shot my second load over her tits and some into her mouth. Gem licked as much up as she could and we shared another kiss. I am looking forward to the next time we meet hopefully with a guy or to involved and next time I hope she can get her fist into me.