28 Jan 2020

My Incredible Wife...

It all started when my wife and I were on our way out for a bit of time away from home. It had been over a week since the last time we had made love, needless to say we were both very horny.

Thursday came and as I drove up our drive, I noticed that my Amarok wasn't home. On the table was a note that she would be ready to go when she returned. On the table there was a carton of Corona with two bottles already missing. Now knowing Shona I'm sure she was already feeling the effects of the booze. My wife isn't a big drinker, but lucky for me when she has a little to drink, I know she gets quite horny.

I jumped in the shower to get tidied up and had an awfully hard time not to stroke myself right there in the shower. My mind was starting to shift into high gear with thoughts of fucking my sexy wife.

Sometime after I got out of the shower Shona showed up, walked in and kissed me full on the lips, me tasting the missing alcohol. I knew this weekend was going to be good. She was dressed in a maroon skirt cut a few cm above her thigh, cute shoes and little white socks [always a turn on to me and she knows it] with a button down, white sleeveless, partly see through top.

Our first two hours on the road were pretty uneventful, just chatting about our work week in general. Then once we were about 180 klms outside of Sydney on the Hume, Shona was idly looking out the window and suddenly laughed, pointing out a dirty trucker that was trying to look at her tits while staying at the side of us. I could see she was excited, not upset about the looks coming down through the window.

Now although I always thought Shona's arse is a big round sexy feature, her tits are very large, and her top was a bit see through. Just as I was encouraging what was going on, the truck driver turned off to Canberra, I put my hand on her thigh and told her maybe you'll have better luck with the next one.

She laughed and said, "Yeh right, in your dreams!" Shona has always been on the outside very conservative, very prim and proper in public, yet a real vixen in bed, Shona had a buzz, I could tell and now I was getting hornier, so I decided to see how far this could go. I started rubbing her leg while driving down the Hume and Shona just sat there sipping another Corona. I loved where this was heading.

Well, the only thing I wanted to get into at this point was her skirt, So I reached up to feel her pussy and found one excited, fresh shaved, panty free pussy. Now she was really getting sticky and hot. From the moment I started playing her, Shona’s pussy started making those wonderful squishing sounds that say "Please Fuck Me."

Shona then reclined her seat, spun towards me, spread her legs and closed her eyes. By now I had a hard on that was just about hitting the steering wheel. With us having a fairly large vehicle I was confident that not just anyone could see in, but now the trucker experience was horny in my mind. I ended up passing probably 20 trucks before I noticed one looking in his mirrors to see what's coming up on the side of him.

I slowly pulled up to his door all the while my wife's sweet pussy was on display for him. When I got there, he was looking straight down into our truck! All of a sudden Shona started to soak my hand, she was watching him out of the corner of her eye!

We drove alongside him for many minutes, all the while Shona was actually soaking the seat! Unfortunately, this guy also ended up turning off the Hume, but not before waving to me and giving the thumbs up sign. Shona looking over at me, smiled saying, "I hope you plan on spending a lot of time in the room this weekend because right now I need some serious lovin"

By the time we got past Gundagai, it was getting dark. I told my wife that I had to piss, and I started to pull into a large rest area. Shona started to pull back down her skirt. I quickly put my hand on her thigh, saying, "There’s only strangers here, no-one's going to know you tomorrow if you let yourself go tonight."

Shona turned red, saying "Please, not here, move up further towards those trees" I then moved the Amarok under the trees in a quiet section of the rest area and kissing her, went for my piss. I went into the bathroom, using my sticky hand to hold my cock, all the while excited, thinking "OK what next?"

When I came out the answer was already in front of me. A very large red semi had pulled in right beside our car and two guys in their 40's were walking towards the bathroom. I stopped one of them and asked him for directions to our destination, he started to tell me, and I stopped him. I asked him to tell my wife in our car when they got out of the bathroom, since I wasn't that good with directions.

When I got in the Amarok my wife asked what I was doing? I told her, "setting up a horny stop I hope." She looked at me and asked if I was sure? I kissed her and said, "Whatever happens, I love you, go with the flow" She then kissed me deep back and said, "You better stay close by me"

The two guys started approaching the truck and returning came up to my window, I dropped it down and when they looked in they got the shock of their lives! Shona was spread wide; she was smiling at them both and then took another sexy sip of her Corona. I think they nearly fainted, but then very nervously said “hello”

The two of them looked at me, then back at Shona. I told them, we're on a road trip and looking to explore some horny experiences before we make our stop. They were still shocked, but one managed to then ask what we had in mind? His mate didn’t hesitate, he said that “wasn’t it obvious” and walked around to Shona’s side of the car and without any hesitation, he reached in her open window and immediately started playing with Shona’s excited pussy. The tension was absolutely incredible! There in a quiet rest area was my sexy wife willingly spreading her legs for complete strangers! and both of us were loving it!

The timid guy then climbed in the back seat to watch from behind. Shona then put her seat back and closed her eyes letting out a huge sigh in the process. The scent of Shona’s pussy was strong in the car cabin and the squelching noises were so fucking horny. Shona undid her top, making her breasts available to the backseat guy. The guy in the back then reached through rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples. She then reached out the window and started rubbing the fingering guy’s cock through his jeans. He then looked at me and asked if this was what I wanted for my wife. I looked at him and eagerly said "fuck yes".

In a flash he had ripped his cock out of his jeans and in 1 swift move grabbed the back of my wife's head and shoved his cock right deep in her mouth! My wife went nuts right there on the spot as his cock hit the back of her throat. I still couldn't believe this was actually happening! As Shona settled into a cock sucking rhythm, she looked across at me coyly, stopped for a second and said that she needed some "Fucking attention"

In that moment I realised that I was going to watch both these guys fuck my wife right there in this Hume car park.

Shona then opened the door to let her new friend in and rolled towards me for a second to let him in. Quickly sneaking me a kiss and telling me how hot she was. I looked her right in the eyes and said "show me” Shona then reached back to him, completely undid his pants and pulled out a sexy looking, seriously erect cock! Now with the way her pussy was, the last thing she needed was lubrication, she dragged him onto the seat, climbed up on top, grabbed his erection and guided him into her very willing pussy, impaling herself in one swift motion! Then my dirty wife encouraged the backseat guy, motioning him forward so she could suck his cock. I couldn't take this and whipped out my own cock, beat myself furiously for as she fucked and sucked, I came all over her thigh and bare arse. Then the backseat guy in her mouth groaned he was about to cum, Shona she tried to momentarily pull away, he realised what she was doing and instead of being timid, he pulled her forward again. He fucked her throat with complete abandonment, cuming in her mouth, blowing a substantial load, then Shona really teased me by swallowing most of it!

It was like all our Xmas's had come at once, Shona rode frontseat guy like an animal on heat. The other guy blew into her. To see that big sexy cock pound and fill her sweet pussy was such an erotic thing. His orgasm was loud, groaning and powerful. Shona ground out her own orgasm as he came in her and then relaxed falling back, leaning onto the dash. We could all see the cum on her chin, the load leaking from between her legs and his cock still deep inside her body. He finally softened as they both rested in the seat. Shona’s flooded pussy actually made a sexy suctioning sound, as Shona climbed off and he pulled out. A huge splash of semen hit the seat to leave a big wet stain. As Shona climbed out and stood beside the car, Shona straightened her skirt and buttoned her top. She kissed the guy she had ridden and orgasmed on. Then said, “Thanks boys, you were both wonderful, but I need a piss” and she turned and walked to the toilets.

As the two of them were dressing they both were smiling saying that this was the horniest thing that they'd ever done, I said, "That goes for us too!" Both men shook my hand and then took off, climbing into their truck and heading off.

Shona waited till they had gone before coming back. She hopped into her sticky seat, sitting on the wet stains, she said, “I’m glad they've gone” Leaned over and kissed me deep and rubbed my cock, she tasted sexily of semen, then said “ let’s get to our hotel” still rubbing my cock, she asked, “can you give me some more?”

And I damn fucking did, it proved to be a horny two nights...

Looking back over at that truck stop from the road as we drove past returning home, we kissed across our seats.

I love my wife more than I ever did and we've never been closer.

I can't wait to get some horny road trip time again