6 Dec 2017

I wasn’t always into the idea of my husband cleaning cum out of my used, sweating body. My goodness, I wasn’t always interested in having other men cum inside me. But over time, though, I came around to the sexy idea, it always makes me cum as they release and flood me in the fluid heat of their groaning orgasms.

Truthfully, It all started with fantasy talk as my husband and I played and fucked in our bed. Then eventually I had a swingers online friend I trusted, cum deep inside me. The final step was actually having my willing and hungry husband clean the sweet cum out of me, which didn’t come until a little later. I finally relented as it was definitely a real desire for my husband.

Now I just love it. Friday night we had a new online friend over and he thoroughly fucked me, and in the end, after he had two flooding orgasms (I lost count for myself, ha-ha!), he left my pussy, totally creamed. The sex with him was hot and brilliantly fantastic. My many orgasms left me legless, they were incredibly strong, he had a great cock. But these days, the orgasms I have when my husband eats me out, When I am laid back and my husband, he takes me, eating out another man’s cum from my just fucked pussy, those orgasms are the strongest. My mind goes wild with erotic thoughts and fantasy moments as he eats me...

My husband's hunger for my used pussy and all the slick cum in my pussy, really turns me on. I watch the desire in my man's eyes as he crawls between my legs, it is intensely erotic to me. The way he devours my pussy, takes, eating everything from within me, it makes me, tingle, writhe and cum, my rolling orgasms running from my head to my toes.

Oral creampie sex has become one of my favourite sexual things in our 35 year relationship, which is why Ric and I are especially turned on when we meet with any new man that’s promises to properly fuck me and send me home, filled with a load of cum...