Written by arocket4you

19 Jul 2011

Through a slightly drunken discussion one night i found a sexual soulmate in my office, a saucy younger brunette and after a few meetings after work we developed a system that went something like this.....frustrated glances at each other as we pass each other infront of unknowing office co-workers lead to a knowing look being exchanged and as i sit down in my office i see an email from 'M' asking if i wanted a coffee break. A hot rush of blood course through me as i type "sure i will see you there in 5 min".

I watch as M catches a lift out of the building and then i follow her 2 minutes later, searching and then seeing her walking 50m in front of me up the footpath, struting in a short skirt and heels, then crossing the road and entering a coffee shop that fronts a large hotel.

I pretend to talk on my phone as i follow her.........she has walked straight past the coffee counter, past the front desk and down a hall to the lifts and toilets of the hotel lobby........which are out of sight of the front desk. The hotel staff do not look up from their labours and I can feel my cock starting to stiffen as I watch M enter the first door to the toilet area, knowing i will find the 2nd inner door to the disabled toilets unlocked when i enter 30 seconds behind her.

I check no staff are watching and enter the first door, carefully closing it before i try the 2nd disabled door, only to find M standing waiting for me with a wicked smile on her lips. I carefully shut and lock the disable toilet door and turn to M, telling her how naughty she has been teasing me all week with her strutting around the office and brushing my cock as i talk to her at her desk........we lean into each other and kiss, slowly at first as our hands start to wander, my hand slipping into her now open blouse and teasing her nipple and her hand rubbing and squeezing my hardening cock through my trousers.

We silently tease each other like this........i am cupping her breasts now as i kiss her neck and she has unzipped my pants and taken my hard cock out, her fingers cool on my shaft......as always as soon as i try and lift her skirt to get at her pussy she laughs and pushes me away giggling "you know you cant get me wet when i have to go back to work". She smiles and puts her hair up before kneeling in front of me, dropping my pants and underwear all the way.......she takes my shaft and lifts it exposing my balls and glides her tongue over them, probing and teasing.........driving me soo wild, as i stroke her hair with one hand and slip the other into her bra so i can feel her breast and nipple in my fingers. I am so hard and M keeps teasing me, cupping my balls and licking my shaft until she finally takes the head of my cock into her mouth, slowly and shallow at first, but then deeper and faster in response to my whispered moans of enjoyment, one hand on my shaft and the other cupping my balls.

Eventually as she works on my cock I feel myself start to cum, tingling deep in my balls and shaft and i stroke M's hair and whisper "here i cum babe" and M works her hand and head in unison as i massage her breasts and then as i start to ejaculate i gasp "oh babe slow right down and take me deep" and M knowing how i like it goes right down as my cum pulsates into her mouth.....i feel my knees weak and i lean against the wall against the wall moaning as quietly as i can as M slowing works my cock and it throbes with pleasure at her touch.........

M stands up "i do love your cock so much........how about another coffee next week?" Of course i reply as she rearranges her clothes , kisses me and then quietly leaves the disable toilet whilst i am still struggling to stand up.............