Written by UberFun_21

17 Mar 2014

My second male encounter was a great experience.

Dan and i chatted briefly on the site and within minutes of exchanging photos and each others likes we clicked in a bloke kind of way.We arranges to meet the next day a Tuesday.The big moment arrived i had made sure i was well prepped and had inserted a medium size butt plug one for his enjoyment. I was having trouble keep it in as it would pop out of its hole every now and them , my ass was burning for some cock hammering.Dan arrived on time and matched up to his profile a bit younger than me but athletic an fit. We had a good chat about blocky things travel,sport and usual interests and then got down to the real deal talking about what we wanted from this meet. I explain to him that my first experience was a let down i felt robbed and wondered if taking some beef was not all cracked to be.

Dan had explained that he had a fare bit of experience and suggested we just take things as they go. I had to stand cross legged to stop the butt plug from coming out i only had a pair of board shorts on.He asked to see the plug with that i was ready i drew the blinds turned on the porno and dropped my board shorts I lent over on the kitchen counter to expose my ass busting with the plug in it while I stood there my ass slightly perked he exclaimed how hot it looked. As it was summer and a hot day my nut sack slowly dangled down between my legs Dan cupped my balls then moved to massage my shaft which was semi erect. Slowly squeezing the precum from my bell end he lowered his head between my legs an tip cleaned my knob gently suck more and more length until my shaft was sopping wet with his saliva.while he enjoyed my cock he pressed firmly on the butt plug to lock it in, at which point the ky gel i injected in there earlier started to trickle down my leg.We moved from the counter to the couch and got into a 69 position and sucked cock Dans cock was an average size and i was taking in the whole shaft balls deep feeling his bell end swelling at the back if my throat got me even more turned on.

I could not hold onto the butt plug much longer and as Dan noticed it has slowly oozed out of my hole,he moved it out the way as he slid his two middle fingers inside me finally i was being invaded.

I moved to the floor bent over the coach i turned slightly looking over my right shoulder i used my right hand to pry my butt check and expose my wet hole Dan was working his dick with one hand and fingering me with his right hand all while the loud moans from the blond in the porno took a huge cock in her ass , i new shortly that I would be next.

I turned and sloped off Dan fingers grabbed his cock and slammed my head down his shaft to pump of his cock. After I felt i expand a little more i move don't all fours in front of the Telly pitched my ass in the air. Dan knelt between my legs i could hear him rolling on the condom lining his shaft he dug both his thumbs near my butt hole to spread me wide he pushed his bell end up against my anal lips by this stage had calmed up i relaxed an pushed back onto his shaft all the way down to his balls ....., all i heard was fuck me you've taken me balls deep i wiggled my ass to get a bit further down Dan exclaimed how hot my anal lips looked clamped around his shaft i had shaved everything and I was supa smooth. I dropped my head down while i bounced further back on the base of his shaft his balls heavy with cum we hadn't started pumping yet i guess Dan was enjoying the heat and being so deep.I reached back massaging his heavy nut sack and asked how many loads he may have for me and he just urged that it was a definite 2 , ....... 2 sessions and away he pumped at my hole we tried various positions but in the end i was back on my hands and knees pushing hard against his cock asking him to bang me harder we worked up an awesome rhythm and i could feel him swell a little and then his gasps of pleasure as he filled the condom deep in my ass with his cum. It was a large load as the condom trapped in my ass was bulging with his cum it slowly popped out of my ass and we both had a laugh.

I slid the condom off his cock as he stood tall arching back slightly presenting his soft knob to my face i opened my mouth and swallowed his shaft to the base were the remainder of the cum in his shaft salted my mouth.

We took a break talked for about half an hour enjoyed some of the anal gonzo porno playing and all this time Dan was jerking off his semi hard cock i noticed that it was getting hard again and i asked if he was ready for another tour of my anal passage with that he was hard i knelt between his legs and slowly polished his tip i resumed my position looked back and watched him slip on another condom. This time he crouched be hind me semi standing and watched him drop some spit to lube the entry he grabbed both my shoulders and rammed home his trophy it was on i felt like a real chick bucking and moaning at every pump it felt like ages that he drilled me we took a break Dan lay on the floor and i straddled his cock fucking his stiff shaft while he took a breather.

I rode him in this position for some time and i enjoyed the sight and sound of my semi hard cock slapping against our bodies.

Dan started to get a bit soft we took a break my anal lips were stretched and slightly pouted feeling the throb it dawned on me that i had not taken his cock on my back. He had a drink of water and i lay on the couch with my ass hanging off the edge , lifting both my legs i spread my ass cheeks to expose my plum red anal lips i reached over for a tube of K Y and proceeded to purge as much the tube in my ass i worked every last drop around my rim into my hole Dan stood in front of me beating his cock it looked huge he changed condoms lubed his meat squeezed it real hard till his bell end swelled and keeping it swallowen buckled his knees to line up my hole he lent forward the pulsing head streaming down my anal passage until his balls rested hard against my ass checks he pulled all the way out and plough ex my hole several times i was rock hard cum dribbling from my cock as he pounded me the slapping of his balls against me grew loads as they filled for load number 2 i asked Dan if he wanted to cum on my face and he was right up for it ... Another five minutes of hard core pumping and Dan was ready he pulled out of my asshole , gaping with lube trickling out totally stretched i knelt down in front of Dan he was passing himself as I got myself ready his cock was glowing red his shaft thickens Dan slowly hang his head back and said i am going to blow with some time i asked Dan fuck my mouth i want to fast your seed i proceed to suck him off and the load explode in my mouth it was a massive load and did not expect that much fluid to jet stream some shot down my throat some into my nose my mouth was full his cock slipped out of my mouth i tried to savor his seed but swallowed to take a breath. I looked up at him and said i don't suppose you have 3 rd load for me he grinned and said i will be back but now its your turn to FUCK ME ........