Written by Rick

10 Feb 2018

Many many MANY years ago, I answered an ad in a swingers magazine from a couple looking for guys to have some fun. This was back in the days before PC's and everything was done by letters and photos in the mail. Well anyways, they replied with phone details so I contacted them and we organise to meet one Saturday.

She answered the door in just a bikini and sent me out the back to meet her hubby as he was getting the boat ready. When I got out there he greeted me with a big smile, shook my hand and told his wife to get me a drink while I helped him finish of preparing the boat. She returned absolutely starkers with a beer for both of us and just as big a smile on her face as was on his.

I was around 18 at the time and they would of both been in their mid to late thirties. After a little bit of small talk which centred mainly around fishing and good spots to go, he jumped onto the tractor and said he'd meet us at the wharf. She and I locked the gate behind him and before I knew it she had her hand down my boardies and was fondling my rapidly hardening cock. I asked if it was alright with her hubby for us to have a play and got my response as she slid her hot mouth down my shaft. Being young and dumb and full of........energy, it didnt take long before I blew my first load of many for the day down her throat.

She sucked me clean, gave me a kiss and told me we had better get going. The wharf was literally 100 mtrs away. He had launched the boat and was securing it to the wharf as we arrived. She winked at him and I heard her whisper....."he's delicious"

He grinned at me, slapped me on the back and told me to put my things in the boat. We untied the boat and were on our way, as soon as the wharf was around 200-300 mtrs away, she lost her clothes and started pulling his off as he steered us out into the deeper water. He looked over his shoulder and told me to join in, which I did quickly.

She got out the lotion and applied it liberally to her hubby and gave him one of the most porn star like blowjobs I had ever seen in my life....up close, he blew his load quickly, and i dont blame him, she was damn good at it, and the sexual tension was ripe. Within a few minutes of him emptying his cum down her throat, he switched the engine off and put the anchor down stating we had reached "The Spot"

His wife looked over and saw the hard on I was sporting after watching them and told her hubby she had to sort me out first, she instructed me to just stay there, which I did, I leaned back and spread my arms along the back of the boat as she turned her back to me and slowly slid down on me, she lifted her legs into a sort of reverse cowboy and moaned as I felt my balls touch her pussy.

She slowly lifted and I looked over her shoulder to see her hubby stroking his cock, she told him how i felt inside her and how delicious i was. I closed my eyes and savoured the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my shaft, well as per usual, it didnt take me long and I could feel my cum boiling away and told them I was about to cum, to my surprise, he quickly bent down and started licking her pussy, she screamed as it sent her over the edge and me was well. He quickly pulled my cock from her pussy and shoved it into his mouth.

The feeling made me growl deeply as I emptied my balls into his mouth. The feeling in my mind was astounding, I just wanted it to happen again and again and again. Once my limp cock slipped from his mouth he told his wife....."Yes, he is delicious". We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking each other dry, somewhere along the way, we even caught a decent snapper or 3.

We headed back in and at the last minute pulled some clothes back on. She took me back up to the house while he got the boat out and back onto the trailer. We spent the evening naked, drinking, cooking fish and fucking ourselves silly. They quickly became good friends who I visited on a very regular basis, until I moved from the area and lost contact with them eventually.

Every now and then, I think back to those days and was reminded just recently by a chat with a friend who is visiting the same area