Written by horny as hell

26 Mar 2013

I had been meeting Joe now for a few weeks, each time my body getting used to his huge cock, and each time I was tempting him with more kink, like a bi 3 some with hubby.

So this week I arranged for him to meet us at our house, I opened the door naked to him, his eyes nearly popped out, as hubby also walked up naked and shook his hand, saying, let’s get tonight’s fun going, with that I went down and pulled Joes shorts down, Hubby letting out a loud ‘wow’ as Joes cock sprung into view, while I sucked Joes cock, hubby went around and slipped his cock back in my pussy, as we had already fucked before Joe turned up, with me bending over Joes cock choked me as it grew, once fully hard I walked them both to the bedroom and knelt on the bed looking at Joe, he moved behind me, cock in hand, aimed right at my wet pussy, hubby gasped as it slid in, 5 then 6inch’s then more and more going in, my mouth filled with cock as excitement filled hubby,

They both fucked my body Joe still with more to go, began as he does to pull harder on my hips to get fully in, it was some time before I moved the angle slightly and wham, it went right into my womb, hubby now slamming his cock hard down my throat, they both went wild, Joe turned on having my hubby see him torture my body, I had orgasmed so many times now I was reeling, my eyes rolled back, kneeling limp between them both, I knew the changes in the way Joe was fucking me meant he was soon going to flood me with his cum, I looked at hubby, his cock also starting to show signs or being over filled with cum, then it happened Joe roared, his cock so hard inside hurt my pussy, the cum filling my womb as usual felt so hot, as my mouth also took hubby’s cum, they both fell flat, cocks going soft, as hubby went down and sucked Joes cock dry of his cum, then lay under me telling me to empty my pussy, I pushed hard, nothing happened, I said its so far up it will take awhile, hubby licked my clit making me cum once more, this did it Joes cum gushed out, taking hubby by surprise with the amount, as he lapped it up.

We talked for awhile with me and hubby taking turns sucking Joes cock back to health, then once hard, I lay Joe on his back and sat over his face for him to suck my clit, he loves doing this, so while he was distracted hubby put some lube on Joes cock and sat down on it, Joe smiled at me knowing I had set this up, but moved his hips up to fuck hubbies arse, hubby can take a fist in his arse so Joes cock went in easy, all the way down, and he rode him hard,, after awhile Joe moved around and fucked him doggy, I slid under hubby and sucked his rock hard cock, they fucked for ages, Joe’s cock looking good going balls deep in his arse, they played like that for ages, Joe working every angle hubby having heaps of anal cum’s, then Joe started to roar and I knew he was building up to a beauty, with several hard trusts Joes cock seeded hubbies arse with red hot cum, I moved and licked up the cum running out from above my face, nice thick sweet cum, I ate it all licking Joes cock as it dropped out, hubby swung around, sharing his cum with me.

We laughed as Joe said that was great for my first male arse fuck, I said I hope it’s not the last time, Joe going down and sucking my cock told me it wasn’t going to be, as he worked my cum from my balls sharing it with Sue,

Sue being her normal self then lubed her fist and rammed it right in, I jumped but worked back on it, I moved Sue over and got her to lay with her fist sticking up and sat back down fully on her, going to the max, just 20 mm short of her elbow, Joe looked on in surprise, wow he said, no wonder you could take my cock easy, with a few hard stokes my cock shot hot cum over sues face, Joe went down and licked it off as he kissed her,, again we chatted Joe, saying for a new bi guy he felt really good also saying, it wasn’t something he had thought about a lot, but glad we had introduced him into a new sexual way of life. And that as long as I didn’t mind him fucking Sue on her own most weeks, he looked forward to our next 3some. Sue kissed him saying see you next week at the hotel.